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Monday, July 14, 2008


I have internet!
It was quite nice being away. I am very happy with this online interface! Woopeee Doopee Dooooo!

Given that there are little to no organic food items for sale at the Kibbutz store and I have no ride, I have been foraging.

Quite successfully I might add.

There are loads of carobs and something called "ridgleih" I'll try to find the english name. It's quite filling and apparently has lots of omega 3. I have been eating some Ants as I hear they have the beautiful B12. Tomorrow I will do more exploring and find more to eat.
I've been working on minimizing my "pleasure" distraction eating. perhaps better to say I'm working on eating for sustenance and energy, living in bliss, and not seeking "pleasure" and "stimulation" because I already have what I need and will get better results anyway by doing good works.

Also good works certainly serve my body as well.

There's a website with a listing of local foods to eat
I have misplaced the link though here's another good one though

Wow I'm so happy. Tears of joy!

It may be a while before I get pictures and recipes. So be patient or please comment and ask what you'd like me to look into.

Thanks so much

Have a Transcendently Healthy Day

oh one more thing. I will avoid eating with other people because of the difficulty in seeing people eat pesticides and repeatedly offer me foods I wish to avoid



Anonymous said...

Could it be www.localharvest.org?

Anonymous said...

Have you chosen to embark on your travels as "one" or have you encouraged others to follow suit?

Anonymous said...

Hey David,

How about this: http://gristmill.grist.org/story/2008/7/15/94419/4527?source=daily


David said...

local harvest looks good it's not what i mean though i found a site that has people say where fruit trees and things like that are in a city
like on 444 laurel street there's an apricot tree, or in the park there are blackberries things like that

David said...

heh you got it! i spoke too soon

I encourage others to dream big and dream real. To be happy where they are and realize that if they see a better way they can go with it.

Google Search !