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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

5. Saving Money Increased Health Connectedness

So, obviously I'm saving money here; I have not paid a dime for food!

And it's entirely organic real fresh. The amount of enjoyment I get from finding a new food is much different than what I felt coming to the super market. Especially in that I'm finding things that actually grow here and that I am a part of their propagation.

Another aspect in saving money - consuming less - that is consuming more appropriately to my true body needs.

When I work for my food I see that I do not want to over-consume and waste my time and I also want to save my work you know save up my chestnuts for winter.

Seeing the process involved gives me more respect and pause.

It is so gratifying gathering food! feels so right! spirit moving through me helping me gather efficiently mind disappearing consciousness expanding fully present here i am feed me.

Like I said about the grape seeds not being food - they are seeds for me to plant! The relationship with soil, planet, plant, sun, and cycle re-reals itself.

Reading from Zen. "The Sun is up!"

How significant is this?

The Sun is Up!

The Grass is Green!

The dung is under my soles!

If these statements are not instantly pointers to blissful awareness (perhaps try again), I am happy to inform you that you have some wonderful exploration to do.


As for where I've been exploring...

I recently completed reading The Lizard of Oz - simply excellent tale -
"Are you sure that was the sun you saw and not just something the machine made? I hear it's been making moon and stars and flowers and fruit that looks more bright and fresh and real than the things they're copies of; but they are, nonetheless, mere lifeless copies."

By the 30th page I was in tears, feeling the author's love - remembering how wonderful human beings there are working hard to make this world better.

"When an elementary class sets out on a quest to save the world from disenchantment, their adventures reveal paradoxes of the human mind and ways of awakening the magic within us."

Simply being enchanting.


Such a fun read! and such a no-read as well! So many moments where I feel a compelling STOP. Let Go! And realization that I can put the book down and Live Life!

Turning to a random page to show how powerful this text is - page 36 - "Woe unto those who take it for decadance and death, for they will be overwhelmed by an overwhelming outburst of activity out of the eternal silence"


Foraging for my fresh caught veggies.

Recipe of the Day: Cold Cactus Fruit.

Stab with fork, spoon with spoon.
Avoid thorns. ENJOY


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