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Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I ate some foods atypical to my eating
Some non-organic stuff. Basmati rice. Lots of bread butter ricotta cheese. Very tasty a bit like a drug whirlwind though. When I look back on it I blank a bit. It would be good for me to look back more on my good days so that I appreciate them more. Maybe I bored myself with the raw fruits veggies and nuts. Refining purpose. Eat to live/live to eat. Return to Calling. And necessary pursuit of impossibles.

I allowed my intuition to suggest some actions. Laughing, I actually bought an ice cream cone I had not done that in many days. I ate some of it and threw it away happily. Nice to shake up patterns - not labelling behavior "I am doing this therefor I am doing this"

No lables. Follow the Flow

Flow Flow


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