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Monday, August 18, 2008

12. Great Day of Foraging BARTER!

Wonderful Day.

Found plenty of Christ-Thorn Berries - around 2 liters

So much supply! Found many trees. Did some more discovering and found 7 fig trees and 3 almond trees. Found a new cactus with plenty of Cactus Fruit (Sab-res in hebrew). Also found some delicious thistle flowers.

Going to be learning how to dry the figs; I picked over a pound

Went to the grape vineyard where the grapes have fallen to the ground and have become raisins. I picked 3 liters worth in a few minutes. There's an unlimited supply and I'll be back.

I bartered some Arugula for some passion fruit I found at another kibbutz. I know I know passion fruit are way tastier than Arugula, but greens are more precious to me than the deliciousness of passion fruit.

Did some great exercises this morning - lots of downward dog also from downward dog I ran in place (with hands on ground running) understand? It's an incredible ab exercise. Try it!

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