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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

JC: Where do you get your protein?

Ah, such a fun question for vegans* to answer. When eating un-processed plant foods, if one eats 2000 calories or so, one will certainly get the "proper" amount of protein. Where do you think cows get their protein to make their beef that they so gleefully distribute to fast food chains throughout the country? What do pandas eat? They're BIG!

Also, a distinction worth looking into: the body needs amino acids, not proteins, which are made up of amino acids. So if you can get the straight amino acids your body does not have to go through the process of breaking them down. I am not a scientist yet. Another thing worth nothing, the vast majority of laboratory studies on food - are on cooked food because live food, well it's alive and does not conform well to the "desired sterile control environment" of the lab. Enzymes, made up of amino acids, can be destroyed by

I just found this interview with a Doctor Howell author of
"The Status of Food Enzymes in Digestion and Metabolism." enzymes.html

Tim Van Orden made a funny one, people that eat fast-food and cooked diets asking raw vegans where they get their protein appears comparable to cigarette smokers asking non-smokers where they get their oxygen.

There are recent tech developments that may change this. Perhaps our scientists and academics will become so wise that we will no longer feed our school children coca-cola nor have french fries at the hospital or medical school cafeteria.

I liked a joke David Wolfe made - when you go to the doctor with some dis-ease you might say, "Doctor do you think this has something to do with my diet?

Doctor: No no nooo! But here.... EAT these pills!"

If <1 gram of daily pills can make such a huge impact...

Anyhow, if you're looking for high amino acid sources - check out mung bean sprouts. Go ahead. Do it.

Thank you for reading :)

*I am not labelling myself. I am presently eating a raw diet. If I feel like my physical body requires animal parts, I expect I'll eat them (physical body being distinct from my perceived emotional body). Discerning the distinction between physical needs and perceived emotional needs appears quite valuable to me. There have been times in the past when I had "troubles" (stepping stones :) ) on the mind and I avoided eating the troubles... eating the troubles? kind of a slip, and we'll run with it. By saying avoiding eating the troubles I mean digesting, absorbing, allowing the "troubles" to settle. While I over-ate, I may have said "I'm not satisfied" - which was true from an emotional sense, not a physical. Possibly, the food I ate did not contain sufficient nutrients to satisfy me nutritionally but I both did not realize this, thought I enjoyed eating the food, and continued eating it in vain... Re-reading this seems like a bit of a mess to me... seems so much easier to just eat right!

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