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Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Prime Bliss Diet

As I ate a raw head of cabbage in the hostel, the concierge said, "wow you must be the healthiest eater I've seen come through here." Given that the hostel was in Portland, OR the statement had extra relative meaning. I nodded. "You only eat organic unprocessed food huh?" I confirmed - yes, pretty much. Before she could create a description of her "difficulties" in eating "that way", I explained my methods and attitudes.

  • I love every bit of food I eat
  • first, eat the things that seem pure to you
  • there are so many options!
  • maybe those deep-fried tortilla chips seem good. that's fine! never punish yourself for craving anything!
  • what's great is, there's an even tastier selection than the chips!
  • there's something tastier And healthier than the hamburger or the sugar cookie
  • relish your creative opportunities!
  • diets to me are not about holding oneself back
  • diets are about increasingly choosing better things
  • you don't have to say ok i'm never going to eat sugar, pesticide foods etc..., you can simply say when I have the choice I will pick the healthier tastier option
  • be blissful enough to realize you don't need an emotional pick me up from food - many times we may try to fill a void with food... if we first pick something healthy and filling we can find/accept the plethora of means at our disposal to fill the void (and not create it in the first place :) )
  • another tip: eat a banana slowly.
I hope this helps. It's also very nice to keep a food diary to see your progress and not accidentally write off significant progress because one day you ate a "no-no" food. It took me a long time to really never eat candy, drink pretty much no alcohol, no fried, no deep-fried, only eat at organic restaurants, not eat sugar, not eat things that I read/feel are not perfect for me even though I love their taste and crave them.
  • You can notice the craving and say "hello craving!... goodbye craving!"
I really hope that helps you. I know this helps me. Thank you so much for reading; it really means a lot to me to be part of this community

continued in a rambling comment

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blissionairy said...

Perhaps one of the most important things was being raised in a cooking family where not only both parents primarily cooked and knew that their home-prepared meals were better than processed food and restaurant food. We also did not have a microwave thank G-d (the dash is not Jewish, the dash is to indicate referring to something in reality/totality not a word). So mom cooked. Dad cooked. Sister cooked. I cooked. And of course throughout the process and diversity you can see the powers of creation - the different mixtures of food. How you feel eating salad for breakfast. My parents did not buy new factory foods. Breakfast would typically be salad with real homemade lemon juice olive oil mustard dressing, eggs, whole wheat toast, ok I could go on, and it certainly wasn't ideal but we wouldn't eat things that we thoguht were unhealthy. Although they did let me go to fast food because the advertisers probably got to me and i was a baby. no disrespect, but I will not provide such drugs to my kids :). oof sorry for digression
the point is i learned early on that i can pick my food, that vegetables taste great and this made it easier for me. I also always had a unique lunch at school so being different was not something I feared

sum it up:
realized role as chef
wanted to be as healthy as possible
asked the question why am i eating this?

i realized that eating things like candy was not part of satisfying nutrition so it was unnecessary - i don't need sugar to make me happy

i feel stronger with discipline

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