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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

13. Natural News and Pickle Recipe

Hello Reader!

I want to tell you about a news source I've found recently called Natural News. It's run by Mike "The Health Ranger" Adams. Pretty edgy stuff so don't go there if you want to keep your xenophobe pants on.

Huge group of great interviews at the link below.

My cabbage is pickling nicely
  • chop it up
  • mash it up if you like as well
  • cram it in the jar
  • push out all the air cram cram cram
  • add a tiny bit of water so that it's covered at top
  • leave some room at the top b/c it'll bubble
  • place a leaf at the top to cover and throw away after sufficiently fermented

also want to let you know about MindMeister - a mind mapping program. My friend Rex sent it to me after we discussed "my" idea to create something like it. Shows that it's worth spending a little time seeing if something already exists before trying to create it
It's free and available at MindMeister.Com

It's so much fun to brainstorm on the site! And you can let friends edit and add things!

Foraging is going nicely. Found some salad greens :) ! and i'm going to pick some lemons and make me a nice little salad RECIPE

Pine Nuts
Lemon Juice
Bit of Fennel

and some non-foraged Dulse Flakes and Kimmel !

Google Search !