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Thursday, August 14, 2008

8. Another Re-Tune To Reality

I disconnected the refrigerator again. Simply too loud for my one room apartment! Not sure what I'll do with the bag of grapes I picked yesterday, but I probably would do better not to eat them and focus on....

Present Engagements
eating more appropriate portions,
more greens - alkaline foods
more presence (less or No distraction while eating)

Eating offers an opportunity for Sacrament
to partake in Life
and intend well

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! I just realized I've made a whopping 17 cents from google adsensE!

So, what is my secret to allowing such wealth to flow into my life?

Creative Visualization!

I didn't even visualize people clicking the adds! I just visualizing big buckets of money pouring all over me! Boy was it fun!

From only 1 click! 17 cents!!!!!!!!!!!

I feel I must be returning the favor by learning how to eat cheaper (near 0 dollars a day :) )
and use less electricity. I also have not driven a car in 4 months. Yay me. One day maybe soon I'll find the nice farm and settle there only travelling by horseback or with the thousand doves that'll float me around when they feel like it.

The great purpose also - to not have to pay for medical/dental care or psychologists for the outcomes of poor health improper eating. And not just not have to pay in form of money, but in time - in experience of life.

Today hasn't been such a super day so far - because I ate too much! I ate like an addict more more more more! Well I can stop right now. And have. I will go exercise soon. I am very happy to be exercising daily and this helps balance the over-eating.

Exercise - especially stretching works for me and helps keep the eating more appropriate; it loosens the stomach and reminds me how great it feels empty and how wonderful breathing is with a loose stomach.

Plans for tomorrow:
wake up! stay still for a bit and play with dreams
sit up drink water
see how my body feels and either not eat or eat
go for a walk and exercise

Google Search !