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Sunday, June 29, 2008


Olive oil
sea salt
fermented cabbage
HEART of lettuce-REjoice
thank you
make magic

Thursday, June 26, 2008


I have an article to write about being happy "wasting food"
Better to waste food than waste yourself.
The food can stay in the earth cycle... before man there are fruit trees.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Tasty Stuff

Not quite raw :) !
100% sprouted pumpernickel stuff. No yeast!
Steamed veggies. Can you steam veggies and keep them qualified as raw?
Rather, what temperature goes too far?

Sunday, June 22, 2008


All Right
So I've had a few days of not eating 100% raw.
During these days I'd say I felt more tired and also ate more "desirous" food - food that makes me want to keep eating.

Today I expect to keep it raw.
I ate a brazil nut for breakfast :)
Brazil nuts are high in selenium and are super radioactive. Super hero.

I noticed that the days where I ate a lot and non-raw, I did not have a big drive to create. When I am really into my work I find that I already have the energy to sustain me and don't need food then.

I think a big part of eating has to do with dealing with stress. Less stress, less eating necessary.

Now I'm eating some delicious GOJI BERRIES. They're super expensive so I eat them nice and slow and conscious like.

I'm paying close attention to how food affects my teeth.

So far: eating lemons, apricots, bread, peaches, and grapes does not feel good for my teeth
i'm eating some salad with tomatos, cucumbers, and radishes olive oil and lemon juice and it hurt my teeth a little. I noticed a little pain with cucumbers before. Could be the tomatos. Time for more diet changes! I will find more green veggies.

I'll start to compile the info in nicer form at my website isforbliss.com

updates soon!
Eat nice!
Play Nice!
Gently !
Au revoir
Byeb ye
thank you

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


All righty. Time for confession. I ate a loaf of bread. Later realizing that I'd sort of misread an article, in a previous post I mentioned an article showing yeasted bread to have cells similar to cancer cells... and "decided" that therefor eating unyeasted bread was good... not so much. Tasted delicious, especially with the infused olive oil I made see: pic. However, I felt heartburn and it hurt my teef a little bit. The next day I woke up kinda groggy and ended up eating more bread and some cheese. Cheese tastes really really good after not eating it for a while.
Anyhow, the day after my tummy felt un-great.
Today I'm on a water fast and am feeling great.
Tons of organization to do, and I am getting ready to be in New York on the 8th till I don't know when and then to either be back in the bay area and then Boulder, CO.

The olive oil has cayenne peppers, sea salt, garlic, and a bit of lemon. I ate the cayenne peppers whole.
They "tickled" the tongue a bit. I felt an incredible clarity after eating the cayenne. I think the alkalinity + vitamin c + spicy + antioxidants + awesome -> awesome = clarity. I found out that they sell everything on amazon, so I'm creating my amazon store:


I recommend not purchasing the books; they are mostly available at the library. Kleen Kanteens are cool though and I love my digital recorder- great way to record dreams functions as a flash drive and mp3 player. I use an Olympus WS-300M.

Going to be making a new batch of Kim Chi, fermented cabbage soon!
So look forward to that, I might even video tape the whole thing

Ok! Thanks for reading!
Have a healthy day!

Oh I'd also like to mention that I'm being gentle with myself about eating bread and what not. I think that method works better than the opposite which I will not mention for subconscious programming concern.

Thanks Again! You're Beautiful!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

JC: Plastics

Another reason to stay raw non-processed; plastics.

The following information may be non-fun. Poisons are a part of the magical world we live in.

"Bisphenol A (BPA) was identified in 81 of 115 published animal studies to have harmful effects such as early onset of puberty, changes in hormones, increased prostate size, decreased sperm production, and breast tissue changes in mice that resemble early states of breast cancer in mice and humans. One study of BPA in humans found that women with a history of recurrent miscarriages had three times the levels of BPA in their blood compared to women without a miscarriage history."

from http://www.realmama.org/archives-winter-2005/chemicals-in-plastics.php

"the safer choices for food and beverage storage and packaging are products labeled with the universal recycling symbols of numbers 1, 2, 4, and 5. Those to be avoided are numbers 3, 6, and 7."

Well that settles it. No more nalgene :) Fortunately I'm getting a stainless steel Kanteen. and in less than a year will be living on land with springs and wells !!!

available at:


No Tv Dinners! Save money! Save time! Save the planet!

Love yourselves! Refine! Purify! Love


Day 12! Hara Hachi Bu

I first read about Hara Hachi Bu in "The Okinawa Program" a study of the eating habits of the "Okinawa Elders". Okinawa - south Japanese island with large percentage of people living past 100. One of the commonalities of the elders - eating plant based diets and eating for energy not for fullness.

If I watch my past behaviors, I would notice that the times I ate to "satisfy" myself, I succeeded in passing out... in lowering my energy to forget about Purpose. Eating in order to feel full appears like a gamble I'd prefer to turn down. Trying to feel full seems like trying to invest my time and money on a hand like KT off suitbecause i think there's a "good chance he's got AQ". Oops excuse the poker speak. Feeling full does not make sense to me because it does not end. Feeling full seems like the product of the greed resulting from confusion.

Food can be such wonderful medicine when eaten slowly consciously. If one allows tazmanian devil consumption, one will miss the Breath. And all it takes is that one exhale! Ah I see that I was holding my emotions! These too shall pass! ahhhhhhhhhh exhale. Seems clear that I may forgive myself and feel good presently. I can do more good forgiving myself than punishing :)

So Hara Hachi Bu reminds to eat to 80% fullness. This ensures you do not go over the edge. Once you continue eating despite being full, look out! Food will continue to taste pleasant as your stomach swells ever more and you eventually lie down and forget that there are so many wonderful things to do, as well as so much delicious uncertainty as to where our worlds are going. I for one want to be fully engaged.

How will you feel the 80%? When you eat presently and chew consciously.

Enjoy Your Methods of Sustaining Life, Whatever They May Be

an interesting article about breads http://www.geocities.com/newlibertyvillage/earthstar/fermentedbreads.htm
written by Ronald Kotsch author of Macrobiotics Beyond Food - one of the most entertaining and enlightening books I have ever read. Includes a story of Ohsawa meeting Albert Schweitzer and though Ohsawa was sickly as hell he still berated Schweitzers "allopathy". funny guy. would yell at his students about proper eating and then smoke cigarette because they were fun. Bit of a personal hero :)

I'm building a web-store here:

I'd like to be able to be financially self-sufficient based on my writing and health research and whatever wealth the universe(s) manifest. So that I may afford to purchase a rural plot and offer retreats, housing, and farming. Wish me luck!
Thanks again
Much love.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Day 11!

Hello Again My Healthy Learning Friends!

I've been away from the blog and doing a lot of video posting at http://www.youtube.com/isforbliss

I am starting to compile my recipes. They will be available at http://isforbliss.com/recipes.html

I want you to feel capable of doing your own experimenting though! You are the world's most Relevant chef!

For the past 10 days I have not been eating many "meals" per say... I eat when I'm hungry and mostly do less than a minute of preparing. Many times the preparation = peeling the banana. I love my ingredients and am more than happy eating them as is - from celery and cucumbers to radishes and arugula, from apples to honey dew melons. Eating items separately gives you a better idea of how the specific item affects you.

If I would suggest one process to add as part of increasing the healthiness of your food - I'd suggest sprouting and fermenting.

Also I'd suggest looking into emotional aspects of eating. I find that less and less do I seek "feeling full"... if I look back it seems to me that I'd want to "feel full" if I did not want to feel my feelings fully :)

Sprouting and soaking removes enzymes inhibitors and increases enzymes. It's also fun to see seeds start to germinate and grow.

I love salad. Having these ingredients will give you means for many recipes so I always like to have them around:
  • olive oil - cold pressed
  • sea salt - the kind with a variety of minerals
  • lemons
  • garlic (yum! selenium! calcium! and sexier kissing; you really have to take the kiss when you're heavily garlicked and that's hotter)
  • cayenne, turmeric, cumin, ginger, cinnamon
  • sesame seeds - omega 6 fats, calcium (more than cow teat juice)
  • flax seeds - omega 3, calcium, other stuff
  • you don't necessarily have to know what good stuff's in the food, just know to avoid the bad stuff. a lot of people report massive increases in energy, feeling lighter, better all that jazz when they "go raw". i think that much if not most of that change has to do with not eating candy. candy = substances that are eaten in the same way you smoke a cigarette oh it's just a little bit of harmful fun!
  • the path to purity might be quite simple - when you become aware of unnecessary imperfection, you put down the burger. you put down the glycemic time bombs. you put down the pesticide.
Oops! Back to Fun Fun FUN!

Playing with the preceding ingredients and raw fruits and veggies will be lots of fun :)

I have not yet been drinking smoothies. I have little interest in cleaning blenders :) I drink water. Ideally spring or well water. I don't drink tap water for fairly obvious reasons.

I love Salad. Nice dark greens mmmmmmm feel good. Mix the veggies throw in some olive oil and lemon juice add a bit of sea salt and you're good to go! I like to get more creative though mixing many of the ingredients I just listed. It's really great to know that can eat plain lettuce though. Eating plain lettuce (dark leafy kind not iceberg) can demonstrate to yourself the obviousness of your capability to eat purely for health and not for "oral entertainment".

It also helps to have some belief/understanding/feeling as to the health benefits of the materials we create our body with. So do some research! You might find you enjoy eating raw garlic as a cleanse now! Even if you thought you don't like the taste of ginger, when you realize how helpful it can be in digestion, you may enjoy eating it!

Maybe you remember the first time you tried alcohol and you felt like puking out the nasty poison?

It'd be nice to give much more effort to eating healthy food than you did for alcohol.

Sensitivity increases instantly by paying more attention in the present bodily feelings and how the food tastes, and of course to your Breathing.

I would never pour sugar in the gas tank of my car.
Knowing food chemistry appeals to me, so I study it.
I want to know how to best run my amazing machine.

Want more ideas? Just go to the grocery store! It's been so fun going to the store lately because there's a much smaller area I peruse. I kinda annoyed myself before because I only ate unprocessed foods and would look through some of the cooked foods to find ones without bad process so there'd be a lot of checking and rejecting. Now I just go straight to the raw produce find my deliciousness and I'm ready to go! Lots of time saved there. More time - More Life

have a great healthy happy day.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day 9!!

Wow I have such powerful energy.

I played basketball and soccer for 4 hours. Real Hard Real Good. And I had way more energy. I did not feel tired at the end, my body still felt like it wanted much much much more exercise. I am going to push my potential harder.

I also succeeded in hand stands for greater length of time than before.

Also, I found that almond butter no longer appeals to me. Previously I would eat an entire one pound jar and now even a tablespoon feels improper energetically.

I'm loving this. I'm loving you. Hope you realize that you can be maxin yo lovin!

Peace Love and Let's Get Crackin on the Great Works Folks!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Day 8 Feeling Great Huh huh. Buckwheat 2

good evening! what a wonderful time now nows. yes i just made now a verb.

today i wrote down everything that i ate and ate more consciously.

I won't give you the details here; I will soon post my eating, exercise, and sleep times at my website

So yesterday I told you about my thyroid reaction which I attributed to buckwheat. I left them in water for roughly 30 hours and they sprouted! So easy! just wash them pour some water in... they soak a lot! And then drain. I drained them till the water came out clear. Anyhow, I blended them with a bit of added water because they were really thick. And added some cinnamon dried aprictos and raisins. Really tasty. I'm eating a bowl of chilled buckwheat "cream" with a ripe banana mixed in. I've read that it's good to keep a set bedtime and not eat 4 hours prior. I feel a bit hungry though... hmm actually I'm not that hungry. I am going to go put the bowl back. :)

30 minutes later... wow! I just created some new recipes! Cheers to not cleaning up after myself! I feel like that guy who discovered penicillin! Except this didn't involve mold!

I found that my bowl of blended buckwheat had dried up and now tastes like crackers! Yum! Being raw vegan non-processed foodie like myself - I have not been eating any bread... there are few raw things that are dry and crunch like that! So I made some mixes of things a sweet cookie type thing with banana and a tasty cracker with olive oil, turmeric, sea salt, banana, and cayenne! YUM!!! Thank You Universe! I asked for a cracker like this a while ago and now I found it!

Oh also it appears that sprouted buckwheat does not interact with my thyroid :) !

I also did some eye exercises and my vision feels a lot clearer. I also worked them in with lucid reality checks. I'd look at tip of my nose and then long distance. Fun!

Sunday, June 8, 2008


I've been uploading many videos to my youtube account
Recipes and Discussions fun stuff

Raw Sensitivities Part 1

So I feel more sensitive to the effect of food. Probably because my body has been full of live foods with active enzymes and not dead matter that would become fat.

I notice the effect of food very fast now. I have also been eating more appropriate portions.

I soaked buckwheat for around an hour and a half and ate some very soon I noticed a swelling in my thyroid. I read on website that sells buckwheat and other grains that "millet" contains substances that may interfere with thyroid activity. Millet is not buckwheat, but I'm taking their warning not to eat millet either, because I trust that a website trying to sell a product would not describe adverse potentialities of the product unless they were thoroughly confirmed. My personal experience confirms the thyroid interaction for buckwheat; the swelling's very closely associated to the eating... I had an empty stomach and just ate buckwheat and within minutes I felt my thyroid swollen...

Again I'm glad I'm paying close attention. If I ate sugar and hamburgers and stuffed myself with dead mass it would be harder to see through the thick of it.

I had eaten buckwheat before and did not notice the thyroid interaction, which I think may have been because my thyroid gland was already swollen to the point where I might think it preferable not to attend to the annoying feeling there.

I would like to find if there's a way to eat buckwheat because I like its flavor and it appears easily digestible and would be nice if I want to put on muscle (am I correct in assuming this would be best to help?... I think mung bean sprouts actually might be some of the best things for muscle gain). Also buckwheat contains a fair amount of magnesium - 86mg per cup.

For now I'm going to stay off the buckwheat. If you find or feel info let me know!

By the way, the photo in this article was not from today, that's from before I went raw. Looks pretty good! Tasted pretty good, didn't notice back then the thyroid effect.

I guess I should add that since I only soaked them they probably do not qualify as sprouted. I am willing to try sprouting them and trying again. Sounds like a good experiment!

Hey thanks for reading!

this seems like an interesting site http://biologyofkundalini.com/article.php?story=MoreSupplementSuggestions

Day 7!

Whew this week flew by! Very inspiring. I feel great. Everyday I spoke with someone interested in the dietary changes. It feels cool being able to answer questions about the magic of nutrition and also great when I get asked something I don't know or something I have not reasoned out - reminding me that there are so many wonderful things to learn and to keep on keeping on because the optimal remains on the horizon eternally :) Remaining blissful throughout the journey of course!

I bought watermelon! And some nice lettuce and some kind of spicy radish. My Yigo Dai Chi (own kim chi) has been living for a few days so I'm going to check it out.

I played basketball yesterday. Had a great game. My body feels fantastic. I feel myself healing; I'm getting feelings in parts of my body I had not noticed before and I feel powerful - that I can contribute to people. I have been making a lot of videos on youtube, so if you want more updates you can check those out.

I researched a bit more and found some confirmation for the production of B12 in kim chi. Good stuff! Sooner or later I will get myself tested for various nutrient levels.

I'd also like to mention that I think purpose in Life makes a huge impact on diet and vice versa.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Day 6

Upon waking my mouth felt fairly dry as does my skin. I expect more oil production to come forth soon enough. I read steve pavlina had dry skin on his raw ish. As for the dry mouth, presently I think maybe I ate too much high sugar type foods like bananas. I did not eat much agave syrup at all, but I will not eat more. I would advise not preparing foods that call for it. I have not looked much into its nutritional content but I expect that its composition is something like 100% sugar, low glycemic index or not...
I will be eating less bananas, no raisins or dried fruit, and more veggies. Looking forward to it!
Now going back to sleep for a wake induced lucid dream!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Alive on Day 5

Wow I feel great today.
I feel much more attuned to my body's needs and emotional wants.
I gave myself a stomach massage last night which felt quite good. And took quite a long cleansing bm.

Yesterday's Food:
I ate 4 bananas
Some Kim chi deliciousness which I have decided to call Yigo Dai Chi (for (k)no(w) particular reason)
sprouted hemp
sprouted flax
buckwheat w/banana raisins and cinnamon
water melon
Salad of lettuce (maybe butter lettuce? tasted really sweet and buttery) w/kim chi and sauerkraut

So far today I ate an apple, banana, some salad w/yigo dai chi and kraut, cucumber, sprouted hemp seeds. I cut up a cayenne pepper and touched my nose! those peppers feel hot!

I will provide greater depth at length soon. the last twenty-four hours have been a whirlwind of connections and intuitive developments.

Thanks so much!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

JC: Eating for Fun

In case you forgot "JC" represents a post that may delve into emotional psychoanalysis spirituality etc... and I would really prefer not to do much formatting/editing... so know that you're getting an uncut post...

I heard an interview a while back with an executive of the manufacturer of the rectal disaster known as "Twinkies". The executive kept repeating the phrase "eat for fun"...
Now, as pleasant sweet poison may be, I know of many healthy activities that are much more fun than destroying my teeth and making me fat.

Many steps make the journey to transcendent health. One of my milestones - realizing that some foods contained costs I did not need to pay. Of course I can eat hamburgers and pizza and all the trans fats and glycemic rollercoasters. I decided that I find more happiness and health in eating foods with no significant poisons. Sure candy could taste good - if my consciousness disappeared. Now, it appears abundantly clear - if I were to do something like eat a snickers bar, my consciousness would tell me "david, you're on life tilt right now... you're avoiding emotions or work"
And hopefully the voice would let me spit out the snickers bar and throw it away, and say good boy. And then whatever it was I felt emotionally I'd just let myself feel.

Thankfully, I have so much happiness that I am not avoiding thought or emotion. Pay attention! Surrender! Resistance creates the tension!

The fun of eating has taken new shape. I see eating as magical, especially when I cook for others and also now that I am making this blog I want to increase my success with proper eating. I want to heal with food and create such vibrancy in myself that people can really see how lifted their spirits are when they eat right for them.

Side note: eating raw organic foods represents a massive decrease in the environmental footprint. IN fact eating raw foods can be a boon to this earth. Also, if you eat raw foods you barely need toilet paper :)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Return to Raw

In an earlier post, I mentioned an interview with Dr. Howell


Packed with information here are some things I find particularly interesting:

Many seeds, nuts, and beans contain enzyme inhibitors - "nature's way" of protecting the seed until it can grow. Enzyme inhibitors neutralize some enzymes and can swell the pancreas.

Sprouting them not only destroys the inhibitors; sprouting increases the enzymes by a factor of 3-6!

Howell also discusses fasting and how when you fast, your enzymes are free to heal your body, destroying pathological tissues and breaking down undigested and unprocessed substances. These substance are then removed from the body through the skin or through vomiting. Maybe sounds a little gross, but it's better to realize that we may be harboring "poisons" in our body and we heal ourselves simply by eating fresher tastier food.

Dr. Howell recommends bananas, avocados, and mangoes as high enzyme sources. Happy to add more of those!

Chewing till the flavor changes

By chewing till the flavor changes you know that you have converted the complex carbohydrates into simple sugars... why is this good?

I don't know! I'm a college drop out!

I will say this about flavor changes though, I have been working on this coconut for 3 days now almost finished it. Before eating it, I had a thought "don't eat it now" but disregarded it thinking I'll have melon for dinner and don't need the tasty satisfaction of coconut tonight. So I began to chew the coconut and apple and the coconut which had been tasting great even this morning, now began to taste a little like soap! Yuck. So I stopped eating it and will follow my intuition more closely next time. Apples still taste delicious!

JC: Where do you get your protein?

Ah, such a fun question for vegans* to answer. When eating un-processed plant foods, if one eats 2000 calories or so, one will certainly get the "proper" amount of protein. Where do you think cows get their protein to make their beef that they so gleefully distribute to fast food chains throughout the country? What do pandas eat? They're BIG!

Also, a distinction worth looking into: the body needs amino acids, not proteins, which are made up of amino acids. So if you can get the straight amino acids your body does not have to go through the process of breaking them down. I am not a scientist yet. Another thing worth nothing, the vast majority of laboratory studies on food - are on cooked food because live food, well it's alive and does not conform well to the "desired sterile control environment" of the lab. Enzymes, made up of amino acids, can be destroyed by

I just found this interview with a Doctor Howell author of
"The Status of Food Enzymes in Digestion and Metabolism." enzymes.html

Tim Van Orden made a funny one, people that eat fast-food and cooked diets asking raw vegans where they get their protein appears comparable to cigarette smokers asking non-smokers where they get their oxygen.

There are recent tech developments that may change this. Perhaps our scientists and academics will become so wise that we will no longer feed our school children coca-cola nor have french fries at the hospital or medical school cafeteria.

I liked a joke David Wolfe made - when you go to the doctor with some dis-ease you might say, "Doctor do you think this has something to do with my diet?

Doctor: No no nooo! But here.... EAT these pills!"

If <1 gram of daily pills can make such a huge impact...

Anyhow, if you're looking for high amino acid sources - check out mung bean sprouts. Go ahead. Do it.

Thank you for reading :)

*I am not labelling myself. I am presently eating a raw diet. If I feel like my physical body requires animal parts, I expect I'll eat them (physical body being distinct from my perceived emotional body). Discerning the distinction between physical needs and perceived emotional needs appears quite valuable to me. There have been times in the past when I had "troubles" (stepping stones :) ) on the mind and I avoided eating the troubles... eating the troubles? kind of a slip, and we'll run with it. By saying avoiding eating the troubles I mean digesting, absorbing, allowing the "troubles" to settle. While I over-ate, I may have said "I'm not satisfied" - which was true from an emotional sense, not a physical. Possibly, the food I ate did not contain sufficient nutrients to satisfy me nutritionally but I both did not realize this, thought I enjoyed eating the food, and continued eating it in vain... Re-reading this seems like a bit of a mess to me... seems so much easier to just eat right!


First: half an organic frozen* sliced banana with organic fresh coconut
Second: fresh organic banana
Third: an organic mix of flax seeds, sesame seeds, and hemp seeds

I put some thought into my Sequence of Feeding, a process that can be optimized. Bananas

My first time trying cannibus sativa in this form
2 euros (roughly $15 american, Haw-haw) got me a half pound of weed seed : )
Don't worry, the thc must be completely inactive for the seeds to be sold. However, I will let you know if I see lucy in the sky with diamonds or whatever it is those fiends do when they're "off on a trip".

The seeds taste ______!!!! I simply soaked them overnight. I think they will taste better with more soaking.

To read about hemp seeds in depth click here - a brief excerpt from Udo Erasmus' "Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill"

and if you like what you read, find a friend who can lend it to you, get it from the library, or buy it here

Also, for more intricacies and what not related to hemp check out the wikipedia.

KIM CHI UPDATE: A full week has now passed since I made the most delicious batch ever, and today on my 8th (yes 8th jar) I taste the zing and aliveness you may know from korean restaurants. Great to know it works! contain fructooligosaccarides - compounds called prebiotics, because fructooligosaccarides feed the friendly probiotic bacteria in the colon that help the body absorb minerals such as calcium. Good to know! Therefor, I eat the bananas before the extremely calcium rich sesame and flax seeds. I will research more on food sequencing soon.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Still Raw, but You Don't Gotta

I cooked a couple delicious meals before I began this raw-orientation and I'd like to share them.

Actually, I was about to share them, when I somehow came across this video on youtube of Tim Van Orden a raw athlete.



Ultimate Kim Chi Round Two:The Awakening

This time, I surprised myself.
The kim chi tastes FANTASTIC and I loaded it with more nutrients than I've seen in any dish.

The directions can be seen in the earlier post - basically take your vegetables of choice and knead in salt until tasting the veggies has some zing.

This took me roughly two hours to make eight jars and boy did I get time's worth.

my original recipe live-raw-kim-chi-sprout-action
new ingredients:
  • chinese cabbage
  • flax seed
  • radishes
  • sesame seed
  • olive oil
  • ginger
  • turmeric
  • cayenne
  • garlic
  • onions
  • cucumber
  • carrots
  • apples
  • shallots
  • lemon
  • lots of sea salt
I prepared a wash of sea salt and water to clean the cabbage. And let the water drain, otherwise the recipe requires no water.
I'm not going to tell you the proportions for two reasons: I'm not sure of them. I think that this preparation allows great magic and nuance that one might lose by simply following directions.
The amount of salt seems to me the most important ingredient to get right. I added it bit by bit. Sprinkling it, and massaging it through the cabbage and vegetables. Like I said, this took 2 hours. A true labor of love, by the end of it I felt a lot of power running through the pot. And now 6 days later opening the 8th jar I can taste the Life inside.

Just a small list of nutritional benefits...
The combination I made contains an incredible amount of nutrients. In fact, once you allow the magic to happen, the kim chi will produce for you that elusive essential vitamin - B12!
The flax seeds contain omega 3 fats and a fair amount of calcium.
Sesame seeds contain omega 6 fats and a calcium bonanza of 350 milligrams per 36 gram serving. Sesame seeds can also have a chelating effect helping detoxify the body.
The cayenne contains extraordinary amounts of vitamin C and has an alkaline effect strong enough to be used to clear up heart dis-ease of angina.
Turmeric has anti-inflammatory qualities and has been shown to be effective in preventing cancer and can be seen sold both in the spice and pill aisles.
And of course the live enzymes of this live food aid in digestion

The batch I made came out quite spicy so I mixed it with some organic sauerkraut. Delicious. Also great with celery or apples and avocados.

Full of It!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Going Raw

Today marks the beginning of a raw diet.
I will be researching this and noticing my own changes.
I am also engaged in learning how to lucid dream, proper posture and movement with the Alexander Technique, meditation, energizing communication, and of course basketball.

Today I ate mostly apples and a lot of kim chi. I also ate a half pound of mixed greens, vegetable juice, and some coconut.

For interviews with raw food people


Google Search !