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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Still Raw, but You Don't Gotta

I cooked a couple delicious meals before I began this raw-orientation and I'd like to share them.

Actually, I was about to share them, when I somehow came across this video on youtube of Tim Van Orden a raw athlete.




Rex said...
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Rex said...

I just watched a bunch of Tim van Orden videos on YouTube, and then showed one to my girlfriend, and then we watched a bunch more.

Anyway, awesome stuff!

I'm totally going to try this raw food thing... just came back from the dining hall ... and I just wrote about it all on my blog: http://rex.fm/2008/06/03/raw-food-diet/

Thanks David!!

blissionairy said...

I appreciate your comments. Feedback inspires me to put in more time to produce better content instead of playing basketball all day

side note: I have a dream! that one day i will be able to dunk from standing position at the free throw line

i don't think spud webb was raw vegan... lol

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