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Friday, August 8, 2008

1. Raw Vegan Organic Almond Picking Foraging 5

So happy for greens!

Going to come out with some recipes soon. Eating things one at a time's been nice though.

Picked a TON of pine nuts and Almonds. Got a huge stockpile now. Got the sabres (cactus fruit, prickly pear) in the fridge. So nice in this weather!

In an hour I picked and shelled over a pound of almonds (pound - unshelled)

It's been nice picking leafy greens. Developing a relationship with them - realizing I want to be gentle with the plant so that it keeps growing bigger and bigger. Being careful not to uproot plants and happily planting seeds when I can. And chewing thoroughly

I really recommend eating the malva sylvestris or purslane if you want to lose weight.
They are incredibly filling. Not that tasty so far alone, but who cares I get my ecstasy from breathing I don't need a flavor explosion.

The thistles are very nice though!

Much of what I've found here in Israel can be found in much of Califonia - cactus fruit, cactus pads, purslane, malva sylvestris, thistle, pine nuts - all can be found there

Its funny how simple it feels. It's not like I go to the store here and feel like I want anything. No cravings for food or anything. I feel completely provided for. That the universe provides!

I realize that some of the food I'm eating is cultivated, but I feel I'd make it in the desert. I eat cactus! It's good for me! And it keeps so well take a bite and it has lots of juice, but it seals so fast!

It feels fantastic walking around here. So open and nice. living in a place designed for people not cars and traffic.

So funny that I can still overeat foraging! Still gotta realize the motivation! It's funny how we can be aware of more positive states we can access but sometimes forget about them.

That's why I like to remind myself I can do better than this and why I avoid labeling myself.

Like the way I eat but tired of just reading about it? Go out and do it! check out wwoof.org if you want a truly amazing experience. Try living in Costa Rica and see how wonderful it is to live in a providing environment.

audio podcasts coming soon!

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