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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

15. Closer Attention. Precognitive Dream? Quinoa Sprout Recipe

Sometimes, I feel swelling in various nodes*.
*feels like blood vessel near where jaw meets neck, sometimes under the chin

Seems related to the substances I consume. I've been eating mangoes with the peel. And I think/feel that eating unripe peel contributes to the swelling. Gotta say that ripe peel is delicious. Had a dream last night that the mangoes on the tree were ripe fully orange-yellow peel. Sure enough they were! On a certain level we might say that's not much in terms of pre-cognition (obviously the mangoes will get ripe and as I'm visiting the same tree every day I can see how long it takes for a mango to go from unripe to ripe). I'm becoming more sensitive to how I pick my food; I live realizing abundance while aiming to respect and get the most out of what I have what the Universe Provides.

For example with the mangoes - it's important to me to wait till they're truly ripe - otherwise I consume unnecessary toxins and get less fruit and also the tree is saying it's not done with it!
That's why when I go to the mango tree I lightly tap the mango and if it doesn't come just like that I don't mess with pulling on it (I could also wait till it gets entirely yellow). Today I had an entirely yellow peel mango it was incredible tasty energy.

I wish to expand my respect and gratitude for what I have and to eat sufficiently - not more not less.

What does sufficiently mean?

Good question!

Especially when we consider potential benefits of fasting and cleansing. It can direct the attention to - with what purpose do I play with my energy?

On any given night of your life you could probably stay up and miss sleep. Now I'm not suggesting you do something that harms you. I intend to simply point out that we play with our energies.

I have found that there are many different ways to play with my energies some of them certainly feeling unspeakably better than others.

  1. dreaming
  2. water
  3. meditating
  4. yoga (nice not having a full stomach when having legs over your head.)
  5. wait for stomach to tell me it's time to eat
  6. gather green vegetables
  7. eat items separately and wait sufficiently in between so that I can check effects
I'm going to re-organize this blog soon to start separating the "blogging" from recipes and information that can be utilized.

I recommend starting a personal food energy log! Start to learn which foods pick you up and which seem to put you down

I was feeling kind of tired and then ate the mango and wham LIFE!

Quinoa Sprouts
  1. evenly water quinoa (soak) for 30 minutes
  2. drain
  3. leave out of sunlight in 70 degree place if possible
  4. rinse and drain in 8-12 hours
  5. rinse and drain in 8-12 hours
  6. rinse and drain in 8-12 hours
I ate after step 5 today (so total of 24 hour prep time). Quite delicious.
I ate it alone. However!

I'd recommend tiny cubed tomatoes olive oil and lemon juice and a healthy salt.

Incorporating things into salad never fails.

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