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Monday, August 11, 2008

4. Sunday Organic Raw Foraging


picture courtesy of wikipedia - it's of Israel too!>

What a wonderful 3 days. I did end up using my refrigerator - found lots of grapes and cactus fruit and wanted to preserve them.

Still, no electricity, no eye-glasses, no purchases. 100% raw foraging. Wonderful holeness. Feeling great.

The wheat season's normally over at this time of year, but I found a few patches where water is and have found my Manna. These watered areas are filled with ku'bbaizeh, purslane, thistle, mustard, and most yummy healthy WHEATGRASS.

Dear GuD thank you for blessings.

I fell into serious ecstasy munching on the wheatgrass bottoms up, cow style. Tastes like milk (milk gets its taste from this). So nutrient dense it's absolutely ridiculous. Chewing moaning in ecstasy as I felt the healing power go through my body, watching tension dissolve instantaneously.

Beautiful moments with eyes closed gazing at the sun feeling incredible wind support me.

Perhaps more amazing and beautiful was a pretty little regurgitation I had. What? yes. Ate mango, wheatgrass (green mature w/baby grain), grapes, almonds and "domim" (like mini apples that taste like caramelized onions or sixlets). The grapes were somewhere in the middle of the sequence. After eating more food (non-grape) and drinking water I felt the mild urge to let something come up from my stomach. I allowed this and up-chucked into my hand a bit of liquid and exactly grape seeds. I read it as, grape seeds are not food for me :)

Pretty fortunate; having the seeds in there to slow me down and pay attention. Otherwise I might eat too much have a tummy ache and forget about blissful breathing.

Feeling incredible wholeness.

Scratch that.

Feeling credible wholeness in the Holy Land.


Anonymous said...

You r right there! Vomit, I love it. LOL

Anonymous said...

How long did you chew the wheatgrass? Vomit/cud?

David said...


the wheatgrass didn't come up :)

lol as i'm typing some bits of thorns are coming up from the cactus fruit

i chew the wheatgrass quite a bit at first i'd stop at 3 inch pieces and now i see i can chew it up much more until it's pretty much white

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