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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Go Ahead! Eat the Seaweed and Shrubbery!

I've been very fortunate to live in a family with open minds toward health enhancement and with developed palates and love for food and cooking. I believe everyone has it in them to become excellent chefs for themselves - not only learning how to discern what food is right for them, how much of it, and when but also how to prepare it and how to enjoy it!
I think I see how to remove some of the blocks people have
1. do not have "expectations" of the food - first just eat the item on its own for its known healthy qualities (i'm thinking vegetables, because I like to assume everyone loves fruit... although I have met people who say they don't like fruit - I think that has to do with excessive sugar and refined flour consumption. I have noticed that when I eat refined sugar and flour I turn into this tazmanian devil eating machine feeling that the only thing to "satisfy" me is more of the thing that creates more unsatisfaction... yuck. thats why i don't eat processed food; no sugar. no flower. no crazy addictiveness)... oops got a little off track

What I want to say is let's get rid of the roadblock where you say "I don't know how to cook".
It doesn't take a genius to steam vegetables and add spices! Your ingredients will all be delicious to begin with! Take it step by step. Eat it raw, steam it, boil it, whatever and sample in the process; the kitchen is your mad scientist laboratory.

Who knows, maybe you'll invent the new delicious sauce and become a multi-millionaire! You can do a lot better than just mixing high-poison corn syrup with salt and tomato!

Ok the other part is about having a great diet, not just cooking.

  • Don't expect cabbage to be a candy bar.
This is so simple and ridiculous that I'll repeat it
  • Don't expect cabbage to be a candy bar.
There are different reasons to eat different things. You can eat things just for the "fun" of it, like twinkies (author grunts) or you can eat only expecting health, not a tongue ballet. You don't have to say I'm not going to eat sugar I'm not going to eat refined flour I'm not going to eat factory farmed meat I'm not going to eat at most restaurants I'm only going to eat healthy unprocessed local organic food. you don't have to say any of those things.
I simply suggest you eat what you think is super for you first. You don't have to consider celery part of your meal. Consider it mandibular exercise. Consider it palate cleansing. If celery doesn't taste great to you, whatever you're eating next will probably taste even better. You may of course be surprised that something you thought you didn't like, now you do. Maybe you didn't like "salad" because the salad was iceberg lettuce, One Thousand Islands of Chemical Waste dressing, and baco-bits. Try eating salad with no dressing. Again
  • don't expect cabbage to be a candy bar
just allow the lettuce to be lettuce. let the tomato be tomato and let the seaweed taste like the docks.

And that's one of the first steps to cheffing. First you eat the tomato and you think mmm this is good but part of you may also think I'd like this to be "filling" so you can run through your list of healthy filling things like nuts and seeds and avocado (proteins and fats) and maybe your spices.
You try balancing - amplifying diminishing flavors.

This morning after eating an apple and three bananas I wanted something else and found some raw buckwheat. I wasn't too hot about it, but figured with some cinnamon and banana it would taste good, threw in some flax seeds and I'm healthy as a horse.
Turned out much better than expected, the banana was previously frozen so it tastes extra creamy and a little cold which made the eating experience that much better. Very delicious, prep-time under thirty seconds.

Cheers to complex simplicity!

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