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Sunday, August 31, 2008


Tomorrow I will eat mostly green veggies.

Wheat Grass
_______ (I'm going to manifest a new food source.)

Looking forward to the cleansing and exercising nicely tomorrow.

Raw Dreams.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Prickly Aloe Passion

Thanks to my open eyes (three of them) and Mike Adams, I harvested some aloe vera for a super combo this morning

Prickly Pears
Passion Fruit
Aloe Vera

If you live in California or Southwest USA or Mexico you've probably got cactus fruit nearby and aloe. Keep your eyes open! It's amazing what I find nearby when I open my eyes to see!

I suggest getting plenty of prickly pears (cactus fruit) and peeling them by putting them in water and scrubbing them with hard bristled brush. Then make three cuts - chop off both ends and then vertical so that you can open the fruit out nicely.

For Aloe Vera I recommend Mike Adam's Article; it contains a host of information as to how awesome the power of aloe is - it contains 200 phytonutrients! That's a big number oh boy!
He also has a photo guide for slicing the aloe open. It's pretty intuitive though.

"Of all the herbs I've ever studied -- and I've written thousands of articles on nutrition and disease prevention -- aloe vera is the most impressive herb of them all." - Mike Adams

As for passion fruit... you gotta be as lucky as me or luckier to have access to so many. If you don't have passion fruit lemon or something a little sour would work. The cactus fruit are sweeter as watermelon. Super tasty

Now I did not make a smoothie because I didn't feel like blending aloe with prickly pears and passion fruit.

Aloe is not super tasty it's super gooey water and slightly bitter.
However, I am not looking for things to taste like "Natural Flavors"

I am looking to discover what real foods truly taste like and how they interact, digest, assimilate, with my energy. In order to do this I feel that eating foods separately and mindfully (actually mindful and bodyful combined so let's change that to...)

I intend to realize the "material spirit" of food.

Make sense?

How would you _____ your practice?

Friday, August 29, 2008

Now more than ever.

A recent Natural News article has the header Germany Bans Eight Pesticides.

"in the state of Baden-W├╝rttemberg. "Fifty to 60 percent of the bees have died on average"

That's big. I know it's not big enough how many other species get wiped off the map, but these are bees folks. Bees matter a lot.

Bees matter.

Government researchers tested the bodies of dead bees, and found that 99 percent had been contaminated with the pesticide clothianidin, made by Bayer.

If you clicked the Bayer you link, you may be surprised to find yourself reading about IG Farben manufacturers of Zyklon B. IG Farben officially took over Bayer in 1925.

That's right. Bayer is IG Farben is Zyklon B is Psycho Bee killer.

Aspirin anyone? How about some heroin?

"Bayer has discovered, among others:

I just noticed something interesting. They marketted heroin as a cough treatment AND sold methadone which is prescribed for "addicts" to get off heroin. Sounds like they got the poisons and the cure! That sounds like the best business plan ever! I will refrain from mentioning Ciproflaxacin and where anthrax came from and the surprising places it went and did not go (did not go to lead proponents of Iraq war did go to house majority leader Daschle). Look I hope you don't get your organic hemp diapers in a twist about this. It's simple they're vicious and if you want to change it. Do much more than vote.

As for the pesticides. This is serious concern for air health.
We already know they're down to market the poison and the cure.
Sounds like good business to pollute YOUR air and then sell you air filters, whatever drugs or surgery to cut out the Disease, increase insurance costs etc...
Let's give em no excuse. If they're allowed to spray whatever toxins in the air to "protect" their toxic foods what's next? What's already happening?
What I'm intending here is that we start telling other people from both sides.
Telling the people that can take it - that "people have plans that work against our interests"
Tell the people that we can live in an environment where we don't poison ourselves!
This is our house!
Are you going to let someone walk around your living room spraying Raid and whatever the Nazis used to slaughter prisoners?
Are we going to let us fill our children's lungs with poison because some poor sucker wants to eat pesticide-burgers and deep fried potatos cooked in rapeseed oil?

If they;re going to spray us against our will then that's a different role for us to take, but come on let's not buy it! Let's not let our collective ignorance be the cause of it!

So Please Message People "stumble" this article "buzz" it up at yahoo submit it to forums I don't know! Let's right these wrongs! It's a positive action! In a few years from now when we're all breathing air that's so refreshing that people are simply ecstatic just breathing. We'll know that we ushered that in. Let's not imagine the alternative
and let's not allow the alternative either through contrived ignorance.

Peace. Much Love. Let's get the action going


Look into the Mechanical Turk applications. Or just go to mturk.com

For a nickel you can have someone do thoughtwork towards these solutions and have them message other people about what's going on.

Let's do something to improve conditions tomorrows conditions today.


So I mentioned earlier that my armpits had a smell to them that was not going away from washing. To me this means it is coming from the inside. The smell reminds me of the smell my pits had after taking lysergic acid.

Macrobiotics deals with this often - the balance of acid and alkaline. Human blood has a ph of 7.4 - slightly basic. Most body healing happens when the blood is basic - not acidic.
The ph scale goes from 0-14. Milk is a 6.6 - overall acidic.

Minerals such as calcium magnesium and potassium are basic
Lactic ACID Stearic ACID and transsaturated fatty ACIDS are also basic.
JUST KIDDING (go ahead and laugh on command if you didn't spontaneously)

Did you do it?

Did you successfully laugh on command?
It's ok if you didn't make much of a sound, so long as you felt the awesome stomach contractions!

Guess what? You just helped alkalize your system!
Deep breathing is a powerful alkalizer. As is chewing your food thoroughly.
Chewing your food thoroughly not only produces saliva which is an alkalizer but also inspires much better breathing. Try chewing a full mouthful of some raw fruit or vegetable without swallowing before you've reached 150 chews. Putting the conscious attention on chewing and not swallowing may help you re-breathe in the natural breath. What does that even mean? Find out!

ps. you may have noticed my scientific knowledge far incomplete - please tell me what's worth adding in and or research it yourself! There are plenty of articles suggesting this or that but it really comes down to personal experience. Sure you can prove that tomatoes prevent cancer but if you eat them with high fructose corn syrup or are eating too many it may be harmful. it's more important to learn about your individual energy than read what random research says. Especially when there's so much industry funded research!

I'm simplifying here. Went from cooking foods and combining all kinds of spices to simple combinations and now I'm working on mono-mealing and separating time between substances to be able to note subtle effects.

Abundant health and joy to you. true and through you

ingredient: passion fruit
  1. cut passion fruit
  2. scoop out yum yums
  3. pour in cup or bowl
  4. eat/drink it up!!!
  5. passion fruit are super high in atoms especially electron waves and light particles

Thursday, August 28, 2008

STAR fruit

So I'm walking down the path scanning the ground and suddenly see stars!
Star fruit on the ground! That means star fruit up in the trees!
Delicious! So nutritious!

I'd like to tell you about my most recent project - www.globalheal.us

Through an online work provider service call Mechanical Turk, I offered pay for peace work.

Here's are the words that one nickel manifested:

I will walk in harmony with man and with nature.
I will listen to the voice of the Spirit within.
I will embrace in love all that the Universe has to offer.
I will not worry.
I will dance in the rain.

written by a being going by "ekklektia"

I love the fifth Affirmation of Peace - I will dance in the rain.
I love the rain! And metaphorically it meant to me that I will engage joyfully in my sorrows.

Peace to and through you!

Spreading the OB Word and what I ate today

So I've been posting it up at forums at okcupid and www.giveittomeraw.com. I consider it alchemy in that a lot of my threads start off with a rant and mention sex to get lots of viewers and comments. And then I attempt to be reasonable and learn how to talk to people about healthy eating attitudes who maybe were more on the eat whatever you feel like it's fine to eat fast food and cooked non-organic sugar carcinogens with no nutritive value etcetera...

So this post is rather long so in a couple days it's going to posted at isforbliss.com - it goes into creative visualizations and my explanation of who I am and is something I'm quite happy about because it's a response to energy that had previously been somewhat hostile and eventually turned into what seems like honest communication to me. I'm quite happy about the posts at okcupid, despite the amount of sarcastic responses people saying they're going to eat hamburgers french fries coke and smoke cigarettes in a forum titled "what i'd feed my beloved on a daily basis".

What are the best things for your energy? At some point you have been or may be responsible to feed someone else how will you make this decision knowing that it matters? If WE are matter than what MAKES our matter... Matters!

Actually... I found a reasonable post:

i am an organic raw foodists

i am not philosophically opposed to any type of eating other than eating while have some kind of conscious or subconscious resistance to what you're eating

i eat insects frequently usually not through intention. i am open to eating raw organic organisms, but don't feel they're necessary to my nutrition at this point

cows are vegetarians how would they produce something out of the veggies they eat that i can't produce?

i don't think it's from breaking down the cellulose...

so sorry _______ i'm neither vegan nor vegetarian

today i ate 6 pomegranates, an apple, half a dried apple i found on the ground near the apple tree, a few handfuls of pecans i found, several handfuls of dates i picked, a super ripe medium sized mango i picked so good the peel was entirely yellow and edible so tasty

i gathered a cupe of pine nuts as well but have not cracked any open today

oh and i ate a few carobs i picked

a couple lentils (the only non foraged item listed so far) i'm sprouting but they're not really sprouting succesfully not sure why may be too hot in my room

i might eat some organic pumpkin seeds in a few minutes those aren't foraged and actually might not be raw, i'm not sure how they process them. i don't know how they'd get them out of the shell

i know with some seeds there's some kind of chemical solvent... I didn't really notice the seeds tasting rancid. my mom brought some macadamia nuts a month ago and they tasted pretty non-digest worthy so i didn't eat em

cost of food today - roughly 5 cents - ate 4 or 5 sprouted lentils

i do drink mineral water though because tapwater is fluoridated. i know, plastic bottles might be poisonous as well I read that #s 3,4, and 6 are the bad ones especially 6 and the bottles i have are 1

i'll have a spring and/or reverse osmosis filter soon enough and be set for life!

so total cost of consumption - $.88 cents


oh! just thought I'd mention that I'd like to eat more greens but haven't had much of an urge for them, might not be the best to eat according to intuition, but i'll make sure to eat some nice purslane and wheatgrass tomorrow morning before I visit some family and maybe purchase some food at the organic store near them.

OH! and some friends here want to make pomegranate wine and olives are coming in season so i'm excited to prepare them!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Heard of the "second brain"?

There are so many nerve endings in our gut that it can be called the second brain. For me it doesn't get the "second" name because all is life is same. Once our bodies feel fully healed - so do emotional wounds feel sealed.

The difference in energy flow simply astounds me
like beautiful creative energy surrounding
feeling one with this dance of life and death
which to those on sugar think its me on crystal meth
But it's not! because I'm not retaining any stress or improper straining

The body can be fueled in different forms
Improper foods can yield a storm
And of thoughts you reap what you sow
So be care full and let yourself know
That you forgive yourself for being a tool
And that it feels quite nice to be a fool!
Because a fool can always be right -
- he just doesn't make pride his plight!

I pray that you receive your energies delight-fully
And realize you need no licenses to be
Fully free and engaged in the present
Be Cause. Presence Presents Presents.
Perhaps you can recall gifts that are not small
Constantly near your person?
Like breathing, heart beats, and reading eyes
Totaling more value than a fat purse could be lie
As another said much wiser than I
"Don't spend your health chasing wealth
or else...
You'll end up spending your wealth chasing health!"

Please consider these words if you feel you're stuck in a job you don't like and renting in sub-blissful conditions. Taking a paid vacation by growing food with other wonderful people may open up your bliss beyond words.

- by tomorrow you can have unlimited organic raw fruits and vegetables living five minutes from the Hawaiian shores. Visualize and You Can See

Today is the best opportunity you have. Today I will learn new things about my energy.
Upcoming Posts: How to harvest Aloe Vera and How to make Olives and Capers

Peace and Fantastic Energy to and through You

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


What a delicious breakfast!
Pictures Not mine though! That's Dogson's I had to post it because it simply shows the beauty of live food!

I ate pomegranates, arugula, figs fresh and dried, dates, domim, carobs, purslane, thistle flower, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds w/a little salt, wheatgrass, thistle leaf, and probably a few unfortunate ants competing for pomegranates. I would like some fennel that licorice flavor tastes so good to me!

I found dried figs on the earth and I eat them. I find half rotten pomegranates and I break off the rotten part and eat the pristine self contained pomegranate seeds and juicy force field around them.

  • Dried Figs
  • Spicy Arugula
  • check if you're truly hungry and not just eating as part of an escape from intuition
  • check/realize that you're thankful and happy to assimilate this into your body experience
  • I suggest first putting some of the spicy arugula in your mouth and then the fig
  • But the other way is divine as well

I've been reading the forums at GI2MR and noticed a lot of focus on recipes. I find this kind of _____ because I'm finding that in order to truly study my energy separating foods and really noticing what happens when I give full attention to each separate substance will show me what it does energetically. I have not yet had a day where I only ate one item, but I will try it at some point and see how it feels. I'm all for delicious recipes and beautiful display of food, but I think it's more appropriate to do it after the baseline has been established.

In other words, before attempting to paint a masterpiece I think it would be good to be able to deeply appreciate the color blue. To be able to simply look at red and feel no resistance. To simply look at yellow and allow yellow to tell you who yellow is without any of your words coming up about it!

Take pine nuts and dates for example. I know they taste absolutely marvelous together! Sugar + Fat = Yum! However if I eat them separate then I will not have cravings. Dates taste fine but it's easy for me to get sick of them because the energy they provide does not seem balanced - it's really mostly sugar. So I eat them, when my body mostly wants sugar and then when I notice my body does not want more sugar I stop eating! Whereas when I eat dates AND pine nuts or some other fatty source I can just eat and eat because there's a feeling of wholeness. Now that I'm writing this I'm thinking maybe it is better to eat them together! Maybe it is better to try to put on weight because you don't know when food will not be available for a while! A rainstorm could come and wash away the domim and take off the black from the pine nuts making them harder to see!

Truth is I don't really know and this is my time to find out!

Do you think eating one food at a time cuts down on cravings and helps you optimize your energy?

MOTIVATION may be simpler than your thoughts

Monday, August 25, 2008

Food Art

Beautiful Salad by Dogson

I may have food dreams because of this. Hopefully precognitive :)

The Last Temptation of Mango

There remains one beautiful mango on the tree,
about to ripe - perfectly ready for me
Through peel I eat it. wHoli

Gratitude for Each Present Experience skyrockets. Food matters. Every bite matters. I can feel my body healing with the food I eat. It feels SO good. The respect for what creates my experiential body has exploded. What a wonderful exhale I just had! And again! Mmmm inhale breath so tasty. Oxygen is such a wonderful nutrient!

Who says you can't get a free lunch?

GROWNS UPS Big Up! Dance to this!

No IFS ANDS OR BUTTS ABOUT IT. Callibrate energy with this. You may get sweaty. That is all. Move Beat


All Right!

Time for another Adventure in ORGANIC BLISS

Time to Express Chi!

Read all directions before doing them!
  1. Step Away from the computer
  2. remove shirt (if you're playing shy put on a loose fitting shirt)
  3. remove shoes
  4. remove pants or put on loose fitting shorts
  5. experiment in motion!
  6. breathe! allow yourself to express yourself and follow your energy
  7. make motions that demonstrate the type of energy you'd like to have
  8. do this for at least 7 minutes - so put on a nice tune or an alarm or Just do it!
added bonus if you have mirrors and or friends to join in your Bliss-Chi-Dance

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Trance Fat

Nuff Said.

18. AWESOME Online Health Library

Free library compiled by a personal hero Steve Solomon - a writer farmer free man in Australia.


There are 4 Major Categories

Radical Agriculture.

The Restoration and Maintenance of Health.

Achieving Personal Sovereignty.

Achieving Spiritual Freedom.

It's incredible!!!

I'm presently reading a book about uncooked foods and their effect on our animal energies! http://www.soilandhealth.org/02/0203CAT/020331christian/christian.pdf

I love reading books from a few generations ago. The different quality of life and clarity of contemplation comes through for me strongly.

personal updates:
eating quite minimally, feeling my body clearing its energies and feeling nice and loose in the stomach.
going to be working on writing up an optimal health optimal cost diet (maybe searching for good examples - if you've seen something like this before message me)

started work on Www.GlobalHeal.Org come join the discussion!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Organic Health TIPS 1: How to Stand Straight!

, When you stand up and look down can you see your shoelaces?

If not, your posture could probably use some work - either your hips are too far forward or you ought to quit drinking so much beer...

That's a good thing!

It's an opportunity to massively increase the ease of flow with your CHI.

A previous post suggested stepping away from the computer and simply standing there for 7 consecutive breaths.

Now I found a fantastic interview with Danny Dreyer, author of ChiWalking and ChiRunning - it's available in print and audio!

Danny Dreyer Runs 50 mile races!

His story of learning how to stand properly is quite amusing; he paid the Tai Chi master and the Tai Chi master had him stand for an hour and half for several weeks of instruction!

Of course this wasn't because the Tai Chi Master was a bad teacher, it was because that's the training he needed!

I'm going to try it today because learning how to stand and walk properly is surely better done now than later.

17. Organic Bliss Reasoning - Why I Prefer Not Buying "Conventional" "Food"

From Mike "Health Ranger" Adams' Natural News -

Over 70 Percent of U.S. Cities use Raw Human Sewage on Croplands

Raw sewage from cities... considering the high percentage of people using pharmaceutical drugs, consuming fear, and stumbling around ignorantly. Do you literally want to eat their shit?

Are you feeling sick?
Are you able to feel your body enough to know it is sick?

Do you want to live somewhere where people are dumping pharmaceuticals and leftovers from the MANHATTAN PROJECT in your water? Where cars are shoving carbon monoxide down your throat? Is this "perfectly" acceptable? Is this in line with living your dreams? Is this inline with allowing other beings to live out their dream? Without getting cliche... IS SOMEONE THINKING ABOUT THE CHILDREN?

It's time to dream. TO dream big and to act as well.

We have a fantastic opportunity right now for change. Not through ourselves but through others. Yes vote for Barack Obama he certainly will reverse the entire business structure of the country. He certainly will remove the military industrial complex and the agri-pharma-petrochemical companies from the subsidy payoff list. Vote for Obama, I'm sure he's planning on feeding the 800 million starving people and handling the obesity issue. The obesity issue being that which keeps McDonald's, Coca-Cola, Health Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, and so on with ballooning profits as the waistbands balloon. Yes vote for Obama; he will change the curriculum in schools and remove all pepsi and deep fried garbage sales from the schools. What? That's up to the state? WHO IS THE STATE?

Time to dream big folks. Time to drop the egoic identity.

There's incredible beauty beyond description here - if we open our eyes mind heart soul awareness.

if we try to choose to ignore the deception we are worse than doomed - we are suicidal.

Homicide. Suicide. Patricide. Matricide. Infanticide. Pesticide. Genocide. Fratricide. Herbicide.

Feel about it.

It's time to do a whole lot more than recycle garbage.

Organic Bliss Quick Saving Money Going Organic

Organic non-processed foods will be cheaper than inorganic processed foods.
Food can be very very very enjoyable.
I am in ecstasy eating a mango.
I feel nourished eating almonds.
I feel brain power eating flaxseeds.
I keep it simple! soaked raisins and soaked sesame seeds. yummy energy cheap super delicious.

Sesame seeds are more nutrient dense than pretty much any processed food! No filler! More calcium per serving than milk for calves!

It's okay to not know what you'll eat if you don't eat what you ate yesterday!

All it takes is going to the farmers market (or field if you're so lucky!) and picking organic produce to eat!

Try chewing thoroughly and feeling mindful! I found natural breath by chewing a banana 150 times. That breath was so relaxing so refreshing soooo ___________! Such a worldless ooooooh! Such a wordless aaaaaaaah.

So Ok if you don't expect celery to taste like high fructose corn syrup and "natural" flavors. It's okay to say you know what, those guys at the chem lab have done a pretty powerful job making poison taste aiight, but like most drugs we turn them down when we realize the cost. I used to smoke marijuana on a very regular basis and now do not smoke at all; it's simply not necessary on my path!

To me, marijuana represents say a level 4 and I'm on at least level 5. Is this a small difference? I think a backward step is a huge difference! If I want to get to level 10+ and I DO, then choosing things where the expectations are backwards or nil simply does not work. I realize that some sort of pleasure will come. Serotonin levels will rise, will the bliss last? Will it propel me closer to my positive destiny? Or will it represent a detour? An enjoyable ephemeral distraction.

Now, I've created a consciousness that makes it difficult for me to expect enjoyment from these distractions and I get some cognitive dissonance if I somehow am watching tv through youtube accidents and this pretty much keeps it so that I simply do not spend passive time.

So What Can You Buy Organic?

For less than $2!!!
Pounds of Mung Beans
Pounds of Sesame Seeds
Pounds of Flax
Pounds of Carrots

A pound of mung beans = A LOT OF NUTRITION FOLKS!

Think about it! $1.50 for a pound of food before you add water!

These days you don't even expect to get a tiny appetizer! Go to an organic raw restaurant... do you think you can be served a half pound of dense nutrients for 75 cents?!

Again, I urge you to try eating "simple" foods just for the beginning, because it's so inspiring to me! You'll see that you're naturally an amazing chef if you give yourself the chance - either that or you realize that it's fantastic to just eat mung bean sprouts by themselves. To just eat romaine lettuce hearts by themselves... apples... tomatoes...

Abundant Energy!

Feeling so great right now!

Life is good!

Today was a social day! Was invited to dinner with friends in the kibbutz. It was really great fun we went out into the fields and had a fire. And sang songs and played music together. I'm so loving living in a community.

Anyhow not much to report from me... lots of work I'm really happy to get started on. Going to be uploading audio tracks very soon!

And I've been really loving NATURAL NEWS. Mike Adams - Simply a Powerhouse.


Where else can you get hour long interviews with top health professionals?! If you have the answer let me know so that I can feature it!

The interviews are incredibly high energy information packed. Mike Adams is someone who went from eating a standard american diet to a supercharged healthy diet and the results are astounding (or perfectly expectable!).

Friday, August 22, 2008

Breathing Easier with Less

Been eating a little lighter the past couple days. Breathings much better. Body feeling closer to source. Easier to meditate.

Simplest Recipe

Organic Foraged Soaked almonds
Organic Foraged Raisins

Tastes so good together. And preserves well so you can keep it in a pack and always have a great energizing snack.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Organic Bliss Experiment 2: Conscious Attention Reactivity

Utilize the chaos.
When I look at it I wish to change it.
Move the peaces around [sic].
  • The purpose to learn how we may feel differently simply from looking at a different part of a "doodle".
  • By looking at yellow next to black we may feel quite different than when looking at yellow next to blue.
  • How do the disheveled scribbles enhance the beauty of a red square?
  • Can the scribbles be seen as abundantly wonderful?*
Is even asking that question a sign that there're more layers to peel to the mental bullshit labelling and judging and not simply seeing YES. Not simply being Guh. Grok Grok.
Perhaps living too much in compartmentalized locations - pants go in cupboard hahah poop goes in septic treatment tank instead of back to the earth. packaging goes to the "dump"

And then I notice my hand stretching out.

16. An Experiment Organic Bliss Style

For those skeptical of the POWER OF SOAKING AND SPROUTING

  1. Take Organic Raw Almonds
  2. Put them in a clear glass container
  3. Soak them in water
  4. Wait 30 minutes+
  5. Drink the brown water*
  6. Discuss in comment thread

*do NOT drink the brown water

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Making Organic Affordable

Obviously if you can get most of your food from what's in a two mile radius food costs can be quite low. I made this video to demonstrate something funny in our thinking about "saving" money.

Initially, I wanted to make a video that showed a store where the standard price is for the organic item and then if the customer wants they can have the store inject poison and remove nutrients and give them a 50 cent discount.

If you pause the video at 27 seconds you can see a brief list of what you can buy organic for $1.50 at a chain store.

Money Saving Tips

Buy Bulk
Buy at farmers markets
Grow your own - buy seeds at food store as food rather than as "seeds" they're much cheaper that way.

15. Closer Attention. Precognitive Dream? Quinoa Sprout Recipe

Sometimes, I feel swelling in various nodes*.
*feels like blood vessel near where jaw meets neck, sometimes under the chin

Seems related to the substances I consume. I've been eating mangoes with the peel. And I think/feel that eating unripe peel contributes to the swelling. Gotta say that ripe peel is delicious. Had a dream last night that the mangoes on the tree were ripe fully orange-yellow peel. Sure enough they were! On a certain level we might say that's not much in terms of pre-cognition (obviously the mangoes will get ripe and as I'm visiting the same tree every day I can see how long it takes for a mango to go from unripe to ripe). I'm becoming more sensitive to how I pick my food; I live realizing abundance while aiming to respect and get the most out of what I have what the Universe Provides.

For example with the mangoes - it's important to me to wait till they're truly ripe - otherwise I consume unnecessary toxins and get less fruit and also the tree is saying it's not done with it!
That's why when I go to the mango tree I lightly tap the mango and if it doesn't come just like that I don't mess with pulling on it (I could also wait till it gets entirely yellow). Today I had an entirely yellow peel mango it was incredible tasty energy.

I wish to expand my respect and gratitude for what I have and to eat sufficiently - not more not less.

What does sufficiently mean?

Good question!

Especially when we consider potential benefits of fasting and cleansing. It can direct the attention to - with what purpose do I play with my energy?

On any given night of your life you could probably stay up and miss sleep. Now I'm not suggesting you do something that harms you. I intend to simply point out that we play with our energies.

I have found that there are many different ways to play with my energies some of them certainly feeling unspeakably better than others.

  1. dreaming
  2. water
  3. meditating
  4. yoga (nice not having a full stomach when having legs over your head.)
  5. wait for stomach to tell me it's time to eat
  6. gather green vegetables
  7. eat items separately and wait sufficiently in between so that I can check effects
I'm going to re-organize this blog soon to start separating the "blogging" from recipes and information that can be utilized.

I recommend starting a personal food energy log! Start to learn which foods pick you up and which seem to put you down

I was feeling kind of tired and then ate the mango and wham LIFE!

Quinoa Sprouts
  1. evenly water quinoa (soak) for 30 minutes
  2. drain
  3. leave out of sunlight in 70 degree place if possible
  4. rinse and drain in 8-12 hours
  5. rinse and drain in 8-12 hours
  6. rinse and drain in 8-12 hours
I ate after step 5 today (so total of 24 hour prep time). Quite delicious.
I ate it alone. However!

I'd recommend tiny cubed tomatoes olive oil and lemon juice and a healthy salt.

Incorporating things into salad never fails.

14. Forage Help From Professional

Hey! Just found this cool site


Obviously called Eat the Weeds!

He also has a nice youtube site! http://www.youtube.com/user/EatTheWeeds

Updated Food List
my FORAGE diet consists of: arugula, malva, wheat grass, grapes, raisins, pomegranates, mangoes, surinam cherries, christ-thorn fruit (zyzyphus christi-spina), carobs, cactus fruit, cactus pads, figs, mcdonald's big macs (no tomatoes or lettuce though - cuz iceberg lettuce is worthless i know i know it's not raw but that guy in the movie ate a lot of them and now he's famous), thistle, mustard green when i can find it rarely, almonds, pine nuts, fennel, mint, lavender, limes

soon to be available: olives, capers

PURCHASED: azuki beans, mung beans, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, quinoa, lentils

dulse flakes


Ah Berlin!
The Glory Days of Bio Shops

Delicious Salad:

Red Cabbage
Thinly Sliced Carrots
Cold Pressed Olive Oil
Fresh Squeeze Lemon Juice
Sprinkled Dulse Flakes
Pinch of Kimmel


photo by lital

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

13. Natural News and Pickle Recipe

Hello Reader!

I want to tell you about a news source I've found recently called Natural News. It's run by Mike "The Health Ranger" Adams. Pretty edgy stuff so don't go there if you want to keep your xenophobe pants on.

Huge group of great interviews at the link below.

My cabbage is pickling nicely
  • chop it up
  • mash it up if you like as well
  • cram it in the jar
  • push out all the air cram cram cram
  • add a tiny bit of water so that it's covered at top
  • leave some room at the top b/c it'll bubble
  • place a leaf at the top to cover and throw away after sufficiently fermented

also want to let you know about MindMeister - a mind mapping program. My friend Rex sent it to me after we discussed "my" idea to create something like it. Shows that it's worth spending a little time seeing if something already exists before trying to create it
It's free and available at MindMeister.Com

It's so much fun to brainstorm on the site! And you can let friends edit and add things!

Foraging is going nicely. Found some salad greens :) ! and i'm going to pick some lemons and make me a nice little salad RECIPE

Pine Nuts
Lemon Juice
Bit of Fennel

and some non-foraged Dulse Flakes and Kimmel !

Monday, August 18, 2008

12. Great Day of Foraging BARTER!

Wonderful Day.

Found plenty of Christ-Thorn Berries - around 2 liters

So much supply! Found many trees. Did some more discovering and found 7 fig trees and 3 almond trees. Found a new cactus with plenty of Cactus Fruit (Sab-res in hebrew). Also found some delicious thistle flowers.

Going to be learning how to dry the figs; I picked over a pound

Went to the grape vineyard where the grapes have fallen to the ground and have become raisins. I picked 3 liters worth in a few minutes. There's an unlimited supply and I'll be back.

I bartered some Arugula for some passion fruit I found at another kibbutz. I know I know passion fruit are way tastier than Arugula, but greens are more precious to me than the deliciousness of passion fruit.

Did some great exercises this morning - lots of downward dog also from downward dog I ran in place (with hands on ground running) understand? It's an incredible ab exercise. Try it!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

11. Instant Results. Fool Value

Hello! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh exhaling such a JOY!

I'd like this blog to be really helpful. To accomplish this, I'd like your help!

Can you please step away from the computer and stand still

Allow yourself to let go of unnecessary tension and find _______.

Touch the roof of your mouth with your tongue and let your arms drop to the sides.

Set the intention to simply take 7 consecutive conscious breaths

Allow the sound of breath to border words. See what words your breath make

for me they are simply "iiiiiiiiiiin" "oouuuuuuuuut"

If you lose your track and find that you have gone off to some thought or other start from the beginning!

The exercise is to gently have 7 consecutive conscious s breaths!

gentle gentle gentle gentle gentle gentle gentle


Saturday, August 16, 2008

10. Excitement for learning

Topic 1!

Michael Phelps - olympic swimmer - apparently eats 12,000 calories a day largely comprised of pizza and pasta!


Topic 2!

I FOUND PASSION FRUIT. I took a bus to relatives house in another kibbutz here and found passion fruit. Unbelievayum! We went to an organic store nearby and they bought me around $20 worth of organics which I easily consumed most in a day and half! I forgot how much money I was saving not purchasing stuff!

Either way it was so delicious and nice to get a bunch of salad greens cucumbers tomatos peppers

and i'm making some fermenting cabbage - simply chopped up white cabbage real fine put in jar and poured a bit of water to cover it and a piece of cabbage on top (closed the lid) Also tried to make sure no air pockets. We'll see how it goes I never made it this way!

Friday, August 15, 2008

9. Finer Tuning

I overate again. Filled my stomach! No vomit though :) HAHAH

So I'm thinking I really want to build motivation to keep my stomach loose. The ecstasy I get simply breathing is too big a loss for the "pleasure" of over-eating.

The method I'm going to use is to ask the following two questions:

  • "What will happen if I over-eat"

  • "What will happen if I eat approaching perfect portions"

And to fill them with answers writing for at least three minutes non-stop for each and really putting forth the best in-formation possible. To really bolster the purpose and re-Mind what's at stake here.

I learned this technique from Anthony Robbins and it can be used to decondition ourselves and let go of patterns and install new ones.

If you want to see what I wrote - check the comments and feel free to leave how you'd answer these questions or different questions for the exercise.


p.s. I'm travelling tomorrow for a few days so we'll see how foraging is outside the kibbutz - I've got dried fruit (surinam cherries), domim (Zizyphus spina-christi), carobs, almonds, and I'll get up early tomorrow and pick some greens for the road!

I'm open to purchasing food if it's organic. I'd be very happy with tomatos and cucumbers. Though really I feel like I'd rather forage it or have it as a gift. It's funny I didn't really start this recent lifestyle with philosophy in mind, but I have to say that the transactions at grocery stores are not always blissful. I try to be thankful and look the person in the eyes and am thankful, but many times still feel their energy is not up.

How can you make your transactions blissful?
How can you accept that bliss is already there?

I'm soaking the almonds now so that I can remove the peel and enzyme inhibitors - and simply because they taste better soaked - they're juicier and sweeter!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

8. Another Re-Tune To Reality

I disconnected the refrigerator again. Simply too loud for my one room apartment! Not sure what I'll do with the bag of grapes I picked yesterday, but I probably would do better not to eat them and focus on....

Present Engagements
eating more appropriate portions,
more greens - alkaline foods
more presence (less or No distraction while eating)

Eating offers an opportunity for Sacrament
to partake in Life
and intend well

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! I just realized I've made a whopping 17 cents from google adsensE!

So, what is my secret to allowing such wealth to flow into my life?

Creative Visualization!

I didn't even visualize people clicking the adds! I just visualizing big buckets of money pouring all over me! Boy was it fun!

From only 1 click! 17 cents!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel I must be returning the favor by learning how to eat cheaper (near 0 dollars a day :) )
and use less electricity. I also have not driven a car in 4 months. Yay me. One day maybe soon I'll find the nice farm and settle there only travelling by horseback or with the thousand doves that'll float me around when they feel like it.

The great purpose also - to not have to pay for medical/dental care or psychologists for the outcomes of poor health improper eating. And not just not have to pay in form of money, but in time - in experience of life.

Today hasn't been such a super day so far - because I ate too much! I ate like an addict more more more more! Well I can stop right now. And have. I will go exercise soon. I am very happy to be exercising daily and this helps balance the over-eating.

Exercise - especially stretching works for me and helps keep the eating more appropriate; it loosens the stomach and reminds me how great it feels empty and how wonderful breathing is with a loose stomach.

Plans for tomorrow:
wake up! stay still for a bit and play with dreams
sit up drink water
see how my body feels and either not eat or eat
go for a walk and exercise

6. Raw Model Foraging

Found this great introductory video on foraging:

I've been getting great help from people at www.giveittomeraw.com

It's a real community and very active. Thank you Dhrumil and everyone else for making the site happen. Great Work!

New food to introduce you too - Zizyphus Spina- Christi previously called them Domim

This guy has valuable info too -

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Time For Healing is Now


I would like to begin sending people healing energy and if you would like to participate in this healing project please add in comment section

I will be meditated twice daily and sending healing energy during that time. I meditate at 5:45 am Israel time every day. There's a ten hour difference from here to Pacific time - do the math :) and remember that at that time someone is sending healing energy in your direction.

If you would like to send or receive energy on a more specific basis - add comment or message me at blissionairy AT g mail dot com

I sent a loved one healing energy today and felt intense goodness through it I would love to do more of this.


7. Three Simple Raw Recipes !


Nice Video With Another Forager:

Allowing Organic Sober Ecstasy to Roll through the Experiental Bodies

Ate a nice bag of purslane (see: previous post) a neighbor just "weeded" out of his garden as I passed him and he gave it to me!

Thank you Sir Universe!

  • purslane
  • grapes
I ate it today with some cold grapes. Tasted quite nice, got rid of the gooeyness from eating the purslane alone.

So I've got pretty much an entire grape vineyard to myself.

Biblical law forbids selling/picking the grapes for the first 4 years and this vineyard is new. Therefor the ground is becoming covered in purple grapes and they're free for the picking. They are winegrapes so they are not too interesting in flavor. I certainly will not complain as I am being provided for by Magic and what-not presently. Deelish.

  • lentil sprouts - see sproutpeople.com for specific sprout info
  • dulse flakes
Recipe Tree-s
  • dried fig
  • soaked almond
stuff the almond in the fig.
Bless your lucky Stars
ever so gently STUFF IT IN YO MOUF AND EAT IT!!!!!! chew 75-eleventy bazillion times. remember this too will pass. if you're eating for pleasure make it last.

yep. that's it. no fancy photo or preparation. munching like a meditating cow.

Speaking of cows I stumbled upon this "disturbing" video

I closed the video after less than five seconds.

If you have been supporting factory farm energy systems this video may shake you up. If you are here just for the fun of it. My apologies for the change in material :) My intentions are good of course!

TIP-LESSON OF THE DAY (trying to teach what I oughta learn)

When I eat, I eat.
I eat with no preconceived notions of how much. I allow myself to notice that it is time to cease eating at any point - even before eating.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

5. Saving Money Increased Health Connectedness

So, obviously I'm saving money here; I have not paid a dime for food!

And it's entirely organic real fresh. The amount of enjoyment I get from finding a new food is much different than what I felt coming to the super market. Especially in that I'm finding things that actually grow here and that I am a part of their propagation.

Another aspect in saving money - consuming less - that is consuming more appropriately to my true body needs.

When I work for my food I see that I do not want to over-consume and waste my time and I also want to save my work you know save up my chestnuts for winter.

Seeing the process involved gives me more respect and pause.

It is so gratifying gathering food! feels so right! spirit moving through me helping me gather efficiently mind disappearing consciousness expanding fully present here i am feed me.

Like I said about the grape seeds not being food - they are seeds for me to plant! The relationship with soil, planet, plant, sun, and cycle re-reals itself.

Reading from Zen. "The Sun is up!"

How significant is this?

The Sun is Up!

The Grass is Green!

The dung is under my soles!

If these statements are not instantly pointers to blissful awareness (perhaps try again), I am happy to inform you that you have some wonderful exploration to do.


As for where I've been exploring...

I recently completed reading The Lizard of Oz - simply excellent tale -
"Are you sure that was the sun you saw and not just something the machine made? I hear it's been making moon and stars and flowers and fruit that looks more bright and fresh and real than the things they're copies of; but they are, nonetheless, mere lifeless copies."

By the 30th page I was in tears, feeling the author's love - remembering how wonderful human beings there are working hard to make this world better.

"When an elementary class sets out on a quest to save the world from disenchantment, their adventures reveal paradoxes of the human mind and ways of awakening the magic within us."

Simply being enchanting.


Such a fun read! and such a no-read as well! So many moments where I feel a compelling STOP. Let Go! And realization that I can put the book down and Live Life!

Turning to a random page to show how powerful this text is - page 36 - "Woe unto those who take it for decadance and death, for they will be overwhelmed by an overwhelming outburst of activity out of the eternal silence"


Foraging for my fresh caught veggies.

Recipe of the Day: Cold Cactus Fruit.

Stab with fork, spoon with spoon.
Avoid thorns. ENJOY


Monday, August 11, 2008

4. Sunday Organic Raw Foraging


picture courtesy of wikipedia - it's of Israel too!>

What a wonderful 3 days. I did end up using my refrigerator - found lots of grapes and cactus fruit and wanted to preserve them.

Still, no electricity, no eye-glasses, no purchases. 100% raw foraging. Wonderful holeness. Feeling great.

The wheat season's normally over at this time of year, but I found a few patches where water is and have found my Manna. These watered areas are filled with ku'bbaizeh, purslane, thistle, mustard, and most yummy healthy WHEATGRASS.

Dear GuD thank you for blessings.

I fell into serious ecstasy munching on the wheatgrass bottoms up, cow style. Tastes like milk (milk gets its taste from this). So nutrient dense it's absolutely ridiculous. Chewing moaning in ecstasy as I felt the healing power go through my body, watching tension dissolve instantaneously.

Beautiful moments with eyes closed gazing at the sun feeling incredible wind support me.

Perhaps more amazing and beautiful was a pretty little regurgitation I had. What? yes. Ate mango, wheatgrass (green mature w/baby grain), grapes, almonds and "domim" (like mini apples that taste like caramelized onions or sixlets). The grapes were somewhere in the middle of the sequence. After eating more food (non-grape) and drinking water I felt the mild urge to let something come up from my stomach. I allowed this and up-chucked into my hand a bit of liquid and exactly grape seeds. I read it as, grape seeds are not food for me :)

Pretty fortunate; having the seeds in there to slow me down and pay attention. Otherwise I might eat too much have a tummy ache and forget about blissful breathing.

Feeling incredible wholeness.

Scratch that.

Feeling credible wholeness in the Holy Land.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

2. A way to Lose Weight

Different perspective on how to lose weight and get past sabotaging thoughts.

I can say "hello craving!" "goodbye craving!"

Friday, August 8, 2008

1. Raw Vegan Organic Almond Picking Foraging 5

So happy for greens!

Going to come out with some recipes soon. Eating things one at a time's been nice though.

Picked a TON of pine nuts and Almonds. Got a huge stockpile now. Got the sabres (cactus fruit, prickly pear) in the fridge. So nice in this weather!

In an hour I picked and shelled over a pound of almonds (pound - unshelled)

It's been nice picking leafy greens. Developing a relationship with them - realizing I want to be gentle with the plant so that it keeps growing bigger and bigger. Being careful not to uproot plants and happily planting seeds when I can. And chewing thoroughly

I really recommend eating the malva sylvestris or purslane if you want to lose weight.
They are incredibly filling. Not that tasty so far alone, but who cares I get my ecstasy from breathing I don't need a flavor explosion.

The thistles are very nice though!

Much of what I've found here in Israel can be found in much of Califonia - cactus fruit, cactus pads, purslane, malva sylvestris, thistle, pine nuts - all can be found there

Its funny how simple it feels. It's not like I go to the store here and feel like I want anything. No cravings for food or anything. I feel completely provided for. That the universe provides!

I realize that some of the food I'm eating is cultivated, but I feel I'd make it in the desert. I eat cactus! It's good for me! And it keeps so well take a bite and it has lots of juice, but it seals so fast!

It feels fantastic walking around here. So open and nice. living in a place designed for people not cars and traffic.

So funny that I can still overeat foraging! Still gotta realize the motivation! It's funny how we can be aware of more positive states we can access but sometimes forget about them.

That's why I like to remind myself I can do better than this and why I avoid labeling myself.

Like the way I eat but tired of just reading about it? Go out and do it! check out wwoof.org if you want a truly amazing experience. Try living in Costa Rica and see how wonderful it is to live in a providing environment.

audio podcasts coming soon!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sun-Day Gives Water Too

super low entropy awesome experience of Oneness and feeling great from having not participating in dirty transactions

Here's a little something on creating a Solar Still


Much love.

quick update on dairy and maybe fat

i'm feeling tired now and it doesn't seem sensible as i slept enough
pretty much the only thing i ate today was cottage cheese and i woke up 3 and a half hours ago so I should be energetic.

i;m thinking cottage cheese though tasty is simply not optimal eating.

the next three days will be a vision quest of sorts and I will come back with a little more self knowledge

maybe knowing more about how I don't know.


best wishes

Organic Bliss Primal Foraging

Today Thursday August 07 will be the last day in a week of no purchasing.

For the next three days I will not use electricity.

  • No computer,
  • no cell phone (ha don't use one anyway),
  • no land line,
  • no lights,
  • no ceiling fan
  • no refridgerator
  • No electricity!
For the next three days I will not purchase anything. Nothing!

I will however eat and drink wonderful substances as I like and as always aim to do better and better.

I will be writing. And I will be exercising and meditating and Dreaming.

I still have posts set up to be published every day so if you're addicted to checking - your thirst shall be slaked!

In honor of my 3 day no purchasing low tech retreat I am offering you Schizandra Berries; if you're going to purchase something get something fun and new

Or Don't! See what happens! Worst case you fast, get in touch with your deep spirit and Live Happily Ever After

I hope some of you readers will try this with me. At least the staying away from computer for a couple days. I really look forward to how this will ease myself into better patterns of use and cut down on my non-meditating sitting time.
Ha, I'm finding the relationship between my wanting to earn a few dollars with my blog and my wanting people to become completely independent and purchase very little. What I like is that it requires me to refine and refine what I consider worthy probably going to reach a point where the only purchase I'd recommend is one that has an overall positive impact on others.

quick update

woke up at 4:44 - but with the alarm and awoke a little tired and thirsty
I've been using a ceiling fan and think it might be drying me out. I ate cottage cheese pretty close to bedtime last night and ate 2 more cups of it in the morning with flax seeds and purslane. Tasted quite good, but not exactly energizing. It was an odd eating in that my mind said do not eat it but I felt my body go for it. fortunately right now i don't have any of it in the fridge and aim to eat a low fat diet for the next couple of days

I ate it pretty so-so. tasted good, thoguth about gandhi eating his liter of goat's milk a day...

but in truth i cannot be whole with this. it's packaged in plastic, and doubtful that the cows are treated well. organic only means the feeding's not pesticide it doesn't say anything about the conditions.

the b12 thought had relevance before to eating this as justification to fulfilling Impression of craving. now that i think of it though considering studies proved that eating feces provided b12 this points me to the idea that b12 is produced in the body in intestines or that area and all we need to do is absorb it. sounds good to me.

heaaaaaaaaaalth optimizing!

that's still the only non-vegan thing.

update 7:30am got off work early, feeling great energy now! ready to pick mangoes and cactus fruit, gonna try to go with no fatty foods for the rest of the day. i'm off work tomorrow and saturday so i'll have my full flow for a while

this has been brought to you by pistachios.
Pistachios, taste the rainbow.

Learning Inspired from the Mono Diet

Ah what a wonderful time to be alive, right now!

4:42 AM already soaked up my silence and sent old stress to outer space!

How fortunate I am to have this time to take care of this body!

I'm feeling really nice after not eating for 11 hours (sleep!).

I break the fast with water and a teaspoon of dulse. One for the nutrient density and two so that I can check how my body feels about dulse; in order to be a personal scientist I must isolate the variable.

I noticed that my mouth was repeatedly getting dry despite drinking quite a bit of water. If you read my post mentioned Dr. Batmanghelidj you would have seen his suggestion to drink salt to help retain water. I have also read that too much salt translates into too much water retention.

Seems that transcending health is a lot about a balancing act. I had the fortune to meet someone who trained children in the circus and what she told me was that in order to balance - you must be silent inside. Which is why each and every day I set aside some time to simply sit in Silence.

Sitting in utter wordless Bliss.

It doesn't take any doing, it simply takes "not-doing"

We can choose to react to content - meaning to point out "specific" things and attach goodness or badness to them.

What happens when you attempt to attach goodness or badness to empty space?

What happens when you realize you can always feel great-ful with existence?

And when do you think you realize this?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Organic Bliss Foraging 4

Most days I eat a raw vegan diet.

I have eaten organic cottage cheese in the past few days as well, so if you're into labels calling me a vegetarian may have worked. As I am working towards completely independently procuring my food, I expect that I will be classifiably 100% raw organic.

Gathering my food the past few days feels like the start of something spiritual. Reconnecting myself with the cycles and The Seasons. Seeing the connections of life.

Needles drying dead
Pine nuts under a pine tree
Hungry Life eats death

Death Sustains Life
Few dropped grow under Tree shade
intent plants more seeds

I think it has become time for me to expand my focus here to more than just food. And start getting to soul-food. Discovery of soul and what nourishes it. What my soul intends and what process manifests.

Labels are garbage. Vegan, raw, organic, vegetarian, meatatarian, whatever; I want to eat things that are good for me and not eat things that are not good for me.

It's a joyful learning process.

This is what my blog is about. My joyful learning process.
Since it has come to my attention that it is easy to know when a food is not great for me, a huge part of the process has been simply saying no to factory profit "processed" substances (no longer fit).

Purpose and Intention Trump Description.

Purpose Marches Through.

Food nourishes and sustains my physical body. I enjoy the act of eating.

I intend to increase nourishment.

I intend that my enjoyment increase as well, though without seeking another "taste experience".

It's easy to forget how good a loose waistband feels if we have over-eaten.
How happy I am after/while I relieve my bowels!!!
No I didn't write this post in the bathroom :)

Are you thinking "yeah well keep that to yourself?"

What do you think your food was grown in?

Raw Food Foraging UPDATE:

Found a TON of pine nuts. Had a great time squatting and collecting them. Ate grapes and malva sylvestris and almonds. I think I'll go without purchasing anything for a while now. I'm very excited about seeing myself living this way.


Organic Raw Food Foraging: 3

Good Morning!

4:00 AM here! Day 3!

Eating a nice little breakfast of dulse flakes and Purslane.

Super foods Starting the day off right!

Heading off to the fields soon to pick wheatgrass, mustard, mango, grapes, thistle, and Khubbaizeh (malva sylvestris) which is what I have here pictured (courtesy of wikipedia).

Khubbaizeh is not to be confused with Kabbazah - a sexual technique involving grasping with the anatomy.

Yesterday I spent an hour and half opening RAW ORGANIC FRESH ALMONDS that my mother and I picked in the orchard.

Yum + Five

Now have a bag of around 3 and a half pounds of alkaline-calcium-magnesium-delicious-goodness.

Almonds + Carobs = Heaven

Enjoy your day! You only get one at a time so make this one Great!

Want to pick mangos and papayas for breakfast?!!


I'm off to eat live plants and fix bicycles.

May you experience wave after wave of sober ecstasy.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Free Raw Food Forager 2: Thistle

I found more Free Raw Organic Food!

There are different species of Thistle. They look somewhat similar so You should be able to identify.

Thistle tastes like a nice Salad green. If the spikes are too hard you can steam them and it will soften them.

Royal Thistle contains a compound called silymarin which has been studied and shown to be effective against hangovers

"Silibinin (INN), also known as silybin, is the major active constituent of silymarin, the mixture of flavonolignans extracted from blessed milk thistle (Silybum marianum). It is used in the treatment and prevention of liver diseases because of its hepatoprotective (antihepatotoxic) properties. Clinical tests have also shown its ability to protect against certain types of cancer (skin and prostate), probably due to its antioxidant properties"

"In herbalism, it is used in cases of liver diseases (cirrhosis, jaundice and hepatitis), gallbladder disease, and is claimed to protect the liver against poisons."

From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milk_thistle


How thankful I am to have found these! I'm really enjoying this. It feels right. Having the opportunity to go outside and find sustenance simply growing without a farmer reminds me of the place we can occupy as animals on this planet.

I'm also feeling healthier and more appreciative of foods and nutrients;

Seeing that food gathering takes time and not simply handing over someone plastic or paper, helps me make sure I get full value.
I found delicious grapes right off the vine and put my love and respect into something that has now become part of me.

Having a deep connection to food expands my sense of self. More on this in the next post...

WWOOF... why? I think you'll see. Freedom Opportunity

Monday, August 4, 2008

Healing Teeth. One.

So... I looked at my teeth in the mirror and they look pretty un-great. Yellows at the gum line and so forth. I've had some excess eating problems in the past. I stopped brushing my teeth regularly.
I know that may sound gross but I never had any bad breath problems. If you've looked at Weston A Price's work you can see that brushing teeth and modern dentistry are unnecesary and possibly harmful to teeth and health (see: mercury in your head, fluoride in your brain).

I think that my issues were:
  • eating too high sugar foods (meaning fruit and bread in my opinion)
  • eating to excess to where the food comes back up. yep.
  • not enough calcium magnesium?
  • I know that if I used a toothpaste with whitening my teeth would in fact whiten. I don't know that that's necessarily what I want to do though. I'll take this experiment further and see how well I can improve my diet
  • too much acid foods - citrus (even though these are called net alkaline, they are acid in the mouth)
Shame I just picked 6 pounds of fresh organic Grapes. I guess I'll turn them to wine or sun-dried raisins.

What do you suggest I do to improve teeth health?

What could you do to improve your oral health?

  • I'm going to make it a point to eat teeth-healthy foods (low sugar, high mineral - I intuit)
  • No more rap music. I think you can understand this.
  • Research teeth building.
I have read that when you eat overly acid foods your body pulls out minerals to neutralize it. I think that I have actually felt this happening! After eating a lot of acid food I felt these tingles on the inside of my teeth.

Well it's off to the interwebs to BRUSH UP MY KNOWLEDGE.

Free Raw Food Forager 1: Open Skies, Open Fields

Day 1 Went very well!
Discovered many new foodstuffs including berries, thistle, and wheatgrass.
Found huge supply of Fennel which tastes like licorice and has a thick root and stalk similar to celery in construct but with the licorice flavor


Wheatgrass big delicious nutritious

We collected a huge bag of raw organic almonds (everything i'm eating's organic now again)

and i'm looking forward to making ALMOND BUTTER

it takes time to collect the food. it's so fun though. feels very right. We walked through a huge almond orchard and it was quite difficult to walk away from trees still filled with almonds. It'll probably take another hour to open them all up. It's great though I'll listen to interviews with Dr. Batman about water.


GREAT interview conducted by Anthony Robbins!

Anthony Robbins work has changed my life for the better. I borrowed a set of his CDs from the library for a 12 hour road trip and the content and delivery is so good that listened to his CDs for the entire trip! He can help you find your self-sabotage and limiting beliefs and give you the cognitive tools to change and live life with Passion...

By the way, if that sounded "hokey" to you... guess who probably could profit from taking a look? :)

I LOVE CONSCIOUS WORK. Work that you lets you think and non-think and occupies the body with a positive process.

Today I ate: Mangos (fresh from tree with the peel delicious ripe)
Lychee, carobs, pomegranate, purslane, thistle, mustard, wheatgrass, corn, grapes
DULSE FLAKES - see right and top carousel, blackberry, fennel, domim

PRETTY NICE! Paid Zero Dollars, got quite a bit of food!

Also woke up at 5:26am exercised hard for an hour and meditated and.... TOOK A SHOWER!
Haven't done that in a while. It felt pretty good clearing out the pores and what not helping the body breathe. Breathing's pretty cool.

HAD INCREDIBLE DREAMS. FLYING FLYING FLYING! Food majorly impacts dreaming. So I'm going to be making sure I go to sleep with loose stomach.


Sunday, August 3, 2008

Foraging Abundance. Frugal Purchases

One the only items sold here that's organic is Cottage Cheese. Which I love eating a lot of. I'm not sure how good or bad it is for me but it tastes really really good. I'm trying to eat only organic so I'm going to do a lot of foraging! Fortunately my grandparents generation was wise enough to plant trees so I've got plenty to eat!
Here's what I've found so far:

  • Pomegranates
  • Carobs
  • Purslane (omega 3 - highest plant source, calcium)
  • Lemons
  • Figs
  • Cactus Pads (Nopales) (vitamin c calcium)
  • Cactus Fruit
  • Mangos
  • Ku'Baizeh
  • Rosemary
  • Mint
  • Lemongrass
  • Almonds
  • Pine Nuts (Pignolias)
  • Chard

Olives and Guavas will be in season soon!

I expect to find much much more. Did some research on wild edibles in Israel and came up with a lot!

Expect to find Arugula soon. Greens Greens Greens!

I have some purchased Organics
  • Flax Seeds
  • Mung Beans
  • Azuki Beans
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Wheat Grains
I've been sprouting the Beans. Pretty filling.

As I said in the previous post Purslane's pretty amazing. I think I could live off mostly just eating it for a while. It's just somewhat boring to eat! Maybe you have some suggestions from what I've listed or could probably find.

It's interesting to me how much pleasure/energy I get from eating great food. I ate some in-organic food the past few days and I definitely felt something wrong with them. I vomitted multiple times and it wasn't like vomiting where I had to put in some muscular effort.

It was like my body is saying "nope, don't need these! Bye Bye!"

I'm chewing some raw wheat grains right now. Starts out pretty hard and not that tasty, but as I chew it gets sweeter and sweeter. Really delicious now.

I've been reading information from Mike Adams "The Health Ranger", really inspiring stuff!
I'll link you to an interview he has with Dr. BATMANghelidj or you could write it Dr. bATMANghelIdj, either way amazing stuff from an MD with a lot more knowledge than me!


What are you finding growing wild in your area?

Is lawn grass edible?


Found Blackberries, Corn, Grapes, "Domim" - like mini sweet apples that taste like caremelized onions, mustard, "cheese-bread" listed as Ku'Baizeh, wheat grass, fennel, thistle!

Oh and GRAPES!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Raw Super Nutrient Dense Salad (b12)

  1. Cucumbers
  2. Tomatoes
  3. Carrots
4. Dulse Flakes or Wakame
5. Olive Oil or Flax Oil
6. Lemon Juice and/or Apple Cider Vinegar
7. Sea Salt (though after reading my "A Salt" post maybe not :)
8. Cayenne Pepper or Spicy Peppers or Regular Peppers (or all)

Suggested Additions
Have fun mix em up!

Flax seeds, Sesame Seeds
Kimmel, Turmeric, Cumin, Cayenne Pepper, Garlic


The Sea Vegetables Contain The B12

And I've read that sprouts may contain B12 as well.

For bulk purchase see the carousel on the right. Dulse and Wakame are pretty expensive but they're cheaper in bulk and last forever the nutrient density is incredible.

Have a Wonderful Day Now!

Friday, August 1, 2008


Simply Frozen Bananas

Wait till they're super ripe.

Peel Before Freezing

Frozen Persimmons also do very well; they have a creamier texture and are sweeter.

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