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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Raw Sensitivities Part 1

So I feel more sensitive to the effect of food. Probably because my body has been full of live foods with active enzymes and not dead matter that would become fat.

I notice the effect of food very fast now. I have also been eating more appropriate portions.

I soaked buckwheat for around an hour and a half and ate some very soon I noticed a swelling in my thyroid. I read on website that sells buckwheat and other grains that "millet" contains substances that may interfere with thyroid activity. Millet is not buckwheat, but I'm taking their warning not to eat millet either, because I trust that a website trying to sell a product would not describe adverse potentialities of the product unless they were thoroughly confirmed. My personal experience confirms the thyroid interaction for buckwheat; the swelling's very closely associated to the eating... I had an empty stomach and just ate buckwheat and within minutes I felt my thyroid swollen...

Again I'm glad I'm paying close attention. If I ate sugar and hamburgers and stuffed myself with dead mass it would be harder to see through the thick of it.

I had eaten buckwheat before and did not notice the thyroid interaction, which I think may have been because my thyroid gland was already swollen to the point where I might think it preferable not to attend to the annoying feeling there.

I would like to find if there's a way to eat buckwheat because I like its flavor and it appears easily digestible and would be nice if I want to put on muscle (am I correct in assuming this would be best to help?... I think mung bean sprouts actually might be some of the best things for muscle gain). Also buckwheat contains a fair amount of magnesium - 86mg per cup.

For now I'm going to stay off the buckwheat. If you find or feel info let me know!

By the way, the photo in this article was not from today, that's from before I went raw. Looks pretty good! Tasted pretty good, didn't notice back then the thyroid effect.

I guess I should add that since I only soaked them they probably do not qualify as sprouted. I am willing to try sprouting them and trying again. Sounds like a good experiment!

Hey thanks for reading!

this seems like an interesting site http://biologyofkundalini.com/article.php?story=MoreSupplementSuggestions

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blissionairy said...

and as if by some kind of intelligent design :) i eat my yigo dai chi and eat cabbage - that suppresses the thyroid
magic medicine at work :)

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