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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Food Log

July 15th

small pomegranate
1/3 cup mung sprouts
4 lychee
4 small carobs
2 tbspoon flax with a fifth of a carrot and some dulse, paprika, sea vegetable, and kummel
10 pecan halves
2 brazil nuts

very delicious. perhaps excessive. I like the eating fat at night thing - satisfaction.

Eating the carobs with pecans tasted Yum!

I didn't eat till 5pm as I was working on isforbliss.com and felt that food does not feel very appropriate to my organism. I do not know yet if it's best to really wait for the stomach to tell me it's eating time. I will continue to learn.

12,6,10,6 pull ups
and 6 mini pumps pull ups

palms together above my head high as possible - 20 breaths - very good - more later
swinging my arms around holding them high
a bit of walking

"Fruit is the ideal food for spiritual reasons also, as eating fruit is a symbiosis with plants; it does not harm them and helps spread their seeds. "

for tomorrow:
find more greens, avoid eating with family, set intention for peace with safta and all I meet
more exercise! after dream work and meditation - running maybe chin ups


maya said...

Everything I do is a ritual of love - walking, talking, working, playing. Just to be alive makes me intensely happy because I am no longer thinking ; I'm feeling.

David said...

aizeh yofi!


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