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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Return to Raw

In an earlier post, I mentioned an interview with Dr. Howell


Packed with information here are some things I find particularly interesting:

Many seeds, nuts, and beans contain enzyme inhibitors - "nature's way" of protecting the seed until it can grow. Enzyme inhibitors neutralize some enzymes and can swell the pancreas.

Sprouting them not only destroys the inhibitors; sprouting increases the enzymes by a factor of 3-6!

Howell also discusses fasting and how when you fast, your enzymes are free to heal your body, destroying pathological tissues and breaking down undigested and unprocessed substances. These substance are then removed from the body through the skin or through vomiting. Maybe sounds a little gross, but it's better to realize that we may be harboring "poisons" in our body and we heal ourselves simply by eating fresher tastier food.

Dr. Howell recommends bananas, avocados, and mangoes as high enzyme sources. Happy to add more of those!

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