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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Simple Satisfaction

This dish features adzuki beans, frequently mentioned in Eastern medicine and Macrobiotics for their "yang" properties and for satisfying hunger. As someone who likes to eat very often I have found that they are in fact very satisfying.

Preparation was very simple:
Soaked the beans overnight in mineral water
Drained them
Put the beans, bottled tomatoes, some seaweed and water in a pot and cooked until they were soft enough.
Then added some paprika, cayenne, olive oil, and sea salt. I ate them with whole grain bread* and fresh tomatoes.

I found this blog to give you a relevant link : ) about the acid alkaline balance and to learn other things from this health professional.


His blog appears far superior to mine as he has over twenty years of work and training as personal trainer and nutritionist! Plus his name appears to be Scandinavian so he's probably quite smart.

*presently I do not eat conventional breads and hope to post on breads and flours in the near future


dogson said...

Reading about this meal made me want to cry. Wholesome food evokes passion and depth within my soul, and I long for an open fire and a real family. God, I think I *am* going to cry. Thanks for writing about this, it's so easy to be lead astray and complicate food. Your simple genius in the kitchen has inspired me.

Blissionairy said...

I intuit that we can feel so passionately grateful for the food we eat and that's the way to do it, it just soemtimes doesn't happen because there's so much deliciousness in sight with easy access. I've been reconditioning myself though and I remember at least at some point in the meal to be thankful and eat slowly and focus on the meal.

We know that food can make as feel good. It's even better when we know we don't need food to make us feel great. So I like to make sure I feel great before I eat and then the food is icing on the happy cake.

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