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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cooking. Art.

Art and cooking - two arenas (overlapping) where we can learn our powers of creation and destruction. Feeding oneself appears to be one of the most important skills we can learn as living creatures. Help our little ones become empowered :) Let them say "I made rice!" I made salad" "I made dinner!" "I fed you!" How wonderful to let someone do something you can be grateful for. In cooking and art a great deal in the process is simply accepting that Beauty is. I would think that a great artist would need a great appreciation for shapes and colors, just like a great chef or great eater must have a great appreciation for tastes and ingredients on their own. All people can practice appreciation and gratitude. I'm thankful for this. And food tastes so much better when I'm thankful for it, when I'm whole with it. And I'm most whole when I feel I'm doing good for the body and good for the earth.

Meals, like breaths, are celebrations of the continuity of Life

for a continuation on the art side of things visit my uncensored art blog here


Anonymous said...

I love the inspiration this blog gives me. Girls across the world should watch out for your genius- I bet you're a total ladykiller :)

Keep it rollin!

dune said...

"The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude." Friedrich Nietzsche

Blissionairy said...

Freddy! I just mentioned him Nietzche the other day! The reference was having total gratitude for your whole story - never bringing in a judgmental voice... what a wise way to live! We can of course remove the element of describing "why" this or that "stinks" and then we can remove predicting "more stink". Perhaps these are symptoms of an overly linear mind... 3 follows 2 follows 1, when it comes to waking life it does not seem that way to me; you stub your toe and then you find a quarter! You are "stuck" in traffic and then meet a lovely person!

I'm grateful for the comment! Waves of ecstasy rippled through my body and I released a great deal of back tension lol. And as per usual I'm on the verge of joyful tears. sans blague mes amis.

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