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Thursday, June 5, 2008

JC: Eating for Fun

In case you forgot "JC" represents a post that may delve into emotional psychoanalysis spirituality etc... and I would really prefer not to do much formatting/editing... so know that you're getting an uncut post...

I heard an interview a while back with an executive of the manufacturer of the rectal disaster known as "Twinkies". The executive kept repeating the phrase "eat for fun"...
Now, as pleasant sweet poison may be, I know of many healthy activities that are much more fun than destroying my teeth and making me fat.

Many steps make the journey to transcendent health. One of my milestones - realizing that some foods contained costs I did not need to pay. Of course I can eat hamburgers and pizza and all the trans fats and glycemic rollercoasters. I decided that I find more happiness and health in eating foods with no significant poisons. Sure candy could taste good - if my consciousness disappeared. Now, it appears abundantly clear - if I were to do something like eat a snickers bar, my consciousness would tell me "david, you're on life tilt right now... you're avoiding emotions or work"
And hopefully the voice would let me spit out the snickers bar and throw it away, and say good boy. And then whatever it was I felt emotionally I'd just let myself feel.

Thankfully, I have so much happiness that I am not avoiding thought or emotion. Pay attention! Surrender! Resistance creates the tension!

The fun of eating has taken new shape. I see eating as magical, especially when I cook for others and also now that I am making this blog I want to increase my success with proper eating. I want to heal with food and create such vibrancy in myself that people can really see how lifted their spirits are when they eat right for them.

Side note: eating raw organic foods represents a massive decrease in the environmental footprint. IN fact eating raw foods can be a boon to this earth. Also, if you eat raw foods you barely need toilet paper :)

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blissionairy said...

like to mention that eating of course affects your lifespan. look into "calorie restriction" for some interesting experiments. and of course we know that getting heart disease cancer etc... can be more likely by eating the bad food
so don't worry about becoming gandhi-jesus-arnoldschwarz in one day from eating organic food, but realize you can be peter griffin homer simpson in the next five-ten years if you keep eating garbage food. we're young now and "can" handle the crap. let's grow strong.
Thanks. gratefully.

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