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Monday, August 4, 2008

Free Raw Food Forager 1: Open Skies, Open Fields

Day 1 Went very well!
Discovered many new foodstuffs including berries, thistle, and wheatgrass.
Found huge supply of Fennel which tastes like licorice and has a thick root and stalk similar to celery in construct but with the licorice flavor


Wheatgrass big delicious nutritious

We collected a huge bag of raw organic almonds (everything i'm eating's organic now again)

and i'm looking forward to making ALMOND BUTTER

it takes time to collect the food. it's so fun though. feels very right. We walked through a huge almond orchard and it was quite difficult to walk away from trees still filled with almonds. It'll probably take another hour to open them all up. It's great though I'll listen to interviews with Dr. Batman about water.


GREAT interview conducted by Anthony Robbins!

Anthony Robbins work has changed my life for the better. I borrowed a set of his CDs from the library for a 12 hour road trip and the content and delivery is so good that listened to his CDs for the entire trip! He can help you find your self-sabotage and limiting beliefs and give you the cognitive tools to change and live life with Passion...

By the way, if that sounded "hokey" to you... guess who probably could profit from taking a look? :)

I LOVE CONSCIOUS WORK. Work that you lets you think and non-think and occupies the body with a positive process.

Today I ate: Mangos (fresh from tree with the peel delicious ripe)
Lychee, carobs, pomegranate, purslane, thistle, mustard, wheatgrass, corn, grapes
DULSE FLAKES - see right and top carousel, blackberry, fennel, domim

PRETTY NICE! Paid Zero Dollars, got quite a bit of food!

Also woke up at 5:26am exercised hard for an hour and meditated and.... TOOK A SHOWER!
Haven't done that in a while. It felt pretty good clearing out the pores and what not helping the body breathe. Breathing's pretty cool.

HAD INCREDIBLE DREAMS. FLYING FLYING FLYING! Food majorly impacts dreaming. So I'm going to be making sure I go to sleep with loose stomach.


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