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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Day 7!

Whew this week flew by! Very inspiring. I feel great. Everyday I spoke with someone interested in the dietary changes. It feels cool being able to answer questions about the magic of nutrition and also great when I get asked something I don't know or something I have not reasoned out - reminding me that there are so many wonderful things to learn and to keep on keeping on because the optimal remains on the horizon eternally :) Remaining blissful throughout the journey of course!

I bought watermelon! And some nice lettuce and some kind of spicy radish. My Yigo Dai Chi (own kim chi) has been living for a few days so I'm going to check it out.

I played basketball yesterday. Had a great game. My body feels fantastic. I feel myself healing; I'm getting feelings in parts of my body I had not noticed before and I feel powerful - that I can contribute to people. I have been making a lot of videos on youtube, so if you want more updates you can check those out.

I researched a bit more and found some confirmation for the production of B12 in kim chi. Good stuff! Sooner or later I will get myself tested for various nutrient levels.

I'd also like to mention that I think purpose in Life makes a huge impact on diet and vice versa.

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