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Friday, July 4, 2008

Food Log: Day 4

Got up quite late around 3pm! Although I woke up early around 8 am. Meditated and began feeling really great. When we biked to the Organic Co-Op I had so much joyful energy I sang "beep bideepity deep deep" and so forth throughout the streets the whole way and felt great in shorts sandals and a t-shirt in the relatively cold rainy day!

I ate a large cucumber for breakfast
and a good deal of sprouted hemp seeds with a tbspoon of honey.
I ate a small melon which was one of the most amazing melons I've ever had
and I'm so grateful I waited several days and allowed it to ripen

The way I tell a melon is ready? By gently pushing on the "top" and seeing if it gives.

I ate a banana
And a braeburn apple
three small prunes
a brazil nut
two walnuts
two small dried mango pieces
big raw broccoli

All raw today! All vegan other than tablespoon of honey which was certainly unnecessary!

I thanked the Universe for the Cuke. And am now thanking U for the rest of it! Thanks!

I expect another lucid dream!
I'm also reminding myself of how much joy I get from creating content and learning and meditating so that I do not think about eating food as some kind of entertainment. It's possible that I had also been eating when in fact I was thirsty

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