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Saturday, August 23, 2008

17. Organic Bliss Reasoning - Why I Prefer Not Buying "Conventional" "Food"

From Mike "Health Ranger" Adams' Natural News -

Over 70 Percent of U.S. Cities use Raw Human Sewage on Croplands

Raw sewage from cities... considering the high percentage of people using pharmaceutical drugs, consuming fear, and stumbling around ignorantly. Do you literally want to eat their shit?

Are you feeling sick?
Are you able to feel your body enough to know it is sick?

Do you want to live somewhere where people are dumping pharmaceuticals and leftovers from the MANHATTAN PROJECT in your water? Where cars are shoving carbon monoxide down your throat? Is this "perfectly" acceptable? Is this in line with living your dreams? Is this inline with allowing other beings to live out their dream? Without getting cliche... IS SOMEONE THINKING ABOUT THE CHILDREN?

It's time to dream. TO dream big and to act as well.

We have a fantastic opportunity right now for change. Not through ourselves but through others. Yes vote for Barack Obama he certainly will reverse the entire business structure of the country. He certainly will remove the military industrial complex and the agri-pharma-petrochemical companies from the subsidy payoff list. Vote for Obama, I'm sure he's planning on feeding the 800 million starving people and handling the obesity issue. The obesity issue being that which keeps McDonald's, Coca-Cola, Health Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, and so on with ballooning profits as the waistbands balloon. Yes vote for Obama; he will change the curriculum in schools and remove all pepsi and deep fried garbage sales from the schools. What? That's up to the state? WHO IS THE STATE?

Time to dream big folks. Time to drop the egoic identity.

There's incredible beauty beyond description here - if we open our eyes mind heart soul awareness.

if we try to choose to ignore the deception we are worse than doomed - we are suicidal.

Homicide. Suicide. Patricide. Matricide. Infanticide. Pesticide. Genocide. Fratricide. Herbicide.

Feel about it.

It's time to do a whole lot more than recycle garbage.

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