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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Heard of the "second brain"?

There are so many nerve endings in our gut that it can be called the second brain. For me it doesn't get the "second" name because all is life is same. Once our bodies feel fully healed - so do emotional wounds feel sealed.

The difference in energy flow simply astounds me
like beautiful creative energy surrounding
feeling one with this dance of life and death
which to those on sugar think its me on crystal meth
But it's not! because I'm not retaining any stress or improper straining

The body can be fueled in different forms
Improper foods can yield a storm
And of thoughts you reap what you sow
So be care full and let yourself know
That you forgive yourself for being a tool
And that it feels quite nice to be a fool!
Because a fool can always be right -
- he just doesn't make pride his plight!

I pray that you receive your energies delight-fully
And realize you need no licenses to be
Fully free and engaged in the present
Be Cause. Presence Presents Presents.
Perhaps you can recall gifts that are not small
Constantly near your person?
Like breathing, heart beats, and reading eyes
Totaling more value than a fat purse could be lie
As another said much wiser than I
"Don't spend your health chasing wealth
or else...
You'll end up spending your wealth chasing health!"

Please consider these words if you feel you're stuck in a job you don't like and renting in sub-blissful conditions. Taking a paid vacation by growing food with other wonderful people may open up your bliss beyond words.

- by tomorrow you can have unlimited organic raw fruits and vegetables living five minutes from the Hawaiian shores. Visualize and You Can See

Today is the best opportunity you have. Today I will learn new things about my energy.
Upcoming Posts: How to harvest Aloe Vera and How to make Olives and Capers

Peace and Fantastic Energy to and through You

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