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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Abundant Energy!

Feeling so great right now!

Life is good!

Today was a social day! Was invited to dinner with friends in the kibbutz. It was really great fun we went out into the fields and had a fire. And sang songs and played music together. I'm so loving living in a community.

Anyhow not much to report from me... lots of work I'm really happy to get started on. Going to be uploading audio tracks very soon!

And I've been really loving NATURAL NEWS. Mike Adams - Simply a Powerhouse.


Where else can you get hour long interviews with top health professionals?! If you have the answer let me know so that I can feature it!

The interviews are incredibly high energy information packed. Mike Adams is someone who went from eating a standard american diet to a supercharged healthy diet and the results are astounding (or perfectly expectable!).

Google Search !