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Friday, August 15, 2008

9. Finer Tuning

I overate again. Filled my stomach! No vomit though :) HAHAH

So I'm thinking I really want to build motivation to keep my stomach loose. The ecstasy I get simply breathing is too big a loss for the "pleasure" of over-eating.

The method I'm going to use is to ask the following two questions:

  • "What will happen if I over-eat"

  • "What will happen if I eat approaching perfect portions"

And to fill them with answers writing for at least three minutes non-stop for each and really putting forth the best in-formation possible. To really bolster the purpose and re-Mind what's at stake here.

I learned this technique from Anthony Robbins and it can be used to decondition ourselves and let go of patterns and install new ones.

If you want to see what I wrote - check the comments and feel free to leave how you'd answer these questions or different questions for the exercise.


p.s. I'm travelling tomorrow for a few days so we'll see how foraging is outside the kibbutz - I've got dried fruit (surinam cherries), domim (Zizyphus spina-christi), carobs, almonds, and I'll get up early tomorrow and pick some greens for the road!

I'm open to purchasing food if it's organic. I'd be very happy with tomatos and cucumbers. Though really I feel like I'd rather forage it or have it as a gift. It's funny I didn't really start this recent lifestyle with philosophy in mind, but I have to say that the transactions at grocery stores are not always blissful. I try to be thankful and look the person in the eyes and am thankful, but many times still feel their energy is not up.

How can you make your transactions blissful?
How can you accept that bliss is already there?

I'm soaking the almonds now so that I can remove the peel and enzyme inhibitors - and simply because they taste better soaked - they're juicier and sweeter!

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