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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Day 12! Hara Hachi Bu

I first read about Hara Hachi Bu in "The Okinawa Program" a study of the eating habits of the "Okinawa Elders". Okinawa - south Japanese island with large percentage of people living past 100. One of the commonalities of the elders - eating plant based diets and eating for energy not for fullness.

If I watch my past behaviors, I would notice that the times I ate to "satisfy" myself, I succeeded in passing out... in lowering my energy to forget about Purpose. Eating in order to feel full appears like a gamble I'd prefer to turn down. Trying to feel full seems like trying to invest my time and money on a hand like KT off suitbecause i think there's a "good chance he's got AQ". Oops excuse the poker speak. Feeling full does not make sense to me because it does not end. Feeling full seems like the product of the greed resulting from confusion.

Food can be such wonderful medicine when eaten slowly consciously. If one allows tazmanian devil consumption, one will miss the Breath. And all it takes is that one exhale! Ah I see that I was holding my emotions! These too shall pass! ahhhhhhhhhh exhale. Seems clear that I may forgive myself and feel good presently. I can do more good forgiving myself than punishing :)

So Hara Hachi Bu reminds to eat to 80% fullness. This ensures you do not go over the edge. Once you continue eating despite being full, look out! Food will continue to taste pleasant as your stomach swells ever more and you eventually lie down and forget that there are so many wonderful things to do, as well as so much delicious uncertainty as to where our worlds are going. I for one want to be fully engaged.

How will you feel the 80%? When you eat presently and chew consciously.

Enjoy Your Methods of Sustaining Life, Whatever They May Be

an interesting article about breads http://www.geocities.com/newlibertyvillage/earthstar/fermentedbreads.htm
written by Ronald Kotsch author of Macrobiotics Beyond Food - one of the most entertaining and enlightening books I have ever read. Includes a story of Ohsawa meeting Albert Schweitzer and though Ohsawa was sickly as hell he still berated Schweitzers "allopathy". funny guy. would yell at his students about proper eating and then smoke cigarette because they were fun. Bit of a personal hero :)

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