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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why I prefer to Eat in Silence

I like Silence in general :)

______ _________ ________.

I write quite a bit and do much "commentary" and feel that I do not need constant mental chattering.

  • Eating optimally is a learning process for me
  • To determine the proper amount of food, proper breathing, and the effect of the food on my body - takes Awareness.
  • Eating in Silence can be a gentle Mindfulness Meditation - here is Universe feeding Universe
  • People that feel the need for constant conversation are typical un-aware of the Joys of Solitude. The deep oneness of source. New-age buzzwords and so forth. This is no joke though. Notice whether the expressions of people who pretend to need constant conversation are expressions of joy or are some kind of subconscious seeking.
  • Food is yummier when I give it my full attention
  • It takes attention to improve eating habits.
  • You may feel more comfortable making eating noises LIKE YUM YUM YUMMMMMM

And Now, A Word from Breathing.Com!


anngunn65 said...


Thanks for the link to breathing.com. I'm adding it to the links on my blog.


David said...

You're Welcome!
The Breathing Test is Great Fun!

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