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Sunday, December 28, 2008


Other than one banana

Everything I ate today was organic and freshly picked by me today. YUM to the MAX

some wild lettuce and pecans for a morning snack before hiking 4 miles to the farm

lots of tasty greens while I weeded - malva, baby spinach, parsley, one or three kohlrabi leaves

around 10 pieces of citrus

a tiny bit of jerusalem artichoke

a huge head of romaine lettuce

a couple tablespoons mung bean sprouts

several handfuls of pecans

2 walnuts

Life is good

I had the joy of bringing people 3 heads of lettuce. It feels very nice that I can share.

Thank You All

Special thanks to my parents and parents parents and the Smith family.

Peace to you all.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Eating lots of romaine hearts


Better than a 2:1 Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio !!!!


Thursday, December 18, 2008


I have work today! and I get to eat yummy organic food. that is great. I did yoga last night and did a headstand (with wall support). I will admit i was a little concerned about how I'd get down :) I came down fine and look forward to spending hours upside like that. It really puts things in perspective as to what is up and down and so forth.

In other news the past few days I have not eaten very much. Mostly oats and raisin. I ate too much of a variety yesterday to really say how my body reacts to the specifics... but I had quite a bit of gas (I had no vegetables yesterday).

Right now I'm eating plain oats in warm water.

I just had a thought about grains - grains are seeds. From what I know about most seeds, nature has a way of protecting them until they sprout. So I don't think that principle is different when it comes to oats. So I think it would be wisest to sprout them or eat something else.

an added note: I will be taking a break from the blog. Peace to you. I will return. Refined.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Muddy Houses

cobcottage.com check it out. what is shelter? I would be happier in a mud hut than painted walls.

"would be happier?" is that appropriate?

I am now now nownownwonwonwownownownownownwonwowowownwnowwwonowon

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sound is powerful. Singing

I have been chanting and singing a bit. It is good. This is healthful. It also connects the body and can help locate areas to improve. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyuoooooooooooooooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiihhhhhhhhhhhhsmmmmmmmmmmmmmmdsjfksdjl


Friday, December 12, 2008

Training Away Tension

Realizing that there was tension in my eye muscles has begun to transform my body. Through awareness of the feeling there and how much better it feels to relax I have begun to walk with better posture and old tension has dissolved getting closer and closer to my "natural form". It is a quite a new feeling I am starting to re-member the type of awareness I felt when I was perhaps 12 years old.

One of the best exercises I did was an iso-metric ab exercise where my toes and forearms are the only point touching the groun

below is a picture:

the body is straight and my head was looking down
__ __ 0
| |_

I held it for 3:30 minutes. by the last 30 seconds I was panting. And I felt like I unlocked some old emotions. It was what it was and is what it is.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Starting the day off right

This seems quite important to me - getting the right order of things in the morning

Dreams, meditating, urinating, drinking, exercise, feeding, maybe journalling somewhere or checking schedule

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Healing Vision Improving Eyesight

I have been glasses free for almost a month now!

It is interesting to think that I do not plan on putting on my glasses perhaps ever! (I am not driving any vehicles, other than my vehicle of MINDBODYSPIRIT___OM)

It is so wonderful. A gentle reminder to relax and relax and relax.

Special Thank You to all the wonderful souls who have been energizing and healing. Inspiration. Aspiration. Thank Thank THank THANK YOU. I am thinking and beyond thinking of you.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Monday, December 8, 2008

Training 26

Upon Waking

Meditate. Ease into powerfully relaxed alertness.

Then Do some form of EXERCISE

Like jumping 108 Times in a Row


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Perfect wonderful great creative generous lovely helpful generous timely perfect excelling sharing caring fun playful exciting passionate calm perfect silence perfect perfect lovely spelndid capital awesome awe great good super duper great great healthy happy friendly fun tantric perfect wonderful beautiful pretty happy happy ecstatic blissful bliss bliss great nice peaceful satisifed helpful perfect perfect intelligent adaptive evolving loving perfect healthy connected intelligent perfect free helpful perfect wonderful foolish in the good way clear and present here and now courageous poure pure pure pure natural individual

happy birthday to you

Friday, December 5, 2008

Training 25


I want to be loose enough for LOTUS.
Strong enough for 1 arm pull ups.
Yogic Headstands

Energetic in the morning and pumped all day (except for when it's calm time)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Amazing News


De-Salting the Jordanian Desert. Amazing Stuff.

Best Wishes,

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Training 22

Power of Spontaneous Movement

This Book ________s.

You understand _____?


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Training 21


What is better than this?

Does that question even make sense?

DREAMS DREAMS DREAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhh in

Omm out


You just got a nice gift just now!






Friday, November 28, 2008

Training 20


Why check it? Because you need a reminder to breathe!

What kind of breath do I mean?

There are different kinds of breath?

How would you like to breathe?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Training 16. Feed Back

Hello World!
I am so happy you are reading this in Iceland, Dubai, Taiwan, Colorado, Brazil, Colombia, Greece, and the list continues... Wow!

Can you please give me some questions? I am very much enjoying blissfully mashing out daily messages and logs of my activity, and I would greatly appreciate if you can explain what isn't working.

Perhaps it's not enough for you to see someone else just type out YAYAYAYAYAY!!! for you to feel that way? Perhaps you feel it is irrelevant to feel GREEEEEEEEEAAT!

How can I evolve my message?
How can I evolve my life?

Thank You

Brought to You By My Selections at Amazon!!!



Monday, November 24, 2008

Training 15.


What would motivate you?

Do you need external motivation? Like being told your penis vagina will feel better if you exercise more? Do you need to be reminded that dis-ease can be prevented with ease?





So allow yourself to be happy! Allow yourself to find bliss looking at a computer screen and...

BLINKING!+!!!! Blinking is so important to taking care of yoru eyes! plEASE let it happen

BLINK jalfksjlfsjkdldj BLINK jflkdfjskljfsdlkdfj BLINK!

This public service announcement is courtesy of... ENLIGHTENING BOOKS

Oh! And guess what!

I have interviews with Steve Pavlina (Personal Development Blogger), Paul Chek (spiritual philosopher/athlete), Gary Marsh (Natural Vision Teacher), Susan Laing (iridologist natural healer genius), and many more in the works.

If you have questions for them... send them in fast!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Training 14.

I'm minimizing my use of electric light. I went to bed at 9 pm last night and want to get to bed earlier tonight. Make more use of the Sun, "nature's alarm clock". My body feels great. Very calm. My eye muscle relaxation is changing how I SEE things.


I recorded my dreams and interpreted them.
Quite interesting. I am underwater and spearing fish. I am a cowboy shooting a drunk indian.

I am reading a fantastic book. FANTASTIC.

Hey have you had lettuce before?


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Friday, November 21, 2008

Training 12. WAKE UP!

It's 8:40 PM friday. I am going to bed in twenty minutes. I have not been happier. HAHAH. It is now anyhow.

I have many interviews lined up to be published at Natural News. Very exciting stuff.


Let go of the muscles in the inner eye! BLINK BLINK BLINK!!

Okay, let's talk serious.


have a great night. I will speak with you in the morning

Training 11.

12 Myths on Hunger and Poverty

There is more than enough to go around!

According to Dr. Graham, we can grow 100 times more food per acre by focusing on fruits and vegetables instead of grain!

So what's going on if we can do this? Let's do it! As a worker on an organic farm I get to help feed people! I think it is my mission to live abundantly where I have more food than I can eat and feel the need to share.



Thursday, November 20, 2008

Training 10.

I wrote this article http://www.naturalnews.com/024818.html

I've been working many hours at the farm and now on my days off I'm finding myself with loads of excessive energy.

"we produce more greenhouse gases through cooking than driving in the western world"
Douglas Money Graham

Monday, November 17, 2008

Training 9.

It sounds like you have very little (if any!) attachment to problems. That sounds great to me!

I like to simply putting in writing the specific feelings I'd like to have:

I can have more blissful body awareness!
I can feel perfect relaxation!
I am healed!
I use my body perfectly!
I am happy to listen to my body!
I feel so good!

The exclamation points are important to energize the desires

Simply having the logical realization that I can play with my awareness at will in conjunction with the fact that I will certainly notice stress gives me a great entry point to opening into deeper bliss.

- High Kicks and Side Kicks do great for the back! (maybe visualize people or energy you wish to repulse getting kicked out of town)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Training 8.

I have re-organized my room so that I am inspired by my surroundings.

Nuff Said.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Training: Banish Back Pain!


Training 7.

7 Things that will Propel me to my goal

Early Bed Time

Simpler Eating - Ritual Before Eating Checking if It is Truly Time to Eat

Excitement going to dream time, excitement waking up

Something to help others improve their state every day

Exercise everyday. Breathing stronger.

Visualizing Clarifying Goals

Writing a Book

Where did you get your protein from?

Andreas Moritz said that breast-milk is 1.4 percent (or 1 to 4 percent?) protein. Why would growing babies be fed so little protein?

Bananas towards Bliss

I may have posted this video before. Sorry. Perhaps watch again!

The question of the day is: Have you ever eaten a banana?

Now before you say "yes"

Can you truly know what a banana is?

And when a banana is?

If the banana was green and hard would it be the same banana that is brown and ripe?

Is my banana your banana?

Is the banana the same banana when you are hungry versus when you are full?

Stay hungry.

- beginning to answer these questions brings my awareness to bliss well beyond words.

Bliss that equals true description. De-Scription. UN-SCRIPTING.

How does it feel when you have no-thing to say?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Training 6.

Words from DurianRider:

"I've eaten NO SALT for over a year, what has happened to me?

thats right no salt, seaweed, braggs, or any other condiment that contains salt. ive gotten all my sodium needs from my fruits and veg. im living in tropical countries where its so hot and sweaty that people dont exercise in the middle of the day, yet im out there whatever the temp and sweat'n like a champ and not cramping.

a few days ago i just wanted to make sure, so i did a 27km run in 37celcius(98.6farenheit) and direct sun! i did a big loop that had only a few hundred metres of shade. the rest was just highway and glare filled sandy track. i got home and had a shower and went straight back on on the farm to pick melons, basil and snake beans.

i felt amazing. i know how to hydrate and look after my body's electrolyte needs. and its not with fancy cyber sports drinks or dehydrated seawater..lol! its with sufficient consumption of fruits and veg.

i can handle the heat now when it used to break me down. now, no day is too hot for me if i have enough water.

so for anyone desiring to ditch the salt addiction once and for all, go head and step up to new found levels in your life.."

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Training 5.

There are two basic activities that can be applied in the present moment to feel bliss
1. breathing (if the body is healthy breathing feels very good)
2. breathing (if the body is feeling less healthy, breathing can improve health and attending to it is the best thing one can do for health, because of this one can be happy with one's actions)

I feel that this basis clears away most thought problems. This and deciding to work out the thoughts but in a positive physical space - after having breathed into a relaxed state and becoming aware of the how the physical form changes as different thoughts arise and how they changes are unnecessary and can be inhibited.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Training 4.

An example of a daily personalized training suggestion.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


The posts are getting simpler as does the life. I can be of more value suggesting exercise than writing this or that about organic food or give you recipes for cake. Work out. Feel Good. Spread Peace


Monday, November 10, 2008

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Training 2.


How do I realize the reality I truly desire?

What do I desire?
Love. Peace. Growth.

If those symbols don't feel, clear your mind till they are real


Contract Every Muscle Imaginable and Continue Breathing for a FULL MINUTE

Food Re-Search Re-New

Alternative thoughts on nutrition of Garlic and Onions:

Mucus Foods
I've noticed that tahini seems to result in mucus creation. PHLOOEY!

Please add any foods you've found that cause mucus creation

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Training 1.

Your Mission, if you choose to accept it:

Eat 100 calories worth of organic raw vegetables.
(carrots and corn do not count today)

Chew thoroughly

Continuously Reminding Yourself Why You are Eating So Healthy!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Training Bliss (example)

Here is a sample of Bliss Training:


stretching and balanced - stretch quadriceps while standing on one foot and practice balancing

run run run run run.

Grouch Marx walk (walking trying to maintain a knee bent at right angle

mix dancing with running

Remember you are dancing when you walk today (i feel you already know this though)

Visualize the Power

Unleash the Black Power

The Will of Emptiness

I found a sweet tactic for mindfulness, when a thought comes up I ask myself "why" and within 2 or three thoughts i get to MAKE EM SAY UNHHH

imperishables. get a fat stock of imperishables. it'd be good to try to figure out supplies for a week and make sure it's solid to help you with ideas for backpacking and to cut down on the grocery store visits.

sprouts are ancient power storage
apples store long

plant a sprout. if you have some plastic bottles cut em and cut holes in them for drainage scoop up some dirt and prepare to be amazed

place an unsprouted seed next to the growing plant to remind yourself of the unseen (thanks to Rudolf Steiner)

Computer Mission
when using the mouse, engage the left hand and mirror the right hand movement - while meditating for an hour today i noticed that my right side is pulled out more than the left most likely due to mousing.
add an intention before using the computer
i noticed my reflection in the computer and wish to remind myself how much this is an appendage of myself power power will power assert intention above present moment feelings

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Meditation Technique

From the infinite well of online wealth:

Today I'm going to share one of my favorite meditation techniques. It isn't the only one, by any means, but it's the one I use when I need to quickly enter into an alpha state (for which you can train yourself into a shortcut…we'll go into that later) and I also use this before I go to sleep to program what I want to work on while I sleep (more on that later, also).

I call this Countdown into Alpha.

You'll be visualizing the colors of the chakras…red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. If it helps, you can also visualize the location of the chakras if you're familiar with them. If not, don't worry about that for now. It's enough to see the colors.

First, get into a comfortable sitting position with your spine straight. You can also lie down, but if you're tired, you may fall asleep.

Close your eyes. Start by taking a slow, deep breath through the nose. Exhale slowly through the mouth. Breathe like this three times but on the third time, hold the breath before exhaling. Now return to normal breath.

Relax every part of your body, beginning at the feet, moving up through the legs, through the tummy and back, through the shoulders, your arms, your hands. Relax your neck and your jaw. Relax your eyes.

When you inhale, visualize the color red. Keep visualizing a vibrant red as you breathe, feeling it pulsating all around you. Hold onto the color red for as many breaths as you like until you see the color become orange. Keep visualizing orange as you breathe until it becomes yellow. Pulsating, vibrant yellow changes to green. Feel the green surrounding you as you breathe. Breathe in the green. Notice the green changing to blue. Lovely, light blue, blue as turquoise. The blue dances around you as it changes into indigo. Indigo as the midnight sky. Feel the indigo shift and pulse as it becomes violet. Languish in the violet for a few moments.

Now, slowly count backward from ten. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. You're now in your alpha state. Enjoy it. You're fully awake and aware of your surroundings, but relaxed.

While you're in alpha is a good time to work on things. Go into alpha whenever you're looking for a solution to a problem. Ask questions, and listen for the answer while your mind is quiet. If you do the Countdown into Alpha meditation before you go to sleep, you can tell yourself to reveal answers during your dreaming state, you can tell yourself you'll remember them, as well as tell yourself you will wake up refreshed and energetic. You can work on healing yourself and others while in alpha. You can work on manifestation.

To come out of alpha, simply count up from one to ten and slowly open your eyes. I usually say a short, sweet prayer of gratitude before opening my eyes.

Once you've become accustomed to how it feels to be in alpha, you can train yourself to instantly experience alpha in a pinch. I don't like to use it as a substitute, but when I need to say, manifest a parking spot, I can do it :-) You can too:

After you've gone into alpha by relaxing and counting down, you can create some sort of gesture to quickly take you into alpha without having to devote time for visualizing and counting down. For example, pull on your earlobe, touch the tips of your fingers with your thumbs, or whatever you can come up with. Any simple gesture will do, so long as it's discreet. I'm sure you don't want to do some elaborate gesturing ritual while standing in line at the grocery store.

Try it. I'm sure you'll come up with your own visualizing techniques for the colors eventually. Please let me know how you do or what's worked better for you.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Delicious Ice Cream

-Persimmons (ripe ripe super soft)
-Pecans (or another nut)

Skin the persimmon
Crumble the nuts

Mix Well. Place in Freezer

Served Chilled or Frozen

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


From a Ytube Friend:
Ahhh! GREENS and MmmmmmANGO!! Try this: mango, avocado, sunflower sprout greens, rocket leaves, cucumber, dulse leaves, tomato, cayenne, ume boshi vinegar/lemon, sunflower seeds, black cumin seeds, asafateida powder ssssprinkkkkkkled lightly ~ golden dust! Roll all this in greens or nori sheets...Delicious!! oh yes throw in some GOJI's or currants!

I am eating a salad of
red onion
mung bean sprouts
lentil sprouts
half lemon juice
teaspoon of tahini


Monday, November 3, 2008

Words of Wisdom from Yogi-Dennis

Continuing work at the Sun Family Organic Farm here in Northern Israel
YUM. Nice work. Organic food! Yes yesy yeseyeysee! RIDICULOUS CORN

I am eating a raw sweet potato it is delicious.

From a friend:

Something I wrote on my myspace blog I wanted you to read and maybe get your thoughts on....

To my brothers and sisters who are on a spiritual path and have read the Upanishads, I am on that path with you.

To my brothers and sisters who are on a spiritual path and have not read the Upanishads, I would ask you to.

To my brothers and sisters who are lost and wandering this world searching for answers, I beg you to read the Upanishads.

I've been reading the Upanishads and this is some things that have come to mind....

The last couple of days I’ve come to realize, or remember, the fruitlessness of searching the world for the satisfying of our desires. It cannot be done. There is nothing in this world that can satisfy our desires. If there was such a thing, then one day we would no longer need to eat nor drink. Our desire for food and water would be satisfied. Yet our desire for food and drink is never satiated and is with us to our dying day. Rarely are we satisfied with the food we have and we long for better, more flavorful food. We over indulge and waste food yet will turn down a different street to avoid our brother who lives on the food we waste.

We would one day have no need for money. Our desire for money would be satisfied. We would have all we need to live and be happy and money would no longer have any use for us. However, we spend our lives working for money, mistaking the “want” of more money as a “need” for more money. Those who have $1 work harder and strive for $10; sometimes sacrificing happiness and peace to obtain it. Those who have $10 work harder and strive for $100. Those who have $100 desire $1000. Those who have $1000 desire $10,000. Those who have $10,000 desire $100,000. Those who have $100,000 desire $1,000,000. What good would that money do you on your death bed? “You can’t take it with you.”

We would no longer need to be loved or to love anyone for our desire for love would be satisfied. The love I am talking about is the conditional love that dominates this world. We spend our lives looking for someone to love, yet refuse to love ourselves. We search the world over for someone to say to us “I love you”, yet we can’t look in the mirror and say “I love you” to our selves. When we do find love, we impose conditions on that love and when conditions are not met, we again feel sorrow and suffering. Our happiness becomes dependent on another person and when they leave, our happiness leaves with them. We search for someone to complete our lives rather than compliment our lives. We waste so much time searching for this conditional love until one day, either through conscious actions or through death, we are alone once again.

So lose your attachment to food and drink. As the Buddha stated, eat and drink according to your bodies needs, not too little and not too much. Do not over indulge. Remember that one mans loaf of bread is another man’s feast.

Lose your attachment to money. Be thankful that you have the financial means that you do and adapt your life to what you have rather than living outside those means. Once you accept your financial situation, you will see the blessings come pouring in on you and you will never want for anything.

Lose your attachment to conditional love. Instead cultivate unconditional love for all beings on earth. When you do so, you will have that same unconditional love returned to you and never feel loneliness or sorrow again.

I’m in this struggle with you, my brothers and sisters. I’ve realized my own attachments to these things, and many more. When you realize and accept these attachments that bring about sorrow and suffering it becomes easier to release the hold they have on you and you will finally know peace.



Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sustainable Freedom!

Three Awesome Options to Free Up Your Life!


To Learn and Play and Live!




Meet great people, eat great food, and help out!!!!!!

I put this on repeat 3 times and danced to it. Wow my body feels good. Dancing is the second best exercise ever.

Still fridgeless and feeling great.
Fall is here! Finally I can wear hoodies and warm up! YAY!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Daily Video!

Hello All! I am working on getting a daily video out to you!

Can't Make Chicken Salad out of Chicken Shit!

Such a great lecture!

Paul Chek is my new health hero.

"We gotta start pumpin our money where it means something!" - Chek after mentioning his millionaire clients who pay $1200 a month for vitamins and then eat fast food from Burger King.

This is such an important point. We have to shift our awareness to the realization of health being a much greater wealth and fundamentally a much better experience than all these distractions of fancy clothes and cars and disposable knick knacks and unhealthy snacks.

WOW. INSPIRING. I have so much work to do. Thank you Paul

William A. Albrecht is a story he pointed me to that is quite interesting. It's a big one as well, if you don't "get it" yet.

Sacrificing or Sanctifying

I noticed that some people seem to think that living an environmentally sound life means sacrificing "wants".

It's the opposite!!! By living more environmentally sound, I save money! I focus my energy to cover my needs as simply as possible, which frees up my time and crystallizes my energy!

I am not "restricting" myself to healthy foods; I am attracting the healthiest foods possible! I am not "restricting" myself to drinking fluoride and lead free water; I am attracting clean water! I am increasing my health and strength so that I can easily handle all the toxins we may go through every day! This is an important part of life! This isn't about some hippy avoiding chemicals and thinking there's nothing in nature to handle; stress is the biggest killer in my opinion and that can come no matter what you eat. What I think about matters! These words are real! I love you!
Love love love love love! that is fun to say! I love having fun! I love silence! I love flowing with creative forces that feel great and have a positive impact on the world!

feel free to add your thoughts and affirmations - every day I will place affirmations here to amplify!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Another beautiful day!
Thanks to Ezra (which can also mean help in Hebrew) I had a beautiful breakfast of Pommelo and Mandarin oranges.

My coaching is expanding!

For a recent prospective client I manifested a great technique to take charge and cut down on mental chatter!
Talking Out Loud!
The next time you feel chatter, make it sound and feel how it resonates in your body. Notice your facial expressions as you say the words. Notice that you have direct control over your cheek muscles, of your inner eye muscles (just learned about that, soo relaxing!), you have control over whether your chin is pointed in or up or straight - all these elements make direct changes in your entire experience.

Daily Video comes from Paul Chek

55%-75% of the calories in food may be used in running the digestive system. Wow. Study the facts.

Daily Foods: Pecans, Walnuts, Purslane, Figs, Pommelos, Mandarins,

Monday, October 20, 2008

Living Life 500%

If I am really to do something, I can give it my all. My entire focus of consciousness on the task. Boom Mental Silence. The question arises What Am I Doing Here. Have you ever begun a painting or drawing and started to realize that you are determining where it goes? You are determining how good it will be? You will determine when you call it finished? How deep do you want to get into it? Realizing that every brush of the brush can be brushed over. So called mistakes are training, are texture, give the painting 3-dimensions and make it clear it is real. When I look at art, I am not looking for a photograph - even though there's a lot to photography. When I think of it I can see wait, how can a picture be mundane? How can I look at the books on my desk and not see and feel powerfully palpable meaning?

What does a discarded Coca-Cola can say?
It says I am alive, well, and breathing.
It says color it says air. It says this perception is more than the object

So what does this say about living 500%?

Well what does it mean to say I know what eating an apple is like?

Please give this question some thought and if you like it, share in the comments!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Rhythm

Good morning!
I've been happily awake since 3:00 AM!
Meditated did some intuitive movements for around an hour and a half
took a walk and found some PERSIMMONS

Continuing my work on my upcoming BOOK!

I am pleased with my progress in writing and with my coaching work; what a great way to earn a living!

I am now available on skype for coaching. I am not coaching as a nutritionist but rather in terms I call coaching "life scripting"

Three Primary Functions:
  • dream interpretation
  • alignment with purpose
  • maintaining 500% positivity (will post on this tomorrow)
Contact me at David Dot Hestrin At Gmail Dot Com for Details

GREEN UPDATES: Today is another full week without using any hot water, heating device, or refrigerator! I also planted mung, sesame, wheat, and flax. AND I started a legitimate compost pile!

Food of the Week? Fresh Picked MANDARIN ORANGES

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Recession and Collapse: Maintaining Bliss

Ah, a recession and a total collapse of the dollar. How many times have we heard that one? If the collapse happens, I bet all the water will stop flowing from the rivers and the rain will stop falling. The sun won't shine anymore either and plants will no longer grow. Without these plants we will all day in a matter of weeks (days actually because there will be no water).

Actually, the rain will continue to fall and the sun will shine, and the soil might not be depleted our saturated with toxic pesticides (I call it ORGANIC bliss for a reason).

To me this is just a friendly reminder to those seeking "security" or "stability" that it would be wise to be connected to their food source and have an ample supply of food and water at all times.

Given that you may have a large surplus of money, why not translate that surplus into food? Did you know that Azuki bean will last longer than 5 years? Most beans and seeds can store easily for two years! Their nutritional value does not diminish and they can be either sprouted or planted!

If you plant the seed you begin to have a recurring food source that costs you little more than water - or possibly no water at all if you live in an area with ample rain!

Even Squirrels Save for Winter

What's the point of the cash surplus you keep in the bank? It's for just in case what happens?

What if the price of food increases? The price of food has begun to increase! Of course I have no interest in fearmongering and actually hope and believe that the price of food will go down over the years.

If price of food goes up, it's probably a good investment of the $100 of food. A weekly grocery bill might be that already! So why not buy 100 pounds of non-perishable food that can also be grown? You already have life insurance and health insurance... what about food insurance? If you saw that you can feed yourself and family for months without purchasing anything, the meaning of "economic collapse" would not be as strong. If you are worried about runs at the grocery store and so forth, stock up on organic seeds and beans.

You can also develop relationship with local farmers at CSA - Community Supported Agriculture.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Relaxing Vision Improvement w/Bates Method

Check out how thick this guys glasses were!

This following video put me in a meditative state - guess where!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Worth the Time.

"The medical people didn't drop the ball, they just never had the ball"

"Running a mile burns roughly 50 calories of fat... a pound of fat has 3500 calories..." If you've got an extra pound of fat, you've got energy for 70 miles

When you eat a peach, by the time you're on second half, the glucose and fructose are in your blood stream.

Air gets in bloodstream fastest

I recommend not consuming things that cause thirst... "why consume things that require an antidote!"

People can go 367 days on just water!


The line about salt water is good point!


Monday, October 13, 2008

Thoughts, Experiences

Unripe mango hurt the teeth and do not taste as good.


There's always something more to learn and do! ! !!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


The Refrigerator has been disconnected. UNPLUGGED.

I do not own any appliances.

I have one cup to my name. And it's excessive.

It's time for renewal.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Teeth Whitening

Victoria Boutenko's Experiences with Tooth and Jaw Healing:

- need more jaw exercising. strengthen face.
- chewing green vegetables and lots of saliva.
- saliva is an alkaline solution

I have noticed what appeared to be improvements in color after chewing wheatgrass. I am chewing and chewing and chewing celery right now. And will be chewing lots of fennel. So excited to whiten my teeth!

Daily Exercises

Drink water

Today must be the perfect day; it is a unique gift in which giver and receiver are not two. My God-Mind-awareness has the opportunity to mold a diamond cutter body into this flesh and blood.

Exercise 1.1 Ad Mire

My awareness of self is but a hologram. Malleable as a cloud.

Perform this exercise:

1. Nude, take a look at the past reflection in the mirror.

I love what I see, even if I hear a voice, "heal me please"
The cry is love and not of sorrow!
Heal me now; I'll feel pleased tomorrow!

2a. Scan your body as you inhale fully.

I love what I see!
Pot bellied potential!
Fat is not excessive; fat is exquisite.
Fat keeps skin smooth and brain functioning beautifully

Fat is a sign of affluent abundant living

2b. Realize that what you see is real.

Ah but what is real is changing,
are not the cliffs real?
while waves after wave erode the core?

2c. Give yourself a vision of what you'd like to see

feel free to dance with denzel washington
or be a runway model.
If you wish to be the first nude astronaut go for it

My imagination has more potential than my logical mind

logic is nothing without intention.
intention is nothing without desire.
nothing is everything without commentary.

Exercise 1.2: Jericho

Today I will move walls.

Perform this exercise:

Make a fist (wrist straight)
Squat a bit and push the wall.
Realizing that you can break through walls.

Open your hands
Place palms onto wall like push-hands
Push up as though you are flipping the building over

Do this for 18 breaths. 18 in hebrew = yud chet = chai = life

Strength = Blood flow = calm = peace

Exercise 1.3: Jacob's Ladder

Jacob wrestled and pinned an Angel, thus Jacob became known as Israel.

I did three sets of Pull-Ups 10, 10, 11 I am going to go hit a 4th and maybe 5th set now

Do as much as you can. The first set should finish with relative ease. Second set struggle on the last pull and third set struggle on last two pulls.

Slow the commentary by counting breaths instead of pulls.
This breath awareness loosens up and gathers enormous Chi. Enormous Chai Power.

Breathing So Blissful It Rises to the Involuntary Thought Pattern Awareness-God-Mind

My soul system shall always be perfect. I intend full perfect integration with the body.
My body is a temple, and like all great temples, eventually must be dis-integrated.

I flew out of nowhere to now here.
I was neither sperm nor egg when they came together
suddenly I inhabited this life form because it felt like a better party than
rocking it all day. being a bee was fun but not challenging enough;
no stress no thinking no goals.

inhales. ah the body feels good and I'm alone, if alone there's no need for me to write "inside jokes"

This is the real one.

1. Get into downward dog
2. Keeping palms planted, run in place
3. Get the knees deep
4. You are to do 100 breaths like this - feel free to breathe as you wish (nothing wrong with fast breathing here)
5. Break up the 100 as you wish - at least 30 on the first try though.
6. In between sets you are to do squatting Chi Gong to scan release spine and re-up the Chai
7. For added motivation realize that you're manifested a super perfect lover below, and She is yelling in ecstasy on the verge of universal ______. The throes of ecstasy that make you realize, "the Catholics are right - contraception is a sin."
8. When finished do 10 star jumps
8a starting from low squat (butt below the knees) and jumping up to explode as the supernova that you are.
8b this was quite difficult I almost fell over
8c take it easy/enough to show - I am breaking down walls

and an easy cool-down with your favorite exercise - dips 100 at your leisure of speed

update: upon finishing written exercises and writing this text I went back to pull up bar for 2 more sets - fourth set 15 3/4 pull - ups
fifth set 10 1/3 pull - ups


Do not worry about over-training muscle groups. More strenuous ungh power training just means more gratifying rest

Computer Time

the exercises listed should be done in the morning. I feel that trusting your energy refines it. I believe that if you sat at the computer and messaged people on youtube all day with your free flow poetry that'd be a fairly nice use of your time. Just add some extra awareness to how your body feels. Get one of those bouncy balls to sit on instead of office chair.

Food Mission

One pound of raw organic vegetable.
Red or Green Cabbage. Chew this thoroughly. No additions whatsoever. At first discipline may taste bitter and sour, but then I realize that it was my bitterness and sourness. Discipline is one of the sweetest beyond five senses tastes. It is an orgasm of order. Even beyond following intuition because there's no thing to follow; it is a statement of here I perfectly am that does not even require the words. They're still nice repeating.

I perfectly am.

Let the cabbage settle. If I think "hmm what would be nice to eat now" then I am not physically hungry. I am unfolding decades of false conditioning.

Feel free to spend time in the produce aisle checking chi.
See what really feels good there.
What feels like it will open up the heart chakra.
Feel free to bicycle to the grocery store multiple times in one day;
this is not unnatural; natural would be to run around in an environment with food coming up out of the earth and picking it when you see it.

PRIMative people spent around 5 hours a day doing all "work" (needs procuring - food, clothes, shelter). The rest of the time spent singing dancing inventing art loving.

Slow the decision making till I realize it is an optimization process not a get thick quick scheme.

Perhaps Subway: Eat Fresh is the best option. Optimize it. Digest it proper. Breathe righter. Massage the stomach. Have grace, say thank you!

Fiber is one of the keys to cutness. Fiber makes sugar absorption timely. Instead of buying fruit juices make smoothies and chew them (as opposed to buying juicer and discarding fiber).

Eat enough calories. A banana has around 100 calories if you want 2000 calories = 20 bananas.
If bananas aren't good enough perhaps season them with sweet and low*

* do not season them with sweet and low

My body tells me when I've had too much. By ceasing the hunger and reminding me the joys of serving my supreme willful imagination.

Thank you so much for helping me create this.

- D

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Notes from a Friend and an update

Got this great letter through my youtube account! www.youtube.com/isforbliss :

"Hey, I got this idea after watching your video when you talked about being dirty. Thought you might be interested in it or maybe give some insight...

Bathing Experiment...
Okay, so I decided this week to do my own little experiment on bathing...well, not so much on bathing as the overuse of soap to cleanse the body. I started thinking how our body produces oils in order to keep our skin and hair healthy and everytime we use soap and shampoo we are basically stripping the oils off our bodies and the body has to work harder to keep producing the natural oils. So I was wondering what would happen if I quit bathing with soap? Here's what I did....

Sunday night I took a really good shower using Dr. Bronner's Organic Mild Soap on both my body and hair. I then combed a small bit of Coconut Oil into my hair to make it a bit more managable. That was teh last time I've used soap this week.

Everymorning I fill a large bowl with warm water and the following:

1 dash rosewater

3 drops coconut oil

3 drops cedarwood essential oil

3 drops sandlewood essential oil

1 drop patchouli essential oil

The I just do a head to toe wipe down with a wash cloth. I used a natural deodorant and that is pretty much it.

At night, even after running, working out, and yoga, all I've been doing is getting into the showing and letting the water rinse off my body. No soap, scrubbing, or anything.


- My skin has cleared up and is not as oily.

- Niether my hair nor my body smells. No B.O.

- My hair is more manageable, less oily, and healthier

So, I plan on showering with soap again on Thursday and then starting the whole process again. Thursday & Sunday showers with soap, the rest of teh week following what I did above.

None of this is based on any kind of scientific research. Just a curiosity that turned out to work good for me.


update from ORganic Bliss: I smell really nice now. I did shower a few times with soap though :( hah):
definitely using less water though. I don't have hot water also so I take showers to clean myself not for fun.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Add More Goodness

Labels are not enough. Raw organic does not mean optimal health; optimal health is a path and appears to me as a path with infinite steps. What's important to me is to learn and realize mistakes so that I can make better decisions and maybe let others know about the effects of certain things had on me because we share genetic makeup.
Some things are obvious like

refined sugar does not yield a good nutrient to calorie ratio. I am not a fan of the energy I get with refined sugar. Yes it was an instant boost and almost as instant fall - to a place below my energetic level before I ate. That's worth noticing if a food seems to result in lowered energy level

heavy meals seem to correlate with heavy energy. Seeds and nuts may be necessary but a meal of them can feel quite heavy, which is why I like to eat them at the end of the day - this also helps me get to bed so that I can wake up ready to run.

The picture is a mature wheat field in Northern Israel.

Presently I'm sprouting wheat. Hopefully in a week I'll have wheatgrass!

To sprout wheat
  1. wash and soak the wheat in water (put in container cover in water)
  2. 8-12 hours later drain the water and wash the wheat
  3. Drain the wheat - put in sprouter or in a collander or something that allows drainage (I put it in a bowl and tilt the bowl with space at the bottom so that it can drain a sprouter would be ideal)
  4. wait 8-12 hours wash drain and maybe eat then if you like
  5. wait 8-12 wash drain eat or... plant and get wheatgrass!

What I've Found So Far

So far here are the ingredients from my foraged kitchen:

Aloe Vera
Cactus Fruit
Cactus Pads
Pine Nuts
Surinam Cherry
Wheat Grass
Zizyphus Spina Christi - Domim

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Fortune has smiled upon me and I am to teach a class of 15-20 students tomorrow for an hour. Thus, they will be given a third of the nutritional training a graduate of medical school has!


Monday, September 22, 2008

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Improving Eyesight

My mother taught me a vision trick: that if I put my fingers together to make a small hole and look through it, I can see things clearly. My nearsighted prescription on my glasses is currently around -4 in each eye. At about a foots distance the screen is clear and outside of that quite blurry. My mother told me about an aunt who had pinhole eyeglasses that were made of plastic disks with tons of little holes in them - nice so that you can have your hands free from making a single hole and you don't feel silly with your hands covering your face all the time
I bought a pair of pinhole glasses six months ago and love using them when I'm outside. I noticed my vision was not getting any better using prescription glasses - in fact it simply got worse. I can use pinhole glasses at the computer and can read size 10 font from over 2 feet away. Quite an improvement from being unable to read at more than 1 foot. There's also a marked difference of feeling switching from prescription lenses to pin hole glasses; I feel my eye muscles relaxing. It is also less bright because a lot of light is blocked. It's funny because I feel like using them is a mix of ease and effort - like it takes me some effort to get used to it being easy

Pinhole-Glasses.com is a good resource for learning about simple science of optics and makes you think a little about the nature of standard practices. http://www.pinhole-glasses.com/acquired%20myopia.htm - has several revealing bits of information that point to mis-use of the eyes resulting in poor eyesight. No optometrist or opthalmalogist ever suggested I eat better, perform eye exercises, relax, or shift my focus from something close to something far ever few minutes so I'm thankful for this website.

"All eyes treated with positive lenses became consistently more positive (hyperopic).
Negative lenses produced more negative (myopic) refractions (focal states) in all eyes. "

A cited study shows significant correlation between getting lenses and getting worse vision. Now someone may say well someones vision is simply deteriorating and the glasses are just there to help them while they deteriorate. In a sense having glasses may prevent vision from improving because you think hey problem solved my vision is super sharp now - when in actuality the vision is symptomatic of overly focusing on one area shooting out non sunlight at you. I think it's quite interesting that other than computer and television screens humans almost never stare at one distance for so long. Even when I read books I at least put the book down every few minutes.

Pinhole eyeglasses can potentially prevent desire for prescription lenses - and at less than a tenth of the cost of a checkup and purchase of lenses. Pinhole glasses also work for any eye because they are not bending the light - they only allow direct rays of light.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Food. Water. Insurance

It's common practice to take out car insurance and home insurance and life insurance.

Life insurance! How do we ensure life? By having lots of food and water! (air is nice too!) I recommend purchasing a large supply of non-perishables. Beans and seeds properly stored can last over 1000 years. Yes 1000 years. Beans were found in Masada (a desert fortress in Israel) that were planted and they sprouted!

If you could afford to buy a great portion of food right now why not do it?


Pomegrantes + Mung Bean Sprouts

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

raw Wrap Recipe!

Raw Wrap Recipe

  • Kelp - wild atlantic Kombu (thanks John for sending this to me!)
  • Sprouted Garbanzo (just 24 hour - more might make them tastier I felt like eating :)
  • Mung Bean Sprouts (fully sprouted - crunchy watery)
  • Cactus fruit

Super Simple. I recommend adding tomato, avocado, and spicy pepper. (ingredients i didn't have)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Up! !! ! !!

I weighed myself the day before yesterday - 60kilograms! 132 pounds!
Quite a nice weight for 5'8''!

I am working on increasing my muscular strength now.

Recently I did a set of 16 Pull-Ups! That's a lot for me!

I'm going to be harvesting olives and aloe and maybe even acorns soon!

check out this awesome site http://primitiveways.com/ !

So much real information!

What new awesomeness are you discovering?!!?!?!?!?

Saturday, September 6, 2008

How to Positive Change

Inspirational Forum - Positive change with raw diet

Found new food! Grape leaves! More trees and sources of food appear daily!

RAWr Salad Recipe

Raw vegan foraged delicious salad recipe

7 Pine Nuts
Juice of half lemon
2 cactus fruit

The ingredients were refrigerated. Makes it extra nice on this hot day.
The sourness of the lemon and purslane balance the sweetness of the grapes and cactus fruit.
Purslane is quite juicy already and adding cactus fruit and grapes make it BUHWOW.

An oil free recipe.
A bit of fatty from purslane, grapes, and pine nuts. (grapes have seeds) and (purslane is rich in omega 3)

Friday, September 5, 2008

BEST INFO Mono Meals, Raw Recipes, and How to Breathe

How to Realize Your Ultimate RECIPE RAW CHEF POWER

Just got a great little breathing guide - before you read this, I recommend setting your intention to making new more healthful habits:


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Prickly Pear RAW RECIPE

Today I picked a whole lot of prickly pears. Pounds. And Got a third backpack of pecans. Loads of grapes. Ate cactus pad. I ought to eat more greens. Tomorrow morning after cactus fruit breakfast I'll eat a bunch of purslane. I'm glad I write this blog to keep track of my health and remember to eat right-er.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tips from Juliano's Kitchen

I went to his restaurant around a year ago. SOoo goOD.

I'm reading rawfoodexplained awesome stuff

Cheap Raw Recipes

Today's Recipe - Pumpkin Seeds, Dates, and Thistle Flowers = Delicious like milk and honey

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Great News!

I eat perfect portions
I eat perfect portions
I chew thoroughly
I eat mindfully
I love myself
I love my body
I love breathing
I love having a loose stomach
I eat perfect portions
I eat slowly mindfully
I love my food
I eat perfect portions of super nutritious foods
I only eat to feed my body
I am so happy and food can only help build my body
I love breathing
I eat perfect portions and chew thoroughly mindfully lovingly
I have so much room to grow!

Monday, September 1, 2008


I am going for a nice 24 hour water fast. Unless my body starts yelling EAT! EAT! EAT!!!!

Otherwise I'm clearing up the channel!

I have found a fantastic learning source

Raw Food Explained!

I will be taking notes folks!

From the linked site:

Life Science concerns itself with those principles and truths applicable to human life so that we may observe and avail ourselves of them. We are of the firm conviction that only by scientific living can we realize the loftiest joys and the destiny which is our birthright.

Animals in nature are creatures of instinct. Following the guidance of instinct, they are correctly self-directed to meet their needs. Thus they thrive optimally in accord with their environmental possibilities. Inborn guidance is, in effect, Life Science or a science of life for nature's creatures.

Humans have infinitely more potential for happiness and goodness than nature's simpler forms of life. We are endowed with immeasurably more sophisticated faculties.

These superior endowments can keep us in a state of euphoria during a long life.

Very excited to start structured learning!

Special thanks to Jon R. for sending me an awesome food package. I will soon tell you of the power of spirulina when added to a foraged raw diet!

Have a great day! All it takes may be remembering that you may do so! It's up to you!

Goals of the Day

Re-Member Dreams - check
Write them down - check
Meditate - check
Yoga Exercise - check (more to do!)
Write Blogpost - checking
Eat a super alkalizing diet (mostly greens!) - ate Purslane so far gonna get wheatgrass soon
And ALOE!!!

Chew thoroughly and be thoroughly present.

Only Presently can you Receive and Give Presents

Which reminds of me of my next blog post - Affirming Abundance through Generosity - I've been fortunate enough to be able to provide people with Organic Raw Food Sustenance it is so energizing and confidence building!

Thank U!

I write "U" because it means Universe not simply "you" like an "other"

Peace! Wonderful Energy!

Exercise of the Day = INVISIBLE CHAIR SQUATS
1.Squat as if you're sitting - except there's no chair to support you
2.Trying to get as close to right angles as possible
3.Allow your torso to stretch and arms to balance you

4. Enjoy

Accomplish Things:
Post new videos on youtube.com/isforbliss
Write out plans for www.globalheal.us
Post new content at www.globalheal.us

Sunday, August 31, 2008


Tomorrow I will eat mostly green veggies.

Wheat Grass
_______ (I'm going to manifest a new food source.)

Looking forward to the cleansing and exercising nicely tomorrow.

Raw Dreams.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Prickly Aloe Passion

Thanks to my open eyes (three of them) and Mike Adams, I harvested some aloe vera for a super combo this morning

Prickly Pears
Passion Fruit
Aloe Vera

If you live in California or Southwest USA or Mexico you've probably got cactus fruit nearby and aloe. Keep your eyes open! It's amazing what I find nearby when I open my eyes to see!

I suggest getting plenty of prickly pears (cactus fruit) and peeling them by putting them in water and scrubbing them with hard bristled brush. Then make three cuts - chop off both ends and then vertical so that you can open the fruit out nicely.

For Aloe Vera I recommend Mike Adam's Article; it contains a host of information as to how awesome the power of aloe is - it contains 200 phytonutrients! That's a big number oh boy!
He also has a photo guide for slicing the aloe open. It's pretty intuitive though.

"Of all the herbs I've ever studied -- and I've written thousands of articles on nutrition and disease prevention -- aloe vera is the most impressive herb of them all." - Mike Adams

As for passion fruit... you gotta be as lucky as me or luckier to have access to so many. If you don't have passion fruit lemon or something a little sour would work. The cactus fruit are sweeter as watermelon. Super tasty

Now I did not make a smoothie because I didn't feel like blending aloe with prickly pears and passion fruit.

Aloe is not super tasty it's super gooey water and slightly bitter.
However, I am not looking for things to taste like "Natural Flavors"

I am looking to discover what real foods truly taste like and how they interact, digest, assimilate, with my energy. In order to do this I feel that eating foods separately and mindfully (actually mindful and bodyful combined so let's change that to...)

I intend to realize the "material spirit" of food.

Make sense?

How would you _____ your practice?

Friday, August 29, 2008

Now more than ever.

A recent Natural News article has the header Germany Bans Eight Pesticides.

"in the state of Baden-W├╝rttemberg. "Fifty to 60 percent of the bees have died on average"

That's big. I know it's not big enough how many other species get wiped off the map, but these are bees folks. Bees matter a lot.

Bees matter.

Government researchers tested the bodies of dead bees, and found that 99 percent had been contaminated with the pesticide clothianidin, made by Bayer.

If you clicked the Bayer you link, you may be surprised to find yourself reading about IG Farben manufacturers of Zyklon B. IG Farben officially took over Bayer in 1925.

That's right. Bayer is IG Farben is Zyklon B is Psycho Bee killer.

Aspirin anyone? How about some heroin?

"Bayer has discovered, among others:

I just noticed something interesting. They marketted heroin as a cough treatment AND sold methadone which is prescribed for "addicts" to get off heroin. Sounds like they got the poisons and the cure! That sounds like the best business plan ever! I will refrain from mentioning Ciproflaxacin and where anthrax came from and the surprising places it went and did not go (did not go to lead proponents of Iraq war did go to house majority leader Daschle). Look I hope you don't get your organic hemp diapers in a twist about this. It's simple they're vicious and if you want to change it. Do much more than vote.

As for the pesticides. This is serious concern for air health.
We already know they're down to market the poison and the cure.
Sounds like good business to pollute YOUR air and then sell you air filters, whatever drugs or surgery to cut out the Disease, increase insurance costs etc...
Let's give em no excuse. If they're allowed to spray whatever toxins in the air to "protect" their toxic foods what's next? What's already happening?
What I'm intending here is that we start telling other people from both sides.
Telling the people that can take it - that "people have plans that work against our interests"
Tell the people that we can live in an environment where we don't poison ourselves!
This is our house!
Are you going to let someone walk around your living room spraying Raid and whatever the Nazis used to slaughter prisoners?
Are we going to let us fill our children's lungs with poison because some poor sucker wants to eat pesticide-burgers and deep fried potatos cooked in rapeseed oil?

If they;re going to spray us against our will then that's a different role for us to take, but come on let's not buy it! Let's not let our collective ignorance be the cause of it!

So Please Message People "stumble" this article "buzz" it up at yahoo submit it to forums I don't know! Let's right these wrongs! It's a positive action! In a few years from now when we're all breathing air that's so refreshing that people are simply ecstatic just breathing. We'll know that we ushered that in. Let's not imagine the alternative
and let's not allow the alternative either through contrived ignorance.

Peace. Much Love. Let's get the action going


Look into the Mechanical Turk applications. Or just go to mturk.com

For a nickel you can have someone do thoughtwork towards these solutions and have them message other people about what's going on.

Let's do something to improve conditions tomorrows conditions today.


So I mentioned earlier that my armpits had a smell to them that was not going away from washing. To me this means it is coming from the inside. The smell reminds me of the smell my pits had after taking lysergic acid.

Macrobiotics deals with this often - the balance of acid and alkaline. Human blood has a ph of 7.4 - slightly basic. Most body healing happens when the blood is basic - not acidic.
The ph scale goes from 0-14. Milk is a 6.6 - overall acidic.

Minerals such as calcium magnesium and potassium are basic
Lactic ACID Stearic ACID and transsaturated fatty ACIDS are also basic.
JUST KIDDING (go ahead and laugh on command if you didn't spontaneously)

Did you do it?

Did you successfully laugh on command?
It's ok if you didn't make much of a sound, so long as you felt the awesome stomach contractions!

Guess what? You just helped alkalize your system!
Deep breathing is a powerful alkalizer. As is chewing your food thoroughly.
Chewing your food thoroughly not only produces saliva which is an alkalizer but also inspires much better breathing. Try chewing a full mouthful of some raw fruit or vegetable without swallowing before you've reached 150 chews. Putting the conscious attention on chewing and not swallowing may help you re-breathe in the natural breath. What does that even mean? Find out!

ps. you may have noticed my scientific knowledge far incomplete - please tell me what's worth adding in and or research it yourself! There are plenty of articles suggesting this or that but it really comes down to personal experience. Sure you can prove that tomatoes prevent cancer but if you eat them with high fructose corn syrup or are eating too many it may be harmful. it's more important to learn about your individual energy than read what random research says. Especially when there's so much industry funded research!

I'm simplifying here. Went from cooking foods and combining all kinds of spices to simple combinations and now I'm working on mono-mealing and separating time between substances to be able to note subtle effects.

Abundant health and joy to you. true and through you

ingredient: passion fruit
  1. cut passion fruit
  2. scoop out yum yums
  3. pour in cup or bowl
  4. eat/drink it up!!!
  5. passion fruit are super high in atoms especially electron waves and light particles

Thursday, August 28, 2008

STAR fruit

So I'm walking down the path scanning the ground and suddenly see stars!
Star fruit on the ground! That means star fruit up in the trees!
Delicious! So nutritious!

I'd like to tell you about my most recent project - www.globalheal.us

Through an online work provider service call Mechanical Turk, I offered pay for peace work.

Here's are the words that one nickel manifested:

I will walk in harmony with man and with nature.
I will listen to the voice of the Spirit within.
I will embrace in love all that the Universe has to offer.
I will not worry.
I will dance in the rain.

written by a being going by "ekklektia"

I love the fifth Affirmation of Peace - I will dance in the rain.
I love the rain! And metaphorically it meant to me that I will engage joyfully in my sorrows.

Peace to and through you!

Spreading the OB Word and what I ate today

So I've been posting it up at forums at okcupid and www.giveittomeraw.com. I consider it alchemy in that a lot of my threads start off with a rant and mention sex to get lots of viewers and comments. And then I attempt to be reasonable and learn how to talk to people about healthy eating attitudes who maybe were more on the eat whatever you feel like it's fine to eat fast food and cooked non-organic sugar carcinogens with no nutritive value etcetera...

So this post is rather long so in a couple days it's going to posted at isforbliss.com - it goes into creative visualizations and my explanation of who I am and is something I'm quite happy about because it's a response to energy that had previously been somewhat hostile and eventually turned into what seems like honest communication to me. I'm quite happy about the posts at okcupid, despite the amount of sarcastic responses people saying they're going to eat hamburgers french fries coke and smoke cigarettes in a forum titled "what i'd feed my beloved on a daily basis".

What are the best things for your energy? At some point you have been or may be responsible to feed someone else how will you make this decision knowing that it matters? If WE are matter than what MAKES our matter... Matters!

Actually... I found a reasonable post:

i am an organic raw foodists

i am not philosophically opposed to any type of eating other than eating while have some kind of conscious or subconscious resistance to what you're eating

i eat insects frequently usually not through intention. i am open to eating raw organic organisms, but don't feel they're necessary to my nutrition at this point

cows are vegetarians how would they produce something out of the veggies they eat that i can't produce?

i don't think it's from breaking down the cellulose...

so sorry _______ i'm neither vegan nor vegetarian

today i ate 6 pomegranates, an apple, half a dried apple i found on the ground near the apple tree, a few handfuls of pecans i found, several handfuls of dates i picked, a super ripe medium sized mango i picked so good the peel was entirely yellow and edible so tasty

i gathered a cupe of pine nuts as well but have not cracked any open today

oh and i ate a few carobs i picked

a couple lentils (the only non foraged item listed so far) i'm sprouting but they're not really sprouting succesfully not sure why may be too hot in my room

i might eat some organic pumpkin seeds in a few minutes those aren't foraged and actually might not be raw, i'm not sure how they process them. i don't know how they'd get them out of the shell

i know with some seeds there's some kind of chemical solvent... I didn't really notice the seeds tasting rancid. my mom brought some macadamia nuts a month ago and they tasted pretty non-digest worthy so i didn't eat em

cost of food today - roughly 5 cents - ate 4 or 5 sprouted lentils

i do drink mineral water though because tapwater is fluoridated. i know, plastic bottles might be poisonous as well I read that #s 3,4, and 6 are the bad ones especially 6 and the bottles i have are 1

i'll have a spring and/or reverse osmosis filter soon enough and be set for life!

so total cost of consumption - $.88 cents


oh! just thought I'd mention that I'd like to eat more greens but haven't had much of an urge for them, might not be the best to eat according to intuition, but i'll make sure to eat some nice purslane and wheatgrass tomorrow morning before I visit some family and maybe purchase some food at the organic store near them.

OH! and some friends here want to make pomegranate wine and olives are coming in season so i'm excited to prepare them!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Heard of the "second brain"?

There are so many nerve endings in our gut that it can be called the second brain. For me it doesn't get the "second" name because all is life is same. Once our bodies feel fully healed - so do emotional wounds feel sealed.

The difference in energy flow simply astounds me
like beautiful creative energy surrounding
feeling one with this dance of life and death
which to those on sugar think its me on crystal meth
But it's not! because I'm not retaining any stress or improper straining

The body can be fueled in different forms
Improper foods can yield a storm
And of thoughts you reap what you sow
So be care full and let yourself know
That you forgive yourself for being a tool
And that it feels quite nice to be a fool!
Because a fool can always be right -
- he just doesn't make pride his plight!

I pray that you receive your energies delight-fully
And realize you need no licenses to be
Fully free and engaged in the present
Be Cause. Presence Presents Presents.
Perhaps you can recall gifts that are not small
Constantly near your person?
Like breathing, heart beats, and reading eyes
Totaling more value than a fat purse could be lie
As another said much wiser than I
"Don't spend your health chasing wealth
or else...
You'll end up spending your wealth chasing health!"

Please consider these words if you feel you're stuck in a job you don't like and renting in sub-blissful conditions. Taking a paid vacation by growing food with other wonderful people may open up your bliss beyond words.

- by tomorrow you can have unlimited organic raw fruits and vegetables living five minutes from the Hawaiian shores. Visualize and You Can See

Today is the best opportunity you have. Today I will learn new things about my energy.
Upcoming Posts: How to harvest Aloe Vera and How to make Olives and Capers

Peace and Fantastic Energy to and through You

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


What a delicious breakfast!
Pictures Not mine though! That's Dogson's I had to post it because it simply shows the beauty of live food!

I ate pomegranates, arugula, figs fresh and dried, dates, domim, carobs, purslane, thistle flower, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds w/a little salt, wheatgrass, thistle leaf, and probably a few unfortunate ants competing for pomegranates. I would like some fennel that licorice flavor tastes so good to me!

I found dried figs on the earth and I eat them. I find half rotten pomegranates and I break off the rotten part and eat the pristine self contained pomegranate seeds and juicy force field around them.

  • Dried Figs
  • Spicy Arugula
  • check if you're truly hungry and not just eating as part of an escape from intuition
  • check/realize that you're thankful and happy to assimilate this into your body experience
  • I suggest first putting some of the spicy arugula in your mouth and then the fig
  • But the other way is divine as well

I've been reading the forums at GI2MR and noticed a lot of focus on recipes. I find this kind of _____ because I'm finding that in order to truly study my energy separating foods and really noticing what happens when I give full attention to each separate substance will show me what it does energetically. I have not yet had a day where I only ate one item, but I will try it at some point and see how it feels. I'm all for delicious recipes and beautiful display of food, but I think it's more appropriate to do it after the baseline has been established.

In other words, before attempting to paint a masterpiece I think it would be good to be able to deeply appreciate the color blue. To be able to simply look at red and feel no resistance. To simply look at yellow and allow yellow to tell you who yellow is without any of your words coming up about it!

Take pine nuts and dates for example. I know they taste absolutely marvelous together! Sugar + Fat = Yum! However if I eat them separate then I will not have cravings. Dates taste fine but it's easy for me to get sick of them because the energy they provide does not seem balanced - it's really mostly sugar. So I eat them, when my body mostly wants sugar and then when I notice my body does not want more sugar I stop eating! Whereas when I eat dates AND pine nuts or some other fatty source I can just eat and eat because there's a feeling of wholeness. Now that I'm writing this I'm thinking maybe it is better to eat them together! Maybe it is better to try to put on weight because you don't know when food will not be available for a while! A rainstorm could come and wash away the domim and take off the black from the pine nuts making them harder to see!

Truth is I don't really know and this is my time to find out!

Do you think eating one food at a time cuts down on cravings and helps you optimize your energy?

MOTIVATION may be simpler than your thoughts

Monday, August 25, 2008

Food Art

Beautiful Salad by Dogson

I may have food dreams because of this. Hopefully precognitive :)

The Last Temptation of Mango

There remains one beautiful mango on the tree,
about to ripe - perfectly ready for me
Through peel I eat it. wHoli

Gratitude for Each Present Experience skyrockets. Food matters. Every bite matters. I can feel my body healing with the food I eat. It feels SO good. The respect for what creates my experiential body has exploded. What a wonderful exhale I just had! And again! Mmmm inhale breath so tasty. Oxygen is such a wonderful nutrient!

Who says you can't get a free lunch?

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