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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


All righty. Time for confession. I ate a loaf of bread. Later realizing that I'd sort of misread an article, in a previous post I mentioned an article showing yeasted bread to have cells similar to cancer cells... and "decided" that therefor eating unyeasted bread was good... not so much. Tasted delicious, especially with the infused olive oil I made see: pic. However, I felt heartburn and it hurt my teef a little bit. The next day I woke up kinda groggy and ended up eating more bread and some cheese. Cheese tastes really really good after not eating it for a while.
Anyhow, the day after my tummy felt un-great.
Today I'm on a water fast and am feeling great.
Tons of organization to do, and I am getting ready to be in New York on the 8th till I don't know when and then to either be back in the bay area and then Boulder, CO.

The olive oil has cayenne peppers, sea salt, garlic, and a bit of lemon. I ate the cayenne peppers whole.
They "tickled" the tongue a bit. I felt an incredible clarity after eating the cayenne. I think the alkalinity + vitamin c + spicy + antioxidants + awesome -> awesome = clarity. I found out that they sell everything on amazon, so I'm creating my amazon store:


I recommend not purchasing the books; they are mostly available at the library. Kleen Kanteens are cool though and I love my digital recorder- great way to record dreams functions as a flash drive and mp3 player. I use an Olympus WS-300M.

Going to be making a new batch of Kim Chi, fermented cabbage soon!
So look forward to that, I might even video tape the whole thing

Ok! Thanks for reading!
Have a healthy day!

Oh I'd also like to mention that I'm being gentle with myself about eating bread and what not. I think that method works better than the opposite which I will not mention for subconscious programming concern.

Thanks Again! You're Beautiful!

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