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Saturday, August 9, 2008

2. A way to Lose Weight

Different perspective on how to lose weight and get past sabotaging thoughts.

I can say "hello craving!" "goodbye craving!"


April Nicole said...

this video of your just made me want celery sticks with raw pecan butter.

also, the shirtless thing is a NICEE touch, might I add. :]

David said...

thank you! I avoid doing laundry and it is HOT. having a gut to hide might make the vid less effective :)

April Nicole said...

nah..I can dig it
and I doubt you have a gut...don't exaggerate now! ;]

David said...

i know i don't have a gut!
i have a tummy most days!
that will change soon with the upgrades andw hat not

April Nicole said...

well, I still doubt that...

so you'll have to prove me wrong by sending my pics of you shirtless, HAH

Vanz said...

That's really true and weird because I've come to the same conclusion recently.

I've become really obsessed with romaine lettuce and spinach lately, even though I am an avid "junk food addict." It happened gradually, mostly because of weight gain I think, but hten the realization that I was constantly tired and not energetic or mentally balanced and calm really got to me. So I started making giant salads full of veggies and at lunch and dinner I feed myself that huge salad first. After that, I'll reevaluate my craving for the deep-fried junk and by that time I'm not even hungry.

I still have a uncontrollable craving for sugar constantly, which I've tried to quell with fruits and carrots, but it just doens't hit the spot. Its only been a few days on that end though, usually I endulge.

Thanks for the video!

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