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Sunday, May 18, 2008


  • chopped up half a head of white(green?) cabbage
  • less than half a tablespoon of sea salt
  • put in jar close jar shake jar, wait a day
  • took a wooden spoon and knife and packed the cabbage down while cutting it more
  • another day
  • chopped up a medium sized braeburn apple and a cayenne pepper into the mix
at this point it was delicious - spicy and sweet
I ate it with delicious cottage cheese - this particular variety rich in the elusive B12 vitamin!
B12 is an essential nutrient which can only be found in certain foods, those practicing vegan and vegetarian diets should make sure they're not deficient. For a more thorough description check out World's Healthiest Foods

*disclaimer I am neither a health professional nor culinary expert, use these recipes at your own risk. many have fallen awake simply through mindful eating - this is a danger you face preparing your own food. G-d be with you

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