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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Seeds of Bliss

At five pm Germany time, my at least 24 hour water fast will begin.
I'm on my 46th chew of this carrot and have another 104 to go.

Brief evangelizing: intuitively, I feel this maximizes the nutritive value I absorb, and from my experience I realize fullness with much less food required. This also allows your mouth enzymes to break down the food. This also prolongs the pleasure of eating.

The photos are of soaked raw unhulled sesame seeds, soaked almonds, and bananas. All are organic. I try and succeed to eat only organic food. If I was to classify my diet, I'd say unprocessed and organic ("bio" in europe).
The particle food combination I display in this post is extremely rich in calcium -
36 grams of sesame seeds contain 350 mgs of calcium - 35% of "daily value"
Bananas also contain short chain fatty acids that aid in the absorption of calcium
The function of soaking the seeds and almonds is to make them easier to digest and to remove phytates.

www.whfoods.com appears to be a fantastic resource for nutrition

How to Soak

Put foodstuff in container
Pour enough water to cover
Wait several hours

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