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Tuesday, July 22, 2008



I may be here to stay!!!!!

Anyhow just a little update. The organic-ness is fluctuating. The ideal of course is to eat healthiest food, though eating healthy food ought not be my prime directive.

The ideal? To be the best I can be for the Best Purposes.

I'd like to spend little time, eating gratefully, good for me, good for the environment.

I've found more raw things to eat so I'm happy I can expand my diet

CActus fruit!

I've got mung bean sprouts now!
- wash them, b/c they are frequently dried on chinese roads (really!)
- soak them for a couple hours
- drain and wash again
- leave as is for around 8-12 hours
- leave out of sunlight
- wash and drain again
- eat when you want to!


anngunn65 said...

you're on a roll man, content is flowing on your website.

David said...

THanks! I'm really excited about it!
People are visiting from all over!

WOW I just saw your blog BEAUTIFUL picture where is that?

Google Search !