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Monday, August 4, 2008

Healing Teeth. One.

So... I looked at my teeth in the mirror and they look pretty un-great. Yellows at the gum line and so forth. I've had some excess eating problems in the past. I stopped brushing my teeth regularly.
I know that may sound gross but I never had any bad breath problems. If you've looked at Weston A Price's work you can see that brushing teeth and modern dentistry are unnecesary and possibly harmful to teeth and health (see: mercury in your head, fluoride in your brain).

I think that my issues were:
  • eating too high sugar foods (meaning fruit and bread in my opinion)
  • eating to excess to where the food comes back up. yep.
  • not enough calcium magnesium?
  • I know that if I used a toothpaste with whitening my teeth would in fact whiten. I don't know that that's necessarily what I want to do though. I'll take this experiment further and see how well I can improve my diet
  • too much acid foods - citrus (even though these are called net alkaline, they are acid in the mouth)
Shame I just picked 6 pounds of fresh organic Grapes. I guess I'll turn them to wine or sun-dried raisins.

What do you suggest I do to improve teeth health?

What could you do to improve your oral health?

  • I'm going to make it a point to eat teeth-healthy foods (low sugar, high mineral - I intuit)
  • No more rap music. I think you can understand this.
  • Research teeth building.
I have read that when you eat overly acid foods your body pulls out minerals to neutralize it. I think that I have actually felt this happening! After eating a lot of acid food I felt these tingles on the inside of my teeth.

Well it's off to the interwebs to BRUSH UP MY KNOWLEDGE.


myprivatejoke said...

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i want to have some news from you !
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bleakmemphis said...

Have you considered Urine Therapy?
whenever i have teeth problems i swish and brush with my morning mid stream urine. not known popular in the west but quite proven in the East... look it up!

Google Search !