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Wednesday, June 4, 2008


First: half an organic frozen* sliced banana with organic fresh coconut
Second: fresh organic banana
Third: an organic mix of flax seeds, sesame seeds, and hemp seeds

I put some thought into my Sequence of Feeding, a process that can be optimized. Bananas

My first time trying cannibus sativa in this form
2 euros (roughly $15 american, Haw-haw) got me a half pound of weed seed : )
Don't worry, the thc must be completely inactive for the seeds to be sold. However, I will let you know if I see lucy in the sky with diamonds or whatever it is those fiends do when they're "off on a trip".

The seeds taste ______!!!! I simply soaked them overnight. I think they will taste better with more soaking.

To read about hemp seeds in depth click here - a brief excerpt from Udo Erasmus' "Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill"

and if you like what you read, find a friend who can lend it to you, get it from the library, or buy it here

Also, for more intricacies and what not related to hemp check out the wikipedia.

KIM CHI UPDATE: A full week has now passed since I made the most delicious batch ever, and today on my 8th (yes 8th jar) I taste the zing and aliveness you may know from korean restaurants. Great to know it works! contain fructooligosaccarides - compounds called prebiotics, because fructooligosaccarides feed the friendly probiotic bacteria in the colon that help the body absorb minerals such as calcium. Good to know! Therefor, I eat the bananas before the extremely calcium rich sesame and flax seeds. I will research more on food sequencing soon.

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