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Sunday, June 22, 2008


All Right
So I've had a few days of not eating 100% raw.
During these days I'd say I felt more tired and also ate more "desirous" food - food that makes me want to keep eating.

Today I expect to keep it raw.
I ate a brazil nut for breakfast :)
Brazil nuts are high in selenium and are super radioactive. Super hero.

I noticed that the days where I ate a lot and non-raw, I did not have a big drive to create. When I am really into my work I find that I already have the energy to sustain me and don't need food then.

I think a big part of eating has to do with dealing with stress. Less stress, less eating necessary.

Now I'm eating some delicious GOJI BERRIES. They're super expensive so I eat them nice and slow and conscious like.

I'm paying close attention to how food affects my teeth.

So far: eating lemons, apricots, bread, peaches, and grapes does not feel good for my teeth
i'm eating some salad with tomatos, cucumbers, and radishes olive oil and lemon juice and it hurt my teeth a little. I noticed a little pain with cucumbers before. Could be the tomatos. Time for more diet changes! I will find more green veggies.

I'll start to compile the info in nicer form at my website isforbliss.com

updates soon!
Eat nice!
Play Nice!
Gently !
Au revoir
Byeb ye
thank you

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