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Friday, June 13, 2008

Day 11!

Hello Again My Healthy Learning Friends!

I've been away from the blog and doing a lot of video posting at http://www.youtube.com/isforbliss

I am starting to compile my recipes. They will be available at http://isforbliss.com/recipes.html

I want you to feel capable of doing your own experimenting though! You are the world's most Relevant chef!

For the past 10 days I have not been eating many "meals" per say... I eat when I'm hungry and mostly do less than a minute of preparing. Many times the preparation = peeling the banana. I love my ingredients and am more than happy eating them as is - from celery and cucumbers to radishes and arugula, from apples to honey dew melons. Eating items separately gives you a better idea of how the specific item affects you.

If I would suggest one process to add as part of increasing the healthiness of your food - I'd suggest sprouting and fermenting.

Also I'd suggest looking into emotional aspects of eating. I find that less and less do I seek "feeling full"... if I look back it seems to me that I'd want to "feel full" if I did not want to feel my feelings fully :)

Sprouting and soaking removes enzymes inhibitors and increases enzymes. It's also fun to see seeds start to germinate and grow.

I love salad. Having these ingredients will give you means for many recipes so I always like to have them around:
  • olive oil - cold pressed
  • sea salt - the kind with a variety of minerals
  • lemons
  • garlic (yum! selenium! calcium! and sexier kissing; you really have to take the kiss when you're heavily garlicked and that's hotter)
  • cayenne, turmeric, cumin, ginger, cinnamon
  • sesame seeds - omega 6 fats, calcium (more than cow teat juice)
  • flax seeds - omega 3, calcium, other stuff
  • you don't necessarily have to know what good stuff's in the food, just know to avoid the bad stuff. a lot of people report massive increases in energy, feeling lighter, better all that jazz when they "go raw". i think that much if not most of that change has to do with not eating candy. candy = substances that are eaten in the same way you smoke a cigarette oh it's just a little bit of harmful fun!
  • the path to purity might be quite simple - when you become aware of unnecessary imperfection, you put down the burger. you put down the glycemic time bombs. you put down the pesticide.
Oops! Back to Fun Fun FUN!

Playing with the preceding ingredients and raw fruits and veggies will be lots of fun :)

I have not yet been drinking smoothies. I have little interest in cleaning blenders :) I drink water. Ideally spring or well water. I don't drink tap water for fairly obvious reasons.

I love Salad. Nice dark greens mmmmmmm feel good. Mix the veggies throw in some olive oil and lemon juice add a bit of sea salt and you're good to go! I like to get more creative though mixing many of the ingredients I just listed. It's really great to know that can eat plain lettuce though. Eating plain lettuce (dark leafy kind not iceberg) can demonstrate to yourself the obviousness of your capability to eat purely for health and not for "oral entertainment".

It also helps to have some belief/understanding/feeling as to the health benefits of the materials we create our body with. So do some research! You might find you enjoy eating raw garlic as a cleanse now! Even if you thought you don't like the taste of ginger, when you realize how helpful it can be in digestion, you may enjoy eating it!

Maybe you remember the first time you tried alcohol and you felt like puking out the nasty poison?

It'd be nice to give much more effort to eating healthy food than you did for alcohol.

Sensitivity increases instantly by paying more attention in the present bodily feelings and how the food tastes, and of course to your Breathing.

I would never pour sugar in the gas tank of my car.
Knowing food chemistry appeals to me, so I study it.
I want to know how to best run my amazing machine.

Want more ideas? Just go to the grocery store! It's been so fun going to the store lately because there's a much smaller area I peruse. I kinda annoyed myself before because I only ate unprocessed foods and would look through some of the cooked foods to find ones without bad process so there'd be a lot of checking and rejecting. Now I just go straight to the raw produce find my deliciousness and I'm ready to go! Lots of time saved there. More time - More Life

have a great healthy happy day.

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