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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm a Chef, You're a Chef

Sometimes it can be best to keep it simple

shredded coconut and dried apricot


what does a snickers bar look like next to this?

(the answer is more of a sound than a word : )


karalauna said...

SEXY! You're a great photographer & brilliant with food. Maybe you should start a kitchen show, like, with a beautiful hostess to walk around and peel or shred things seductively. Then you drop the trademark line: "No, you're doing it wrong. DON'T COMPLICATE THE DISH." And the whole audience will say that last bit along with you.

Blissionairy said...

i like your idea!
i'll try to film something soon and post it :)

associating seductiveness with healthy eating has been in my head for a while :)

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