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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

7. Three Simple Raw Recipes !


Nice Video With Another Forager:

Allowing Organic Sober Ecstasy to Roll through the Experiental Bodies

Ate a nice bag of purslane (see: previous post) a neighbor just "weeded" out of his garden as I passed him and he gave it to me!

Thank you Sir Universe!

  • purslane
  • grapes
I ate it today with some cold grapes. Tasted quite nice, got rid of the gooeyness from eating the purslane alone.

So I've got pretty much an entire grape vineyard to myself.

Biblical law forbids selling/picking the grapes for the first 4 years and this vineyard is new. Therefor the ground is becoming covered in purple grapes and they're free for the picking. They are winegrapes so they are not too interesting in flavor. I certainly will not complain as I am being provided for by Magic and what-not presently. Deelish.

  • lentil sprouts - see sproutpeople.com for specific sprout info
  • dulse flakes
Recipe Tree-s
  • dried fig
  • soaked almond
stuff the almond in the fig.
Bless your lucky Stars
ever so gently STUFF IT IN YO MOUF AND EAT IT!!!!!! chew 75-eleventy bazillion times. remember this too will pass. if you're eating for pleasure make it last.

yep. that's it. no fancy photo or preparation. munching like a meditating cow.

Speaking of cows I stumbled upon this "disturbing" video

I closed the video after less than five seconds.

If you have been supporting factory farm energy systems this video may shake you up. If you are here just for the fun of it. My apologies for the change in material :) My intentions are good of course!

TIP-LESSON OF THE DAY (trying to teach what I oughta learn)

When I eat, I eat.
I eat with no preconceived notions of how much. I allow myself to notice that it is time to cease eating at any point - even before eating.

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