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Friday, July 4, 2008

What I've Been Eating

Today marks the fourth day of writing down my food consumption.
Like writing dreams down has been instrumental in attaining lucidity, keeping a food log is instrumental to learning about the food energy. I encourage you to do this and write down what you eat "good" or "bad"

July 1st
chard - steamed <5min
broccoli - some raw, some steamed ,<5 min
small dried mango bits
1/4 cup of a mango smoothie
2 brazil nuts
6 dates 2 of them quite large
3 bananas
red bell pepper
olive oil, cayenne
with yeastless whole-grain bread (no sugar added - that means no "malted barley" no "rice flour" no random things)
bleu goat cheese - quite delicious and quite a bit of it. the day after a pimple appeared at the corner of my lip which I perhaps arbitrarily attribute to the cheese
dill. yum. dill
sauerkraut, cucumber, tomato, sea kelp
bread butter garlic olive oil
I stopped eating very late at night around 1 am. And went to bed around 3am.

As you can see, quite a delicious day, though not ideal nutritionally. I had purchased a loaf of bread and felt "desirous" of it. This also has to do with not having a schedule made. Had I a schedule I would not wander off to the kitchen. I feel that having Purpose makes great choices arrive gently. By posting my daily food I make myself more accountable for eating right-er.

I have been eating more simply. Very much enjoying the produce for what it is standing alone. You don't need to make a single recipe and can have a fantastic food experience.

Fantastic food experience? What are your aims in food consumption? Please comment.
More to come soon.
Live well!

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