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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Celebration!!! Only Three Steps!

It was a wonderful person's birthday and "forgot" to buy her anything, so I cooked, rearranged some household items, and gave her one of my favorite books "The Yoga System" available free in its entirety here

This recipe contains two things which are very much general no-nos for me: chocolate and raw sugar; when I eat sugar I get thirsty for hours and wake up with a dry mouth. Sugar also provides very little nutritive value. If you want to eat sugar make sure you drink a lot of water and exercise a lot. It appears exercising a lot a lot lots of fun allows you to eat certain things more liberally.
This was very easy to make as well. The heart is not all chocolate - the chocolate is only a layer on the top... underneath are soaked sesame seeds, cut up apricots, and soaked pumpkin seeds and on top shredded coconut and some flax seeds.

After soaking the seeds for around 8 hours (just pour in a jar pour in water and drain)
I poured them on a plate and shaped them a little bit
Then I took a small saucepan and put the heat on the lowest setting and put in half a chocolate bar - very high cocoa content - 82% - if you want the antioxidant qualities you need to be eat cocoa - not sugar. And watched and stirred the quickly melting chocolate - this will melt very fast so be ready to pour before it burns
And that's it!
  • Soak, Melt, Arrange!
  • naturally, Enjoy

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