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Monday, May 26, 2008

Beans, Soup?

I love beans.
Soak them for 8 hours drain the water
Take a pot put in a bunch of water and the beans
Turn up the heat
This soup I made with whole oats. It was quite tasty
I added cayenne, cumin, seaweed, sea salt, paprika, and avocado
The beans were a premixed mix, I do not suggest making this kind of mix because different sized beans take different times to cook. This took a long time around an hour and a half. What I love about soups is that you just throw in the ingredients into a pot and go. I add the spices last. Oh if you like onions add them at the beginning also tomatoes are great to add in the beginning and if you like olive oil and sea salt will make pretty much any meal thing taste good.

Lentils are great because they require no soaking
You can just pour them in the pot with water and turn it on, add tomato and onions and garlic and you've already got a tasty healthy filling meal, spice it at the end and you're good to go.

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