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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Prime Bliss Part II

Prime Bliss Part II: Associative Conditioning, Positive Reinforcement

During my transition towards healthier and healthier foods (until the total elimination of certain "products"), I played poker for a living. I certainly was not the most professional of professionals, but I want(ed) to improve my game in whatever form possible.
It was is clear to me that health and focus are related. If I would eat a heavy meat or dairy meal or G-d forbid trans fat (see "freedom fries" or casino chinese food), my focus could not be on the game as much as my stomach. So I determined I'd eat healthier - eventually bringing my own food inside the casino - frequently fruit, though I was most famous for bringing in heads of romaine lettuce and frozen string beans and thawing them in a cup and eating them with chopsticks while racking up chips playing "texas hold 'em". It was a very happy day when a player who commented on the lettuce actually accepted one of the heads and enjoyed it. Several weeks later he said with a twinkle in his eye "that lettuce was So Sweet". His gratitude made me feel a little bad about snapping off his large bluff with my small pair. My dollar gift was repaid several hundred fold. : )

Anyhow, as I'd shop at markets that sold both organic and "conventional" foods I would be almost overwhelmed by the choice! So much looked tasty, and I was "used" to buying things like tortilla chips or foods with added sugar like breads, dips, and ice cream. A mechanism I discovered to assist me was sort of like a mantra, "I am eating better because I want to be as healthy as possible and because I want to be a better poker player because I want to be successful at my game and have money to buy land and create a home and retreat and help my friends have a place where they can be creative without worrying about earning 5-6 figures".
Having a little reminder providing a positive reason why you're doing things "differently" makes it easy. It seems hard, when you think "I can't eat pizza anymore". This statement's not gravy to me for two reasons. One, you can eat pizza! You are an incredibly strong machine. We are built to take in substances that contain both waste and nutrients and exhale excrete the waste. You can drink alcohol and in time your body will get rid of all the toxins. We can breathe in carbon monoxide. We are strong. We can choose to smoke cigarettes. We can eat hamburgers. We can even eat "cheeseburger pizza" and be President of the United States.

So the point is, you can do all those things that part of you says "you should not". Words like "should" reflect you do not integrate the information. Should reflects an awareness of an external "rule" you want to say "whatever" to, as if you are not head honcho in your LifeDream. Same as "I can't". Of course you can eat cake and pizza and french fries. And another thing you can do, is not eat those things. So go in the supermarket and say I can eat anything I want and see if you can eat food you're proud of. Remind yourself how good you feel when you're not eating food and how great you can feel when you ate great food that gives you energy and builds lucid brain fats and strong muscles. Your body - your home.

Thank You

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