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Sunday, May 18, 2008

As Easy as You Like

As I mashed up some apples and a pepper into some fermenting (Eww!!!!) cabbage, I remembered kids in college being surprised someone could "make a salad from scratch".
A friend of mine telling me that she didn't know how to cook.

I asked her, "do you know how to read?"
"... yes"
"Can you follow directions?"
"Do you know what tastes better or worse?"
"You are very fit to be your chef."

Cooking and preparing food of higher quality than processed food appears to be very very easy. It's hard to go wrong with fresh ingredients!

  • Add salt and spices at the end! - after the beans, rice, vegetables, soup, whatever have been prepared
  • You can divide up your control and experiment with independent variables (a unspiced pot full of adzuki beans lets you try many different flavors that might not work together but work great apart) - this also prevents you from "ruining" the whole dish through mistake spicing
  • have fun! food is magic! our bodies individually have different nutritional needs preparing your own food allows you to tune in and tune up!
  • have more fun! cook with and for others! breathe dance and sing as you cook!
it's back to the kitchen for me! have a grape day! HAHAHAHHAHAH

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