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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


What a delicious breakfast!
Pictures Not mine though! That's Dogson's I had to post it because it simply shows the beauty of live food!

I ate pomegranates, arugula, figs fresh and dried, dates, domim, carobs, purslane, thistle flower, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds w/a little salt, wheatgrass, thistle leaf, and probably a few unfortunate ants competing for pomegranates. I would like some fennel that licorice flavor tastes so good to me!

I found dried figs on the earth and I eat them. I find half rotten pomegranates and I break off the rotten part and eat the pristine self contained pomegranate seeds and juicy force field around them.

  • Dried Figs
  • Spicy Arugula
  • check if you're truly hungry and not just eating as part of an escape from intuition
  • check/realize that you're thankful and happy to assimilate this into your body experience
  • I suggest first putting some of the spicy arugula in your mouth and then the fig
  • But the other way is divine as well

I've been reading the forums at GI2MR and noticed a lot of focus on recipes. I find this kind of _____ because I'm finding that in order to truly study my energy separating foods and really noticing what happens when I give full attention to each separate substance will show me what it does energetically. I have not yet had a day where I only ate one item, but I will try it at some point and see how it feels. I'm all for delicious recipes and beautiful display of food, but I think it's more appropriate to do it after the baseline has been established.

In other words, before attempting to paint a masterpiece I think it would be good to be able to deeply appreciate the color blue. To be able to simply look at red and feel no resistance. To simply look at yellow and allow yellow to tell you who yellow is without any of your words coming up about it!

Take pine nuts and dates for example. I know they taste absolutely marvelous together! Sugar + Fat = Yum! However if I eat them separate then I will not have cravings. Dates taste fine but it's easy for me to get sick of them because the energy they provide does not seem balanced - it's really mostly sugar. So I eat them, when my body mostly wants sugar and then when I notice my body does not want more sugar I stop eating! Whereas when I eat dates AND pine nuts or some other fatty source I can just eat and eat because there's a feeling of wholeness. Now that I'm writing this I'm thinking maybe it is better to eat them together! Maybe it is better to try to put on weight because you don't know when food will not be available for a while! A rainstorm could come and wash away the domim and take off the black from the pine nuts making them harder to see!

Truth is I don't really know and this is my time to find out!

Do you think eating one food at a time cuts down on cravings and helps you optimize your energy?

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