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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Blessing the Bounty

Thank you Universe!
For Presently Providing

Monday, May 26, 2008

Beans, Soup?

I love beans.
Soak them for 8 hours drain the water
Take a pot put in a bunch of water and the beans
Turn up the heat
This soup I made with whole oats. It was quite tasty
I added cayenne, cumin, seaweed, sea salt, paprika, and avocado
The beans were a premixed mix, I do not suggest making this kind of mix because different sized beans take different times to cook. This took a long time around an hour and a half. What I love about soups is that you just throw in the ingredients into a pot and go. I add the spices last. Oh if you like onions add them at the beginning also tomatoes are great to add in the beginning and if you like olive oil and sea salt will make pretty much any meal thing taste good.

Lentils are great because they require no soaking
You can just pour them in the pot with water and turn it on, add tomato and onions and garlic and you've already got a tasty healthy filling meal, spice it at the end and you're good to go.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Prime Bliss Part II

Prime Bliss Part II: Associative Conditioning, Positive Reinforcement

During my transition towards healthier and healthier foods (until the total elimination of certain "products"), I played poker for a living. I certainly was not the most professional of professionals, but I want(ed) to improve my game in whatever form possible.
It was is clear to me that health and focus are related. If I would eat a heavy meat or dairy meal or G-d forbid trans fat (see "freedom fries" or casino chinese food), my focus could not be on the game as much as my stomach. So I determined I'd eat healthier - eventually bringing my own food inside the casino - frequently fruit, though I was most famous for bringing in heads of romaine lettuce and frozen string beans and thawing them in a cup and eating them with chopsticks while racking up chips playing "texas hold 'em". It was a very happy day when a player who commented on the lettuce actually accepted one of the heads and enjoyed it. Several weeks later he said with a twinkle in his eye "that lettuce was So Sweet". His gratitude made me feel a little bad about snapping off his large bluff with my small pair. My dollar gift was repaid several hundred fold. : )

Anyhow, as I'd shop at markets that sold both organic and "conventional" foods I would be almost overwhelmed by the choice! So much looked tasty, and I was "used" to buying things like tortilla chips or foods with added sugar like breads, dips, and ice cream. A mechanism I discovered to assist me was sort of like a mantra, "I am eating better because I want to be as healthy as possible and because I want to be a better poker player because I want to be successful at my game and have money to buy land and create a home and retreat and help my friends have a place where they can be creative without worrying about earning 5-6 figures".
Having a little reminder providing a positive reason why you're doing things "differently" makes it easy. It seems hard, when you think "I can't eat pizza anymore". This statement's not gravy to me for two reasons. One, you can eat pizza! You are an incredibly strong machine. We are built to take in substances that contain both waste and nutrients and exhale excrete the waste. You can drink alcohol and in time your body will get rid of all the toxins. We can breathe in carbon monoxide. We are strong. We can choose to smoke cigarettes. We can eat hamburgers. We can even eat "cheeseburger pizza" and be President of the United States.

So the point is, you can do all those things that part of you says "you should not". Words like "should" reflect you do not integrate the information. Should reflects an awareness of an external "rule" you want to say "whatever" to, as if you are not head honcho in your LifeDream. Same as "I can't". Of course you can eat cake and pizza and french fries. And another thing you can do, is not eat those things. So go in the supermarket and say I can eat anything I want and see if you can eat food you're proud of. Remind yourself how good you feel when you're not eating food and how great you can feel when you ate great food that gives you energy and builds lucid brain fats and strong muscles. Your body - your home.

Thank You

The Prime Bliss Diet

As I ate a raw head of cabbage in the hostel, the concierge said, "wow you must be the healthiest eater I've seen come through here." Given that the hostel was in Portland, OR the statement had extra relative meaning. I nodded. "You only eat organic unprocessed food huh?" I confirmed - yes, pretty much. Before she could create a description of her "difficulties" in eating "that way", I explained my methods and attitudes.

  • I love every bit of food I eat
  • first, eat the things that seem pure to you
  • there are so many options!
  • maybe those deep-fried tortilla chips seem good. that's fine! never punish yourself for craving anything!
  • what's great is, there's an even tastier selection than the chips!
  • there's something tastier And healthier than the hamburger or the sugar cookie
  • relish your creative opportunities!
  • diets to me are not about holding oneself back
  • diets are about increasingly choosing better things
  • you don't have to say ok i'm never going to eat sugar, pesticide foods etc..., you can simply say when I have the choice I will pick the healthier tastier option
  • be blissful enough to realize you don't need an emotional pick me up from food - many times we may try to fill a void with food... if we first pick something healthy and filling we can find/accept the plethora of means at our disposal to fill the void (and not create it in the first place :) )
  • another tip: eat a banana slowly.
I hope this helps. It's also very nice to keep a food diary to see your progress and not accidentally write off significant progress because one day you ate a "no-no" food. It took me a long time to really never eat candy, drink pretty much no alcohol, no fried, no deep-fried, only eat at organic restaurants, not eat sugar, not eat things that I read/feel are not perfect for me even though I love their taste and crave them.
  • You can notice the craving and say "hello craving!... goodbye craving!"
I really hope that helps you. I know this helps me. Thank you so much for reading; it really means a lot to me to be part of this community

continued in a rambling comment

Live Raw Kim Chi Sprout Action!

UPDATE June 25th 2011: I do not currently eat many of the ingredients in this recipe and do not recommend them. What I recommend is a diet of fresh raw (not rotten) organic fruits and vegetables consumed mostly in mono meals.

Check out these books instead for info about what I'm following:

 Kim Chi was very easy to make. We used:
  • two chinese cabbages
  • shallots
  • ginger
  • clove of garlic
  • sea salt
  • cayenne/spicy pepper powder and/or fresh spicy pepper
optional: carrots, daikon radish


  1. clean cabbage
  2. chop it up say 1 and a half inch length
  3. put in bowl(s) and pour good deal of salt
  4. mix it up with your hands
  5. let it sit for an hour
  6. chop up the garlic and ginger nice and small
  7. cut shallots various lengths
  8. drain and wash the salted cabbage
  9. mix in the ginger, garlic, spicy pepper
  10. stir vigorously - my forearm was definitely being used - this is not just tossing a salad
  11. pack tightly into clean jars and push it so that juice rises to the top, leaving around a centimeter of airspace at the top
  12. it will "change" over the next week, I suggest trying a bit everyday to see how ripe you like it (the picture I took and ate was overnight, it tastes good even before the process has begun)
  13. Be thankful for continued life and breath and share with friends!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Almond Butter!

High in calcium tasty, protein, fat, filling!

Also great with celery, carrots, other nuts and seeds I love to mix it with flax
Tastes great as a dessert or as a meal. Fantastic with coconut flakes and raisins and bananas and oats and oh my I wish I had some right now.
The picture of two raisins depicts the reconstituting process - soak them in water for many hours and they will double in size and be way juicy.
The bread? 100% whole grain sprouted pumpernickel. Sehr shmeckt.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Juicer Content (JC)

I would like to begin more "scientific" posts - meaning posts with open topics that do not necessarily stick to conventional eating
  • how much water to drink throughout the day and when
  • when to eat during the day
  • water with before after meals?
  • how much food to eat
  • dairy, meat, sugar, vegan, wheat etc... (things that get mixed press)
  • potential harms of eating certain foods certain ways
  • calorie restriction
  • fasting
  • healing
  • acid alkaline
I will label the posts "JC" in the title and at the top will have a banner that notifies the reader that this article may contain information related to potential noxious topics.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cooking. Art.

Art and cooking - two arenas (overlapping) where we can learn our powers of creation and destruction. Feeding oneself appears to be one of the most important skills we can learn as living creatures. Help our little ones become empowered :) Let them say "I made rice!" I made salad" "I made dinner!" "I fed you!" How wonderful to let someone do something you can be grateful for. In cooking and art a great deal in the process is simply accepting that Beauty is. I would think that a great artist would need a great appreciation for shapes and colors, just like a great chef or great eater must have a great appreciation for tastes and ingredients on their own. All people can practice appreciation and gratitude. I'm thankful for this. And food tastes so much better when I'm thankful for it, when I'm whole with it. And I'm most whole when I feel I'm doing good for the body and good for the earth.

Meals, like breaths, are celebrations of the continuity of Life

for a continuation on the art side of things visit my uncensored art blog here

Simple Satisfaction II

In a recent Harvard study, it was proven that round fruits are pi times more nutritious than their square counterparts. *puns vomit inducing? Great! more room for dessert!

The seeds - flax - too much goodness to list check out the in-depth profile here
The grain - buckwheat - among other things, a good source of tryptophan - precursor to our favorite happy brain chemical serotonin. For in-depth nutrition click here

I'm assuming you don't need my help as to why eating apples and melons are good :)

All raw. The "recipe" for carrot and cabbage salad - olive oil, sea salt, juice of a lemon, and a pinch of cinnamon - I like it with plenty of raisins and a few pumpkin seeds.

Go Ahead! Eat the Seaweed and Shrubbery!

I've been very fortunate to live in a family with open minds toward health enhancement and with developed palates and love for food and cooking. I believe everyone has it in them to become excellent chefs for themselves - not only learning how to discern what food is right for them, how much of it, and when but also how to prepare it and how to enjoy it!
I think I see how to remove some of the blocks people have
1. do not have "expectations" of the food - first just eat the item on its own for its known healthy qualities (i'm thinking vegetables, because I like to assume everyone loves fruit... although I have met people who say they don't like fruit - I think that has to do with excessive sugar and refined flour consumption. I have noticed that when I eat refined sugar and flour I turn into this tazmanian devil eating machine feeling that the only thing to "satisfy" me is more of the thing that creates more unsatisfaction... yuck. thats why i don't eat processed food; no sugar. no flower. no crazy addictiveness)... oops got a little off track

What I want to say is let's get rid of the roadblock where you say "I don't know how to cook".
It doesn't take a genius to steam vegetables and add spices! Your ingredients will all be delicious to begin with! Take it step by step. Eat it raw, steam it, boil it, whatever and sample in the process; the kitchen is your mad scientist laboratory.

Who knows, maybe you'll invent the new delicious sauce and become a multi-millionaire! You can do a lot better than just mixing high-poison corn syrup with salt and tomato!

Ok the other part is about having a great diet, not just cooking.

  • Don't expect cabbage to be a candy bar.
This is so simple and ridiculous that I'll repeat it
  • Don't expect cabbage to be a candy bar.
There are different reasons to eat different things. You can eat things just for the "fun" of it, like twinkies (author grunts) or you can eat only expecting health, not a tongue ballet. You don't have to say I'm not going to eat sugar I'm not going to eat refined flour I'm not going to eat factory farmed meat I'm not going to eat at most restaurants I'm only going to eat healthy unprocessed local organic food. you don't have to say any of those things.
I simply suggest you eat what you think is super for you first. You don't have to consider celery part of your meal. Consider it mandibular exercise. Consider it palate cleansing. If celery doesn't taste great to you, whatever you're eating next will probably taste even better. You may of course be surprised that something you thought you didn't like, now you do. Maybe you didn't like "salad" because the salad was iceberg lettuce, One Thousand Islands of Chemical Waste dressing, and baco-bits. Try eating salad with no dressing. Again
  • don't expect cabbage to be a candy bar
just allow the lettuce to be lettuce. let the tomato be tomato and let the seaweed taste like the docks.

And that's one of the first steps to cheffing. First you eat the tomato and you think mmm this is good but part of you may also think I'd like this to be "filling" so you can run through your list of healthy filling things like nuts and seeds and avocado (proteins and fats) and maybe your spices.
You try balancing - amplifying diminishing flavors.

This morning after eating an apple and three bananas I wanted something else and found some raw buckwheat. I wasn't too hot about it, but figured with some cinnamon and banana it would taste good, threw in some flax seeds and I'm healthy as a horse.
Turned out much better than expected, the banana was previously frozen so it tastes extra creamy and a little cold which made the eating experience that much better. Very delicious, prep-time under thirty seconds.

Cheers to complex simplicity!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

L'Aubergine (Eggplant!)

This was very fast less than ten minutes
I tried two methods - boiling and frying.
Eggplant can really soak up the olive oil so if you are to fry, mix with water.
  • boil, steam, or fry the eggplant
  • you're done!
  • just kidding. although I love eggplant, I think it tastes much better with salt, cumin, paprika, olive oil and a some fresh cayenne
  • I served it with soaked pumpkin and sesame seeds some and some fresh homemade sauerkraut
When chewed thoroughly this made quite a nice small and filling meal. A warming combination of tastes.


  • chopped up half a head of white(green?) cabbage
  • less than half a tablespoon of sea salt
  • put in jar close jar shake jar, wait a day
  • took a wooden spoon and knife and packed the cabbage down while cutting it more
  • another day
  • chopped up a medium sized braeburn apple and a cayenne pepper into the mix
at this point it was delicious - spicy and sweet
I ate it with delicious cottage cheese - this particular variety rich in the elusive B12 vitamin!
B12 is an essential nutrient which can only be found in certain foods, those practicing vegan and vegetarian diets should make sure they're not deficient. For a more thorough description check out World's Healthiest Foods

*disclaimer I am neither a health professional nor culinary expert, use these recipes at your own risk. many have fallen awake simply through mindful eating - this is a danger you face preparing your own food. G-d be with you

Celebration!!! Only Three Steps!

It was a wonderful person's birthday and "forgot" to buy her anything, so I cooked, rearranged some household items, and gave her one of my favorite books "The Yoga System" available free in its entirety here

This recipe contains two things which are very much general no-nos for me: chocolate and raw sugar; when I eat sugar I get thirsty for hours and wake up with a dry mouth. Sugar also provides very little nutritive value. If you want to eat sugar make sure you drink a lot of water and exercise a lot. It appears exercising a lot a lot lots of fun allows you to eat certain things more liberally.
This was very easy to make as well. The heart is not all chocolate - the chocolate is only a layer on the top... underneath are soaked sesame seeds, cut up apricots, and soaked pumpkin seeds and on top shredded coconut and some flax seeds.

After soaking the seeds for around 8 hours (just pour in a jar pour in water and drain)
I poured them on a plate and shaped them a little bit
Then I took a small saucepan and put the heat on the lowest setting and put in half a chocolate bar - very high cocoa content - 82% - if you want the antioxidant qualities you need to be eat cocoa - not sugar. And watched and stirred the quickly melting chocolate - this will melt very fast so be ready to pour before it burns
And that's it!
  • Soak, Melt, Arrange!
  • naturally, Enjoy

As Easy as You Like

As I mashed up some apples and a pepper into some fermenting (Eww!!!!) cabbage, I remembered kids in college being surprised someone could "make a salad from scratch".
A friend of mine telling me that she didn't know how to cook.

I asked her, "do you know how to read?"
"... yes"
"Can you follow directions?"
"Do you know what tastes better or worse?"
"You are very fit to be your chef."

Cooking and preparing food of higher quality than processed food appears to be very very easy. It's hard to go wrong with fresh ingredients!

  • Add salt and spices at the end! - after the beans, rice, vegetables, soup, whatever have been prepared
  • You can divide up your control and experiment with independent variables (a unspiced pot full of adzuki beans lets you try many different flavors that might not work together but work great apart) - this also prevents you from "ruining" the whole dish through mistake spicing
  • have fun! food is magic! our bodies individually have different nutritional needs preparing your own food allows you to tune in and tune up!
  • have more fun! cook with and for others! breathe dance and sing as you cook!
it's back to the kitchen for me! have a grape day! HAHAHAHHAHAH

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Great NYC restaurant

Uncle Marky's Organics ($$)
Vegetarian, Health Food, Sandwiches

235 E 53rd St, New York 10022
Btwn 2nd & 3rd Ave

Phone: 212-421-6444

I went there with a friend and ordered the tempeh reuben, miso soup, hummus plate
All delicious and ample portions. "Uncle Marky" was working there and appears as a great example of vibrant health. Enjoy!

Fast Complete

Finished! This was probably the easiest fast I've done as it was only 24 hours. If you start your fast when you wake up, you could end up fasting 36 hours. I ate plenty yesterday stopped eating at five pm and ate today at five pm. I was getting pretty hungry the last two hours, and very much appreciated the steamed zucchini and carrots with olive oil, cinnamon, cumin, paprika, and sea salt.

I also stopped eating tonight at 10 pm and will try to keep this regular, many people have said keeping regular eating times is good for the body and I'd like to try this.

I've been pickling cabbage and carrots - very spicy very tasty. Pictures soon :) Good night!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sprouts on the Counter

Shake up the beans to make sure equal water coverage - there should be around 2-3 times more water than beans. Keep out of direct sunlight

Mung Bean sprouting takes a few days and should/can not be done in the sun
Rinse and drain them every 8-12 hours

Pictures coming soon.


I like to eat with a tiny spoon. Especially when eating desserts. One
such dessert is simply super-ripe frozen bananas. I suggest you
peel the banana before freezing it. It tastes creamy like Ice Cream,
and guilt (chemical) free.


  • Steam the Broccoli
  • Drizzle a bit of olive oil
  • Sea Salt
  • optional any mix of: paprika, cumin, turmeric, cayenne

Of course you don't need to
add anything. Broccoli,
like most fresh vegetables, tastes
fantastic on its own.

Simple Satisfaction

This dish features adzuki beans, frequently mentioned in Eastern medicine and Macrobiotics for their "yang" properties and for satisfying hunger. As someone who likes to eat very often I have found that they are in fact very satisfying.

Preparation was very simple:
Soaked the beans overnight in mineral water
Drained them
Put the beans, bottled tomatoes, some seaweed and water in a pot and cooked until they were soft enough.
Then added some paprika, cayenne, olive oil, and sea salt. I ate them with whole grain bread* and fresh tomatoes.

I found this blog to give you a relevant link : ) about the acid alkaline balance and to learn other things from this health professional.


His blog appears far superior to mine as he has over twenty years of work and training as personal trainer and nutritionist! Plus his name appears to be Scandinavian so he's probably quite smart.

*presently I do not eat conventional breads and hope to post on breads and flours in the near future

The Tao of Oat(s)


on a theme

Bananas, Coconut, Hazelnut, Cinnamon, Sea Salt, Apricots, Raisins, Yum Yum YUMMY

Salads: Fresh Perfect Fun

Very easy to make delicious meals

I primarily use first cold pressed olive oil and lemon juice as dressing
Just chop up your fresh, organic, local vegetables and feel what will
feel great to eat together

to make a more filling meal:
chew thoroughly
add soaked nuts and seeds

Food's a very ______ part of physical and spiritual life and to eat
the best meals the process must be wonderful. Store-bought prepared
food lacks a certain Je sais quoi [sic].
I am grateful for my parents
cooking and preparing food and allowing me to help in the kitchen.

I'm a Chef, You're a Chef

Sometimes it can be best to keep it simple

shredded coconut and dried apricot


what does a snickers bar look like next to this?

(the answer is more of a sound than a word : )

Seeds of Bliss

At five pm Germany time, my at least 24 hour water fast will begin.
I'm on my 46th chew of this carrot and have another 104 to go.

Brief evangelizing: intuitively, I feel this maximizes the nutritive value I absorb, and from my experience I realize fullness with much less food required. This also allows your mouth enzymes to break down the food. This also prolongs the pleasure of eating.

The photos are of soaked raw unhulled sesame seeds, soaked almonds, and bananas. All are organic. I try and succeed to eat only organic food. If I was to classify my diet, I'd say unprocessed and organic ("bio" in europe).
The particle food combination I display in this post is extremely rich in calcium -
36 grams of sesame seeds contain 350 mgs of calcium - 35% of "daily value"
Bananas also contain short chain fatty acids that aid in the absorption of calcium
The function of soaking the seeds and almonds is to make them easier to digest and to remove phytates.

www.whfoods.com appears to be a fantastic resource for nutrition

How to Soak

Put foodstuff in container
Pour enough water to cover
Wait several hours

Google Search !