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Monday, June 9, 2008

Day 8 Feeling Great Huh huh. Buckwheat 2

good evening! what a wonderful time now nows. yes i just made now a verb.

today i wrote down everything that i ate and ate more consciously.

I won't give you the details here; I will soon post my eating, exercise, and sleep times at my website

So yesterday I told you about my thyroid reaction which I attributed to buckwheat. I left them in water for roughly 30 hours and they sprouted! So easy! just wash them pour some water in... they soak a lot! And then drain. I drained them till the water came out clear. Anyhow, I blended them with a bit of added water because they were really thick. And added some cinnamon dried aprictos and raisins. Really tasty. I'm eating a bowl of chilled buckwheat "cream" with a ripe banana mixed in. I've read that it's good to keep a set bedtime and not eat 4 hours prior. I feel a bit hungry though... hmm actually I'm not that hungry. I am going to go put the bowl back. :)

30 minutes later... wow! I just created some new recipes! Cheers to not cleaning up after myself! I feel like that guy who discovered penicillin! Except this didn't involve mold!

I found that my bowl of blended buckwheat had dried up and now tastes like crackers! Yum! Being raw vegan non-processed foodie like myself - I have not been eating any bread... there are few raw things that are dry and crunch like that! So I made some mixes of things a sweet cookie type thing with banana and a tasty cracker with olive oil, turmeric, sea salt, banana, and cayenne! YUM!!! Thank You Universe! I asked for a cracker like this a while ago and now I found it!

Oh also it appears that sprouted buckwheat does not interact with my thyroid :) !

I also did some eye exercises and my vision feels a lot clearer. I also worked them in with lucid reality checks. I'd look at tip of my nose and then long distance. Fun!

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